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 [Private] Vetting process

[Private] Vetting process

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Benjamin Reese

[Private] Vetting process

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:40 pm

Thread Details
Gunn Mansion ⋅ Cool but not cold ⋅ mid-evening

Thread takes place late spring/early summer.

Crystal clear acrylic tables were glowing with cyan lighting, which continued to reflect in other translucent surfaces. Everything was silver, white, or translucent aside from the lighting. I reacted to the strange fact that I was learning things about the upper, upper class without trying to learn. I began to recognize the designer behind the dress, even the suit at some points. I had money before, but never this much and never stepped quite into this culture. My own suit was.. Wow, I couldn’t remember. But it was all black, and a bow instead of a tie. A little cliche to be so dark as a vampire, but the purpose wasn’t all superficial - I still had wounds. And they still bled from time to time.

I had spent the beginning of the eve of this party with a mahogany-haired woman who was actually fascinating comparatively. She appeared to be at least half a decade older than myself. Her style was less flamboyant, more simplistic and yet she stood out in a becoming way. She was her own adornment. She, her body, was the jewerly for her dress, if that made sense. She smiled, she lit up when I had finally brought her intelligent conversation beyond the new makeup line or the new Givenchy line. She stuck to water, but wasn’t afraid to accept any appetizer offered to her. I had come with Gayle, who I think would have liked this woman if she wasn’t burdened by jealousy, but she had to leave before we’d even made it in. These “charity” events cracked me up. The money spent on the party had to be more than what was actually given to the needy. It didn’t matter, did it? It was an excuse to show off just like anything else. And I wasn’t going to even deny that I myself, was still in that place where I wanted to show off.

My new acquaintance did have a name - Theresa. Just another example - such a plain name for such a dramatic woman. It was so tempting for her to be my first. But I was insistent on a vetting process. Even if the idea was oh so tempting to have such a headstrong, confident even older woman be forced to submit to me. But that was the conundrum, would that break her? Would it change her too much? I wanted something to attach myself to her, to keep her locked in at least until I had fully considered what I wanted from her. I caught a brief moment to strongly suggest she compliantly take some of my blood. Not much, but enough for me to hone in to her when I was ready - and then I made myself sparse, looking for my third flute of champagne.

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[Private] Vetting process I78v87X
Calypso Bea Paxon

Re: [Private] Vetting process

Calypso Bea Paxon | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:56 am

This post is embarrassingly terrible I'm super rusty and super sorry. XD / Appearance
WTF is REALLY going on? (click to find out):
Caly has been compelled. By whom?? IDK, she doesn't know. So it could be anyone. Yay mystery! - Also at the end she's standing a few feet away from B.R., staring like a derp.

...The kids are great. Jesse just finished his first year of...

A womans muffled voice was accompanied by blue orbs.

...I got the Maserati up to one-fifty just last week. You shoulda seen the look on...

This time the voice of a man... His tone so unclear at first. It grew louder and clearer then almost muffled towards the end as the sound of clanking overwhelmed me. My eyes were having a hard time adjusting... White orbs danced alongside the bluer hued ones...

...Can you believe it's been nearly a century since we last visited the family in Vienna? It's almost criminal to think how...

A century? Maybe she meant a decade... Some people were that stupid right? Oh look... Those orbs aren't orbs at all...

They were lights. Or rather... The reflection of lights over glass-like surfaces. And those voices weren't just phantoms, they actually belonged to people. Well dressed people, actually. And when I looked down, I was surprised to find myself in a chair, a glass of champagne in my hand, and I was in a dress I'd never even seen before. Good god was this one of Daddys parties? Had I gotten trashed again at one of his work things? Or worse... Did someone fucking roofie me!? Oh my god have I just been date rape drugged the fuck up? No... Caly, chill the fuck out and think. What's the last thing you remember?

I remembered getting off work later than I was meant to because some dude couldn't decide what tea he wanted to buy... Was he cute? I couldn't remember his face but I definitely remembered him inviting me to a party... Was this that party? Good going Caly, you're either about to be date raped or you got so fucking sloshed you don't even remember the first half of the party. Jesus fucking ballsacks. Just get up and find your phone and pray you didn't just get day drunk like a bored housewife.

Yes, phone, that's what I needed. I'd call Josh or Si or... And say what? 'Please get out the scrying stone and a map so you can find me Charmed style and rescue me with your I dream of Jeannie head bob and blink.' Damnit... Why the hell did I do shit like this? Always bring a buddy, Caly. Always, always bring a buddy for shits sake.

I guess it didn't matter. I had no phone. Just a dress (Who the fuck dressed me anyway?) and a glass which I refused to hold any longer because I was convinced it was poisoned with creeper ''let me put my peeper in you deeper'' drug. The sick part was the fact that I was hoping I'd actually been roofied. It was less embarrassing than the alternative. I was getting too old for irresponsible drinking, honestly. Then again I was probably getting too old to continue shopping at dolls kill and definitely too old to keep wearing unicorn onesies on cold days, too. I wasn't all that smart either... Since I'd been so wrapped up in thought I hadn't realized I'd been having a staring contest with Morpheus for the past twenty-seven minutes. I just waved awkwardly and started walking. Without direction of course.

But who needed direction when fate repeatedly lead you down the right path? It didn't take long for me to miss Morpheus and our little staring game. It took even less time for my mind to start putting the pieces together. It was a coincidence the first time I stood a few feet away from Dr. Reese. Now it was just a pattern I was compelled to follow. Free will be damned. Fuck Morpheus and his red and blue pills, both of which I was convinced he'd force-fed me because this shit was a nightmare. Truly... The worst kind of nightmare too. The kind where you try to run but instead your feet sink into invisible concrete and you just stand there like a dope, staring down the barrel of a gun.

And that's what I did.

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Benjamin Reese

Re: [Private] Vetting process

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:52 pm

I’d been so close to leaving. Theresa leaving was like going to a party and finding out there was no alcohol. The closest feeling to this was a middle school dance. Until I began to step away and was met by the kid who spiked the punch. She was my most hopeful project to begin, only for me to fear I’d never run into her again. Here? Considering where I’d seen her before it was very unexpected. A backalley party - no, a back alley gathering of almost homeless hipsters. Now she almost fit right in with the yachters and country club folk. I bit my bottom lip trying to shut down my smile before it appeared but it was a failure.

Someone sure cleans up nice. You taking your meds? My eyes darted away then flashed back to her, my voice becoming more hushed to contribute to a false sense of discretion. Wouldn’t want to end up back on the psych floor would you? I could easily catch her with any attempt to run away, but I didn’t have the motivation to clean up the scene afterward, so I acted quickly. I met her eyes and I could almost feel a physical pull to keep her gaze on me. It wasn’t difficult but I wasn’t letting this fish get away. You want to stick with me, but this is your debut. My eyes pulled away, only briefly, You’re a high end escort. You’ve got to find the right clientele, your niche, right? I pressed my knuckles to my lips to stifle a laugh. But you don’t need to get to work yet. We should have a seat. I tugged on her hand and lead her to a table, one in a less crowded area. Not bad, you look the part, I mumbled as two glasses were silently placed on our table. What’s your going rate?

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Re: [Private] Vetting process

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