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 [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name - Page 4

[Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

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[Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name - Page 4 Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon May 29, 2017 5:47 pm

Old habits die hard I guess. She was speaking a language that I didn't understand. Maybe I refused to understand it. Or more realistically, maybe I was too drunk to try. The second I'd laid eyes on her I knew there were only ten million things I'd planned to say, but none of them seemed to come out of hiding, which only further proved that liquor had found a magic loophole; One where Luxx and I could step into a time machine and pretend there wasn't meaning behind the word 'treachery'. Maybe that word just didn't exist in this place, or more accurately, in this state of mind. How many more party tricks do you have up your sleeve, Houdini? If you can make liquor appear out of thin air, then why the fuck haven't you shared that nifty ability with the rest of the wolves? I bet you could make a fortune.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Something tells me I'm already in a black out. Which likely explained why I wasn't as bothered by this situation as I probably should have been. No, I'm laughing at... Um... What had I been laughing at again? At this point I just found her dramatics hilarious, but I didn't think that's what had me laughing initially. I don't remember. I blurted out. I'd meant to just think it, but it came out anyway. I didn't see why I shouldn't be laughing. Death was a grand fucking joke when you really thought about it. Especially for those that weren't going to be granted the luxury of an eternal sleep. I don't suppose conjuring a burger with extra bacon is on your list of party tricks? Probably not, that'd be way too fucking convenient.

Who the fuck said you're not allowed to be drunk and happy? Had I said that? I honestly couldn't remember. And I didn't know if I had an opinion one way or the other. No one said normal for you is fucking normal for everyone. That made sense for about two seconds before I found myself glaring confusingly towards the sky. Which of us had even started this topic? Oh wait, did she mean that? It's good to know my attempts to annoy you are successful. A lazy but smug smirk had replaced my confused glare. The smirk stretched even wider into a full grin as I finally got a taste of the normal Luxx again. But it disappeared when the abnormal version took over once again. Hadn't I been here before? Always wanting to hear that I'm right, only to feel ill and uneasy when that moment finally came? You don't look the way I remember... But my memory of your appearance also usually features two sets of red horns and a barbed tail. So what do I know? What did she mean by ''sick'' anyway? As far as I was concerned, she'd crossed that finish line a long time ago. I could think of plenty more suitable labels for her.

Let me guess, it's your job to avenge them? Did the ancestors feed you that one or did you come up with this plan all by yourself? I laughed again, but not nearly as hard as I did before. That's fucking stupid, or a coincidence, or both. It's not my job to be a babysitter. Being a wolf doesn't automatically make you a child. If shit was shit, it's because it was shit. I had nothing to do with it. Damn, that sounded better than it should have. Too bad I was too drunk to remember that excuse. It wasn't even a complete lie. At least, it didn't sound like one. I could have even allowed myself a moment to really appreciate the way I'd dodged around the blame game, but her voice and what she was saying quickly reminded me that it wasn't that easy. It never was, was it?

I didn't make eye contact. I didn't know if I was uncomfortable, disgusted, or angry. Maybe it was all three. Ungustry, a new emotion, a particularly unpleasant one. Stop. We're doing fine ignoring shit. We're doing fine embracing the lie of an illusion liquor has provided. Just, don't ruin it. I groaned. I guess the drunk version of myself did have something in common with the sober version. Neither one wanted to hear about how I ''made things better''. That was a glass of guilt I'd had shoved down my throat one too many times lately, and it felt like I was drowning in it. I really was, fucking suffocated by it. What fucking insecurity bit? And fuck, just... Can you not? No one said I need to give a doctors note when I want a minute away from this place. And don't forget who gave me a reason to leave in the first place. 'Can't blame me for shit that happened when I wasn't even here. You might as well say I'm at fault for Hitler and Ebola too if you're gonna go around blaming me for shit I didn't cause.

What the fuck Luxx? Why'd you even bring this shit up? Guilty conscience? Maybe we can have this conversation when I'm not ten sheets to the wind? Jesus... I didn't have enough mental capacity to think about it right now. Bringing up Apollo just confused the fuck out of me even more. And where the fuck had my fucking shoe gone?! Jesus fucking Christ nothing was right anymore...

I guess it's a good thing I don't have an answer for you then, isn't it? I lazily looked towards her, not really expecting an answer. She was full of shit. She was probably curious about the truth, and that for me was my cherry on top, because I didn't even have to withhold from her intentionally. She'd have to go on wondering, because I didn't have an answer for her, not one I felt one-hundred percent about anyway. Does it matter? I didn't really know you, did I? You made that clear the first night you came back to Index. Whether I liked you or not, you were a lie, so in the end, it doesn't even matter. What she said next had me laughing again, really laughing. My body language, the smile on my face, the casual conversation... All of it was a fucking contradiction. No, Luxx. We can't. I laughed even harder. The enemy of my enemy wasn't my friend, and the ally to my enemy wasn't either. Unfortunately, I felt that she fell into both categories, and friendship was never that simple.

I had no idea what I was doing, and that was obvious, because I just stood there like an idiot. Like that guy with the ten second memory. Clearly I stood up for something, but it suddenly became less interesting. I think it'd be easier for you to fuck that than it would be for me. Oh right, skateboard. Not a good idea, or maybe it was. I dug in deeper, and pulled it out like a bunny from a top hat. I guess you're not the only one with party tricks, Luxx. I held up the skateboard, grinning, but my eyes were on the bottle, not her. I put the thing on the ground, sat criss cross on top of it, and rolled right on by her using my hands to push. I snatched the bottle before she could change her mind, not even giving a fuck about where she'd acquired it from. I just kept pushing, rolling around her as I heard the lighter flick. Sure, you can pull liquor out your ass but you can't even get a damn cigarette lit?

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[Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name - Page 4 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

Re: [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:25 am

“Remind me when I’m sober to show you the amaze that is the newest development in my Wolf ability.” Shit. Neither of us were going to remember so there was no point in saying that. Dammit. I was far too drunk, tired and sore to even attempt to do it again today. Was pretty damn saddening to realize that I couldn’t shift at all and I might as well have had Apollo work the fucky reversal magic of his own ability on me. ‘cause I could only really use mine once a day before I started to feel light headed and achy. De-evolvement. Was that a word? Sure was now. Even if I could find the energy somewhere in my back pocket Onyx wasn’t going to remember in the morning that I could miraculously duplicate things now. It was all a train of thought that led to a dead end but that didn’t stop me from walking all the way down it to stare at the wall. If I had a burger I could make two so we could both have one. Then I’d have to find a burger to begin with. Wasn’t going to find one of those stashed under a bush. Or maybe I could, but it wouldn’t be of the still eatable kind.

I like it when he laughed. I liked it when he grinned. Luckily for me neither of those two thoughts came out of my mouth. Just a smile of my own, not even directed at him but to the bottle in my hand. “That’s okay, I don’t remember either.” Taking a mouthful from the vodka I now had to completely admit that I was so not following the conversation at all. I kept getting distracted by sharp wafts of his scent that would occasionally be shoved right into my face. The occasional twang of pain from the wound in my chest that seemed to come at weird intervals. Not like the constant, methodical pumping of a freshly made injury or even one that was infected. Clearly, this shit was alive. Had its own heartbeat. Like always the liquor was a monumental distraction from pretty much everything. The more I drank the more fixated I became on chugging back more. Was that the sign of true alcoholism? Probably. Was totally a drunk. “So normal for me requires a costume and what? A ‘tude? I’ll remember that Onyx. If there's anything I’ll remember from this night it will be that.” I needed a pen. I used to always carry a marker around with me everywhere that I went but that habit had gotten replaced with a hundred more strange quirks.

I groaned into the mouth of my bottle, causing it to let out a foghorn sound that wrapped itself around the exasperated sigh from my throat. “It’s not babysitting. We aren’t in diapers you fuck. Believe what you want. Fuck knows I’m the last person that could convince you of fucking anything. Even if I drew you a fucking diagram, added colored pictures and performed it all in a skit routine. You’d still see that you have no impact on anything.” Woah that was far more mean than I had intended it to sound. I swirled what was left of my vodka wondering if someone had slipped something into it which was giving me mega mood swings. Booze normally made me happy. Oh wait. Had to consider the company. Onyx had been able to sober me pretty definitively before. His rage had triggered mine and no amount of vodka had been able to bring me back from the brink. Had to say I didn’t really mind. Anger was a happy place just like drunk states of mind were usually happy places.

“Right, I’m going to leave this dead horse of a conversation for when I can articulate how much you are fucking wrong. And you are by the way.” I gestured to him with my bottle and then took another swig to punctuate the statement. Right now I didn’t have the right words at my disposal. Thoughts bled and ran into one another and right now I just wanted to agree with him even though part of me knew that wasn’t right. It was all my fault, every single last incident but a voice in the back of my head was telling me that I needed to stop thinking that way. I’d already been down that road. A road that had led me to Portia. Feeling guilty was worse internal atrophy than the fucking Fanger blood. “Well, you aren’t wrong about it being my fault you left.” Came out before I could regulate my voicebox. Just don’t say sorry Luxx. It’s pointless, It’s stupid. He’s not going to believe you. Not to mention its partly a lie because fuck you aren’t really that sorry. I pursed my lips together, following that with a slap of a hand over my mouth. No more. Shut the fuck up.

I smiled. Wasn’t a comment that anyone would have usually grinned at but he had just complimented me while also insulting me. “Nice to know you think I’m that good of an actress to invent a totally different persona that I could manage to stick to even when intoxicated. So thanks, Vincent. I’ll take my award right now if you wouldn’t mind.” His laughter should have been painful. I wanted to be friends. I didn’t see why we couldn’t right now. The answers were there but I couldn’t read between the lines. Fuck I couldn’t even read large grandma with cataracts print right now. The fact he was laughing just made me grin. Forgetting why it was he was to begin with. I liked it when things were more simple. That’s why I drank. It dulled my brain. Presently it wasn’t the best trip money could buy. Somehow Fanger Blood was effecting how much it took for me to get intoxicated, how long I could remain so, the experience while I was. Nothing was right. Nothing was the same. I had no safe places left.

“Dunno about that.” I cocked my head to the side and shoved my finger in and out of the top of my own bottle. Hah! I was hilarious. Fuck I couldn’t even remember how big his equipment was. Not like that was something I bothered to really inspect when any Wolf was naked. Had to be almost brought to my attention. Or the effects of a full moon had to be on the table. Dammit. Couldn’t even remember from dreams. Shit, why the fuck was I now lingering on thoughts of Onyx’s dick. Christ this was not going well. I held out the two cigarettes that had been quietly smoking in my hand for him to take one. “In my defense I haven’t been smoking for long.” Why I felt the need to defend myself in such a sad ass kind of way I had no idea but I just couldn’t stop myself. Just as I was about to put my own smoke back in between my lips a smell hit my nostrils. Had to hand it to the Fanger juice it did enhance the senses, but hell I so didn’t need to get a whiff of this. Even the smoke that wafted in front of my face couldn’t disguise the scent of Vampire.

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[Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name - Page 4 8cYCVL2

Re: [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

Narrative |

Posted on Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:30 am

Narrative is from Xavier's perspective. X to Lils. He's tall, very thin and imposing. Dark brown hair slicked back. Very tailored, very formal. Dressed in a dark blue pinstriped suit that has creases in all the right places.

I’d had to wait an exuberant amount of time for Daron to get dressed. Swore the man had a bigger wardrobe than most women I knew. An outfit for every occasion and when he appeared in a simple pair of black pants and a matching jacket I couldn’t hide the frown that accompanied the confusion. Why had it taken him thirty minutes to select something so utterly mundane? We had walked almost in complete silence to where I knew my Wolf was. She was a difficult beast to track down but with eyes now all over the small town of Index it hadn’t been long before I’d gotten wind of what she had been doing. Shouldn’t have surprised me that liquor had been the number one desire on her list. A mongrel through and through. Mr Wynyard and I had made a deal but then though I had provided him with the information he had asked for I had decided to not to allow him to seek out my little pawn alone. I was merely taking him as reassurance that she wouldn’t try to do something futile. Two Vampires against one intoxicated Warlord was not a match I believed she would put money on her winning. I gave her just enough time to catch wind of my scent before Daron and I dashed with purpose into the skatepark and stood in front of not one but two wolves. She was with the Alpha. Good to know she was doing her job.

“What do you think?” I turned my head slightly towards Daron and he shrugged his shoulders. Hate to say it but I think I owe you that hundred. I grinned and clicked my fangs into place. She did indeed look like she was still on the blood but potentially drinking more than she was supposed to. Which lead me to believe that I was not her only supplier now. Keeping her on the V was important in order to have some level of control but if she continued to spiral she was not going to be much use anymore. “I do hope this little hillbilly picnic isn’t going too smoothly.” The bitch knew that her job was to make him angry. I didn’t rightly know why that was important as I had only caught wind of various details of what Ursula had been working on. The Alpha needed to be segregated. Pulled away from the pack and put into a state of fury. When observing the White Dog in her original pack I had thought she would be the perfect tool for the job. She aggravated those around her effortlessly and was forever removing herself to sit alone in the shadows.

Nice to see you again Alpha. Daron grinned snapping his own fangs into place. He’d spoken briefly to me about his task to speak with Mr Byrne but I did feel like he wasn’t telling me the entire story. The White Wolf slowly stood, wobbling as she did so. Her eyes wide with what I liked to believe was horror before it predictably transformed into rage, that yellow lightbulb getting switched on. “What are you going to do sweetness? Bark at me?” She snarled in response. “Did you get my gift? I went to a lot of trouble to acquire it as the old woman wasn’t of interest to me but I do remember how much you love Spiritual Leaders, my dear, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

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[Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name - Page 4 Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:34 am

A new development? Why the fuck did she get a new development? I'd been working how fucking long on this shit? Trying to compel a fucking fly was a year long process, and she just ''gets a new development''? That was fucking bullshit. Another shit flavored lollipop, courtesy of the Ancestors no doubt. Remind me when I'm sober to remind you when you're sober... Or um... What? I was confused now. I wasn't gonna remember shit, including where I was going with that statement or... Request, or whatever the fuck it was.

I'd decided, after seeing her smile, after dodging around the feral bunny rabbit that was Luxx high on rage... That she was the many faced man. Never to be trusted, even her appearance was deceiving. Lies didn't stop at her lips, they extended beyond that. I was drunk, yeah, but I knew here and now this was some kind of manipulation. For what, I didn't know. Fuck... Maybe on some level that made her trustworthy. She lived in another universe where the Ancestors all possessed golden cocks made perfectly to her size requirements, and alliances were built on foundations made of schemes. It was hard to predict the actions or intent of a mental patient. Which is what she was, not that I'd exactly had my sanity license renewed anytime recently, but maybe that was the reason I caught onto it so easily. I was just as mentally fucked over as she was. I wouldn't know Luxx' brand of ''genuine'' if it slapped me in the face. For all I knew, it could have been slapping me in the face repeatedly tonight, and I still spent most of my time calling ''bullshit''.

Who the fuck said anything about costumes? I thought you just pushed really hard and grew that shit? The 'tude though, yeah, that is pretty fucking fundamental. There were a few other ingredients, even I couldn't remember them all. I also wasn't in the mood to revisit old insults, not when she'd already given me so much new material. How would you know that, exactly? Have you fucking tried drawing me a diagram with colored pictures and a skit routine? No, she hadn't. And until she did, as far as I was concerned, she was talkin' out her ass. Give it a go, then you'll have something to back up that theory. My voice hiccuped towards the end, and my cheeks quickly puffed up as I tried to hold my breath. Fucking hiccups...

I rolled my eyes. If I'd been wrong then she'd have had no problem ''proving it''. She had no problems in the past proving shit even when she was wrong. I could let her intoxication stand as a believable excuse, but even that felt like a stretch. I don't wanna talk about it I'm sorry I even brought it up. No, I wasn't having any of it. Being drunk and pissed was a really fucking sour combination with me, and never ended without wounds, shattered glass, and shattered bones. It was best to stay away from that if possible. And it definitely was, because I had the fucking spins. A good mini distraction from the tornado that was otherwise known as my past with Luxx.

You can't be that great of an actress if I just called you on it, but whatever. Take uh... I dug in my pocket, falling back to my elbows as I reached in for whatever I could grab... Which happened to be an old receipt. I held it towards the sky like a torch, which made no fucking sense since that's not how awards were presented, was it? The award for biggest fuckup ass goes- Another fucking hiccup... Goddamnit. Lu-tz. FUCK THESE FUCKING HICCUPS. Luxx. I corrected myself as I tossed the receipt towards her... But it was too light and just floated down to the ground in between us. Fuck it, whatever, I applauded anyway and fist pumped in slow motion while I tried my best to mimic the sound of a cheering crowd.

Dunno about what? My eyes rolled down and I watched her slip her fingers into the opening of her bottle. I glared, then didn't... Then did again. I don't know if I should be impressed at how naturally that comes to you, or insulted that you'd think my dick could fit in there. Could it? Fuck her, I wasn't about to try. Goddamnit... Even as I took the smoke from her and planted it between my lips I was trying to figure out if that was actually fucking something people did. Like a portable glory hole? One you can drink from? A fleshlight with dual purposes? What the fuck had she got me thinking about? In your defense. I laughed, smoke billowing out of my nostrils. What am I now? Judge Judy? Why the fuck was she suddenly a smoker anyway?

I hadn't got a chance to really think about the answer to that question. My hands had stopped pushing me along and even my intoxication and cigarette smoke combo couldn't hide that defining scent in the air. Was she cursed? Or was it me? It had to have been one of us, because this wasn't the first time we found ourselves fucking alone and unprepared in the presence of fangers. Unprepared being the understatement of the century. Which was only proven by who had appeared in front of us. What was his name? The fuck head that... Goddamnit what did it matter what his name was? Focus Onyx, Jesus Christ...

Who the fuck was this other guy? What the fuck was he even talking about? I tried to pull myself to my feet and it was a doozy. My legs were like noodles, wobbling around in all directions as the skateboard when rolling off into the man made crater. Nice to see you again Les-tat. So much for sounding threatening. I didn't think I'd ever been more pissed to have a case of the fucking hiccups. Being confused as all fuck didn't help. Who the fuck is this guy, Luxx? I glared at her, but couldn't maintain it. Why the fuck was this happening now. Could I compel myself to sober up? Maybe... With a mirror... But it wasn't like I could just make one appear... Fuck maybe Luxx could pull one out of her black top hat of tricks.

I think... What Spiritual Leaders? The answer to that question was on the tip of my tongue but I just couldn't quite figure it out. I stepped between Luxx and dipshit number two... The one that I'd just decided I'd call... Well... Dipshit. I threw my arm over his shoulder and grinned. What's he talking about Luxx? What gift? My smile had disappeared, and was replaced with a gnarly expression I couldn't even describe. I pulled away from dipshit and pulled my smoke from my teeth. Fuck bro you REEK. Like someone shit into a corpse and let it cook out in the sun for a week. He really fucking stunk.

I'd found myself in front of Luxx, which was fucked but presented me with a better bubble of air to breathe. The scent of wolf. My eyes had gone white, and locked onto hers. Tell the truth. I commanded once I felt my influence over her. I wasn't taking any chances this time, and as far as I was concerned, dumb and dumber could go fuck themselves because they couldn't do shit to me.

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[Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name - Page 4 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

Re: [Private] Lighting Cigarettes in your Name

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:53 am

Everything else just faded away and I wished it could have been into a vanilla strawberry scented mist of glorious coma but it didn’t. My drunk brain probably filed away useless information from the conversation like it normally did to be produced later when it seemed to be the right or wrong time but I didn’t even really get the chance to bask in anything. Not the fact I’d been given an award for doing something I hadn’t even done, first time for everything. To enjoy the hilarity that was Vincent with hiccups which was all kinds of adorable or even laugh at the fact that we were both clearly thinking about his dick at the exact same time. Alcohol didn’t give me the chance to respond. Didn’t give me the ability to actually get in what needed to be said before everything went tits up as it always fucking did. I felt vomit rise in my throat at actually seeing X in the flesh again. His face was the one thing I remembered very clearly about that little room he had kept me in. Was linked to every mouthful of blood I’d had to consume, and now to every single one I guzzled back willingly. Couldn’t stop looking utterly horrified at his arrival, completely ignoring the other Fanger. Then I remembered Vega. One of the most beautiful Wolves I had ever met that had found an end in a fucking forest she didn’t know. Without a single member of her pack with her. Decapitated by one of her own kind while the fucking walking dead watched. My eyes blistered with the rage.

Onyx made it really fucking hard to maintain the anger when he started acting like a total idiot. What the fucking fuck was going on? I felt my stomach twist horrifically when I realized the other Fanger apparently knew him. It was strangled in the opposite direction when the alpha threw his arm over X’s shoulders. What was he doing? I wouldn’t be able to fight like a fucking Amazon this time. I couldn’t even fucking shift at all. He was going to kill us both and at the same time damn my soul to complete and utter obliteration in the process. I stood there, unable to move at all. Aside from a sway that I wasn’t in control of. He was suicidal. I was stuck watching what was shortly going to be a murder scene. When Onyx stood in front of me I just stared at him, my eyes beginning to flicker because I couldn’t keep them lit. I didn’t understand this. Why he would be so flippant with his life. Understood why he didn’t give a fuck about mine but how could he feel so disconnected from everything that he would serve himself up for a Fanger banquet. Surely he wasn’t that drunk?

His eyes shone brightly and I found myself unable to look away. An intense calm took hold of me. It wasn’t comforting, however. It felt like a prison. I was terrified for all of a second before my mouth opened and I began to speak. Answering his questions. Hearing my own voice sound out each word clearly and articulately like I wasn’t currently intoxicated. “This is X, Xavier. He’s a high-ranking Vampire from the Supremacy division related to the resurrection, whatever that means. He was in charge of eliminating the Dominion as most were deemed too unruly for collars. After watching my Alpha die at his hands, he offered me a way to save the life of my Mother, the last person who loves me, and the living history and lineage of the Dominion by becoming his slave. He kept me captive, tortured me. He made me drink blood. I returned to Index primarily because he told me to. He is Sona’s keeper and I have been trying to find a way to follow his commands without doing harm to you because without Sona my world falls apart but without you I don’t exist. The gift was the head of Vega. The Spiritual Leader from the Sequoia who was murdered only recently. Xavier sent this as a reminder of what could happen to Sona if I try to fight against him. I have stopped doing his bidding because I believe that she will die anyway and that protecting you doesn’t just mean your physical person.”

As soon as the last syllable left my mouth, it dropped open. The glow. The eye contact. We had spoken about his Wolf ability before and how fucking laughable it was that he was only able to compel the weak minds of humans. Knowing that had felt glorious because he could never use it against me to find out the truth. That I wouldn’t hear the truth, whatever that turned out to be, being stated plainly. Hadn’t realized that I would get to hear it myself. Know what was real and what was fiction from my own lips if he managed to advance it to a level where it would work on a Wolf. That feeling of being captured and held prisoner in my own head had me shaking. “Oh fuck…what have you done?” Couldn’t rightly tell what it was I was feeling. An odd mixture of relief that what I’d said to him was true. That I was really trying to protect him. That it really was important to me. All the discussions I had had with Orion about eating his heart weren’t as factual as what I had just said. Something that I had now admitted in front of a Fang who held the keys to the life of the one wolf who loved me, who I loved so absolutely, in his hands.

“WHAT HAVE YOU FUCKING DONE?!” I screamed into Onyx’s face. Still feeling a multitude of different emotions. Everything he must have felt when I had told him that I was going to fight with his pack against the Fangers. That even though I was a Lone that I was his friend. Only to abandon him and then return to admit that I had only been around in order to size up his heart for dinner. “I told you I would give her up for you if you wanted me to. Now you’ve made me do it. ARE YOU FUCKING HAPPY NOW?!” I bent over, proceeding to fall over grabbing at my vodka bottle desperately. I wanted to forget. I needed to forget. I couldn’t do this. Just tipping back the liquor I began to drink like it was fucking water. Not even stopping when it began to burn. When taking staggered breaths through my nose became difficult.

Always so dramatic. You don’t have long at the rate you’re obviously going so I’m going to cut you back. Though after what you’ve just said I’m very much doubting this so called love you have for the blue eyed bitch. But I can’t deny you’re doing what I told you to do either even if you’re trying not to hurt the Alpha. We don’t want you to anyway pet. I’ll be in touch. For now your Spiritual Leader is alive but she won’t be for much longer.

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