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 [Closed] The Death of a Star

[Closed] The Death of a Star

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Benjamin Reese

[Closed] The Death of a Star

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:36 pm

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The woods behind Paul and Keon's home ⋅ Cool ⋅ About an hour and a half after dark

When I first met her, I thought of Claudia from Interview with the Vampire. I felt like she tried to make up for her obvious youthful look with a bite and a bitchy attitude. Like a "mean girl" who had been given fangs and superhuman strength. Now I saw past it. I saw that everything she did was meticulous. I saw and appreciated her hard work. And it wasn't quite as hard to see her as my superior. For now, at least. I would appreciate, no matter how many years down the road it would be, that she would be a worthy adversary. She painted a clear picture of what she wanted. And unlike Gayle there was an actual method to her form of chaos. Unlike Gayle, Ursula Darwin wanted to better our kind rather than paint us as a fucking spectacle on an episode of fucking Cops.

I stood on the side of the road, Ursula beside me and a docile, obedient wolf on the other. A man probably in his late twenties, dirty blonde shoulder length hair tied back in a neat ponytail. A few tattoos on his arms, all only black ink - I really didn't give a shit what they were of. Muscular, wearing a gray tank and ripped jeans. Reeked of cigarette smoke which disgusted me and it was why I'd made sure he took a shower before letting him climb into my car but that still didn't help the dog stench.

I could sense the other dog too, the woman who was now for the first time without guard - not that it would have mattered that much but I wanted this carried out with an almost surgical precision. I walked slow so that Spike to my side could keep up, and soon the lady came into view. Long dark hair, overly tanned wrinkled face like someone who was older was trying her damnedest to not look older. Which usually made things even worse. She was hunched over, slightly, and I knew the posture. Guarding, it was called in medicine. Her left arm wrapped around her waist as if it was going to somehow protect her from the pain she felt in her abdomen. You'll be out of your misery soon, granny, I muttered. She bent over, picking random shit from the ground, probably looking for herbs but more than likely winning herself a nice case of poison ivy. I held up my hand, cuing "Spike" to hold. I want to be ready for the show. I caught the toothless grin that formed on Ursula's face and I felt a sense of pride.

I'm ready. Go ahead, maul her.

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