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 [Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti - Page 3

[Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti

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[Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti  - Page 3 Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Jul 29, 2018 2:16 pm

Threatening tone, threatening words, I had plenty to go around. What the fuck had even happened? Was I just fucking kidnapped in my own goddamn truck? By a short blond in her fucking birthday suit? Of all the ways the ancestors, and fuck it, the entire universe had decided to shit on my parade, there was always something I could rely on. They were creative.

Not only did I not have the energy to physically do anything about it, but I couldn’t even think of a reason to do anything about it. My protests against whatever the hell was going on were strictly out of some twisted sense of pride. A stubbornness that believed that if I went along with this shit show, I was somehow admitting guilt to the heinous crimes Luxx had accused me of. And fuck her, the queen pot calling the mother fucking wolf black.

I didn’t know what she meant, not that I really listened. I was too busy flashing white eyes towards my feet as I frantically shuffled under my seat, searching for my new carton of smokes. And when I finally found them, I sat back in my seat feeling increasingly frustrated. Who the fuck do you think you are? You’re telling me no? I’m your alpha, and this is my fucking truck! I couldn’t control my temper and the carton of smokes went flying towards the windshield. I reached for the door handle but it was pointless. You’re fucking kidding me! I pulled at it a few more times as if my rage would somehow compel the locks to switch, it didn’t, and my handle broke off in the process.

No, I wouldn’t, because I don’t take fucking orders from you or anyone like you. I glared, padding my pockets down in search of my phone. Where the fuck is my phone? Who was I going to call anyway? Her mommy so I could tell on her? This was bullshit, I had been taken hostage by my own shit eating warlord! Where the fuck are we going? Question after question, each one was accompanied by its own desperate action. And I definitely looked desperate, as I looked out all of the windows and through the side mirrors to try and figure out where we even were. All I could see were trees…

A wild jerk of the steering wheel sent my skull into the glass of my window, and my hands cradled my now throbbing skull. Why would I ever think things would be different? You were fucking sent up from hell specifically to piss me off and that will never change will it? I could make you a goddamned wolfen queen with my balls as your crown jewels and you’d still pull shit like this, you’d still fucking…. I tried to think of something to say, but frustrated sounds had replaced every word in my vocabulary, and I did the only thing I could think of, and clenched my fists.

Your pack? I asked, laughing at first, but quickly graduating my vocal chords a few decibels higher as I repeated myself. Your pack! I growled, looking at her in disbelief. What do you know of protecting anyone? The only person you’ve ever fucking looked out for is yourself. You don’t know the first thing about protecting an entire pack, or what it even means to make a sacrifice for someone other than yourself. You don’t know half of the shit I’ve done to protect that pack of ungrateful morons.

I felt stupid, I’d actually believed she’d be different. But she wasn’t. It was the same old shit only now I was restricted by the pack bond. I was hindered in the ways I could hurt her, and she was now advanced in the ways she could hurt me. I may not have created the monster, but I’d definitely let it off it’s leash.

What the fuck are you talking about? I did what? More disbelief filled my tone. But fear filled my eyes when she spoke again. I fought back, forcing tension in my eyebrows in an attempt to hide behind more anger. I haven’t put anyone in danger! I’ve kept them from it the best I fucking could and fuck you for trying to remind me that it wasn’t enough. Fuck you for putting this shit on me! I didn’t fucking ask for any of it! My hand violently reached forward, snatching the carton of cigarettes and then tearing the box open with my claws. My hands shook as I struggled with the plastic film, unable to get a good grip from the bumpy road, and the nervousness in my limbs.

I had managed to get a cigarette between my lips but couldn’t get my lighter to spark. And that’s when she dropped it on me. What the fuck… What the fuck do you think we’re doing? I’m not killing you are you fucking mental? I’m not destroying anything what the hell aren’t you getting?! Just fucking pull over! Now! Tell me what the fuck you think you’re doing… Why the fuck- Just pull over! I growled, and attempted to reach for the steering wheel.

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[Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti  - Page 3 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

Re: [Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:57 am

Disobeying an Alpha was not something I condoned. Funnily enough. I’d spent weeks telling all the wayward Wolves to listen to their leader that he knew best. The fact they had been following a possible traitor was just as much my fault as it was anyone elses. Yet another reason I had to do this. Guilt. A feeling I wasn’t well versed in but had been dosed with enough since returning to Index. Which is potentially why it felt great to fucking leave. Also felt awesome that Onyx was flipping his shit. He was ever so good at shit flipping.

I let him rant and rave in true Onyx fashion. A far cry from the weakened thing I had re-met in the graveyard. This was more like it. There were, of course, brilliant comebacks for everything he said. All resting on the tip of my tongue like the remnants of a really good candy I couldn’t bring myself to finish. Just wanted to savor the taste. When he reached for the wheel was when I finally snapped out of a daydream. There had actually been a smile on my face. A terribly wicked one. Resisting the urge to wiggle in my seat had been hard so I was gripping the wheel like it was my connection to the Ancestors.

“Back off!” Actually twisting I extended a leg right into his ribs. Trying to kick hard. The truck lurched again. A wobbling struggling toddler on a tarmac playground. I let out a scream in fury that teetered off to one of shock when I snatched the vehicle back into line. “Are you trying to kill yourself?! What the fuck am I doing? Trying to fucking drive Sherlock Wolf.” Holy fuck. That was a load of bullshit I just realized he’d said. I’d gotten so wrapped up in the tone I’d let him get away with the words.

“Where we are going resides on me being able to use your phone. Which I have, to answer your question.” One of them anyway. “You’d make me a Queen. Now that’s kinda sweet. Maybe we can negotiate the balls on my head part though. Maybe I'll let that slide.” I grinned widely now confident I had taken control of the truck back again. Driving was not a strong point of mine. Not that I would ever admit that aloud to anyone. Onyx might have actually killed me if he realized he’d been rolling the dice all these months. Not killing me after being near one of his trucks. Now there was a truck cemetery. Though to be honest I think Vin himself fucked most of those. I just helped.

“Let’s just list these all off to refresh your memory shall we?” Fuck him for saying I didn’t protect anyone but myself. “While you were off on some fucking covert operation I protected our Pack, I protected their faith in you. Sure my methods aren’t pretty and full of butterflies with wings made of rainbows but… fuck that.” And there was more. “I left that fucking town in the first place to protect you and your pack. The Dominion would have slaughtered you all.” Onyx had never believed me that it had been the reason I had bailed. Promised to fight against the Fangers and then left them to do it without me. The only battle-hardened Wolf they had. Now that was no longer true. They all knew how to fight now.

“I’ve done unspeakable things to protect Sona.” Maybe I wouldn’t have gone so far if she hadn’t been her. She was the last of the Dominion. Keeping her alive was the only way to atone for not trying to save Dom. She was my friend. My Mother. “Purposefully being a shady bitch was once my way of protecting all Wolves from the life of a Lone.” So long had I lived that lie that it had become part of me. Be an asshole enough and you start to be comfortable in being one.

I’d rattled each statement off sharply making sure he couldn’t interject with some shitty comment. “So fuck you for insulting my rank. What exactly have you done? You pissed off without saying anything, just leaving a shitty note like this is pre-school. Filled my fucking head with Vampire Goddess symbols and fucking blood…..” I’d never gone into details of what I’d seen or heard at the scrying bowl. Not a damn word. No, I’d just tried to connect with him based on the feelings I’d felt. Heartache over the loneliness, self-doubt and pain.

My eyes tore from the road again to eye the cigarette in his hand. While stuck as Alice in fucking church la la land I’d even had cravings. Just didn’t remember I smoked. There was something else I also did. Two things actually. “Hypocrite thy name is Alpha. Lilith kinda seems like she would bring destruction and danger don’t you fucking think?” What the fuck was he even trying to say? Insulting my desire to protect while he’s familiar with a Vampire demon bitch thing? Fucken hell. REALLY? SERIOUSLY?

“So sit there. Shut the fuck up. Light me a cigarette and let me do what Warlords do best, which I do very fucking well thank you very fucking much.” Producing his phone from under my bare arse I began punching in a number while driving with one hand.

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[Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti  - Page 3 Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:31 pm

If you asked me, there were two kinds of murder horror flicks. In the first kind, the bad guy is empty, a shell of a human filled with bad intentions and bloodlust. The second kind of bad guy was Luxx. Psychotically giggling at funerals and ecstatically smiling at chaos, she gave true meaning to Satan in a fucking Sunday hat. And a grin on her face was a sickening reminder that up was down with this one. That white coat wasn't fooling anyone.

It only got worse. I twisted up my nose at the extended limb. Disturbed didn't even begin to describe how I was feeling at this fucked display of contortion. I tried to bitch at her driving skills but the jerking forward only sent her foot deeper into my ribs. The accompanying scream made the whole incident more infuriating. Not only had the wind been literally kicked out of me, but it came with a side of jump scare and sore rib. My fucking head hurt, my ribs hurt, and I was good and terrified because although I couldn't die, my truck certainly could...

You took my fucking phone? I asked once I could speak, my tone good and disgusted at the idea of it. Like a psycho ex girlfriend, she'd just robbed me of my freedom to communicate. Had death been a real possibility for me, I might have even been scared. Instead I settled for being sufficiently creeped the fuck out. It was far better than the alternative, which involved me actually acknowledging the fact that the little wolf had somehow found out about a secret I'd been keeping to myself for years. The mysteries of my fucked life just kept piling up.

I listened to what she was saying... Partially. Half of my mind was busy rewarding me with wonderful images of my life after the pack found out about Lilith. Most of which resulted in exile, which for me was especially fucked since I was apparently immortal. An eternity of exile. Even more wonderful was the thought of her not telling, but lording her knowledge of it over me for the rest of my life. I wouldn't put it past her to blackmail me or anyone. Fuck it, I'd endured the lake, I could fucking endure anything. Who needed sanity anyway.

I had plenty to say, but she kept on going, Word after word I had to wonder if she even had time for air. So while I waited for the mouth of eternity to finish listing off all of my crimes against humanity and her clearly morally superior efforts to pick up my slack, I crossed my arms and bounced my knee up and down rapidly. You done? I asked bluntly, but refusing to wait for an answer.

Of course you'd bring up all of that hard work you did. I clapped my hands together. Con-fucking-gratualations, you've earned yourself the title of hardest worker for the shortest amount of time. How long did you do such a good job protecting the pack and their faith in me? What was it, a whole two fucking weeks, three? Well I gotta tell you Luxx, I've never been more impressed at your ability to finally do one good thing and expect recognition for it. But I couldn't forget it, she'd kept on impressing me with her moral sanctity. Saint Luxx had, had even more to say about the wonderful things she did just to save a pack she wasn't even loyal to. And fuck you! Give that old deception a rest already! I glared, opting for the mature thing to do by following my statement with a high pitched voice I did it to protect youuuuu. I mimicked, rolling my eyes at the false purity. I fucking knew her better than that by now, but clearly she still thought I was stupid enough to buy it.

Yeah, that's all I've done, Luxx. I've intentionally acquired the ability to communicate with the god of our enemies so I can target you specifically and fill your head with evil vampire shit. Get the fuck off it, it's not about you! I hadn't realized it until after my automatic comeback had left my lips, I hadn't realized what she said. Wait a minute... Of course she kept speaking, and I fought with half words, barely cutting through the breaks in an attempt to be heard. Shut up. I glared, Shut up! I stammered this time, but my volume increased. Shut the fuck up! Our voices aligned with that one, the irony being... Neither of us actually shut up.

She began dialing a number and I reached for the phone, Fuck you, what the fuck do you mean vampire goddess symbols? What the fuck are you talking about? I'd never done that, I'd never done any of that. As far as I fucking knew, I didn't even possess the ability, not without Oveyx' telepathy, and she was long fucking gone. Explain yourself! My eyes flashed, and as usual, I couldn't control the attempt at compulsion, I never could when I was desperate.

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[Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti  - Page 3 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

Re: [Private FOR YOU PK!!!] Dirt into Confetti

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:03 pm

Of all the things to be worried about. His phone. Now I knew why I’d started to treat my phone like a locked diary with ‘do not touch’ on the cover. Text messages about blood. Pictures of a bound and gagged Sona. Countless other conversations that when taken out of context. Hrmmm. More evidence? Going through his phone hadn’t occurred to me. I’d promised not to. He was out cold when I did it though….

I’d expected a dose of the same old bullshit. I’d try to offer up reasons why I wasn’t some oogie boogie or a fucking moron and he’d fight back. There was no point. Not a reason in the world that I should bother. What was his opinion anyway? What was he going to do? Admit he was wrong and boot me from the pack? Fucking unlikely. “It’s like trying to tell a bed wetting five-year old that there’s no monster in their closet. Fucking pointless. You keep thinking that jacket is going to come eat you Onyx. There, there. Have to have some excuse as to why everything gets piss all over it don’t you?”

I had more. It was all going to spurt out any moment and then something weird happened. What the fuck is wrong with me? Though I swore I was trying to advert my eyes, I couldn’t. This is oddly romantic. Especially with the look on his face.

“Never wanted to tell you because it was so horrific. Didn’t know why the Ancestors gave you Sona but chose to give me nothing but….” I swallowed unable even under compulsion to continue. There were no encapsulating words that described how much the scrying bowl had shown me, made me feel. A brief expression of pain on my face said more than words could.“During the Scrying mindfuck I was in a room. Clinical. With Symbols of Lilith all over the walls. With the voice of a little girl chattering in the background. Torture. Blood.  I felt everything.” Every word the perfect honest truth. Statement’s I had never wanted to say aloud. He might have broken his word and spoken about what he’d seen. I’d just dodged around the promise like I often did. Trying to bridge gaps using my understanding of the pain he was in. Not once uttering a word about the scene I had witnessed.

My voice was monotone. Like I was reading him a recipe from a massive cookbook. With the enthusiasm of a Vegan doing so from one titled ‘Meat, Meat and more Meat. “I saw it on you when I used my ability. Glowing somehow. I talked to a Priest. Did some research. Spoke to…” It was then I felt a pain in my chest. Wincing I grabbed at it. Having little to no idea what had just happened. The truck was over the center line and I swore I hadn’t spent that much time staring at Onyx. The dustings of a blush rose on my cheeks before I could stop it. So I just continued with what I was meaning to say.

“Let me show you a trick.” Once returning the truck to a stable position on my side of the road. I immediately used my ability and began a fevered lighter hunt. It was quite unnerving actually. Moving around when everything was still, always had been. Yet it wasn’t completely immobile. Just moving at such a slow rate it seemed to be stagnant. It wouldn’t stay that way for long.

There was a point where I was practically sitting on the Alpha before I found what I was looking for. Taking the cigarette from his hand I lit it, keeping it firmly between my lips as I resumed my seat. Restarting right from where we left off. Though this time I had a lighter and a lit smoke in my mouth. Taking a drag I removed it just to point out. “Since I can now make duplicates of things I could rip your heart out of your chest. Reverse time and you’d still be alive and I’d still have your heart. I’d get what I came for.” White eyes. Each word laced in shades of grey.

“But I haven’t done that have I? Fucking blockhead. The power of window licking is real strong in you.” Licking my lips at a flavor I hadn’t tasted in a while I then added. “There’s a lighter under your seat.”

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