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 [Closed] Blessings & Black Substances

[Closed] Blessings & Black Substances

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[Closed] Blessings & Black Substances Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

[Closed] Blessings & Black Substances

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Mar 26, 2017 1:25 am

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Diner | Doesn't matter, they're inside. | Morning.

I'm standing north of the river...

Then what happens?

I'm not entirely sure. I can sense you, and Jonah, both of you, you're standing behind me. And...


Luxx, she's there, at least I think it's her, I can't see anything but silhouettes through the fog... I can at least sense her there, somewhere... There's an alpha too, I can see their white eyes through the haze... And behind them, an army... Everyone from Reprisal on the other side of the river... And I feel... Mixed things coming from them, loyalty and enemies, but also a feeling of understanding, an alliance...

But I'm not one of them anymore... Whoever that alpha is... They're leading Reprisal, not me.

What do you think it means?

I don't know... I replied, scratching my jaw before picking up my cup of coffee to take a sip. I sense peace between us and Reprisal. I shrugged, unsure if that was even important information I needed to share.

And you said you've had this dream every night since you came back? I could see it written all over Camille's face, she knew something, or at the very least, she was onto something.

Yep... It's the only good thing that's really happened since I got back, it's given me a break from the fucked nightmares.

Are you... A lone? She asked, leaning forward to cross her arms over the table, her eyes staring, unblinking, right into my own. That's the weird thing... I'm not, but I also somehow... I just know, Jonah, you, me... We're... Connected? But it's just us... The three of us... I set my cup down and started digging into my back pocket... There's something else... I said quietly as I pulled a piece of paper free and nudged it across the table. Camille reached for it as the waitress passed by, and I held up my hand to tell her we were fine with the amount of coffee we had. She kept moving by, stopping a few booths down to refill the cup of the redhead that sat alone. What is this? She stared at the paper, nothing but a triangle drawn at the center, and a look on her face I hadn't seen before... Something about the drawing spoke to her, I could sense it. When I wake up... I feel compelled to draw this. I've ended up with so many of these things I've started burning them. I mean fuck, I don't know what they mean! But in my experience, feeling compelled to draw symbols never ends well for me...

She refolded the piece of paper, nodding at me as she hovered it over her pocket, and I nodded back, granting her permission to keep it. But you said... You felt peace? Do you really think this has something to do with... her? Or what about the potions? The ones the witch has you drinking on a daily basis, do you think they could be the cause? No, and no. I can't explain it but I just have that feeling, in and out of the dream, that same feeling I felt the entire time I was gone towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year. Spiritual... She whispered, and I nodded as I leaned back in my seat. She grew quiet after, and her once persistent eye contact had been distracted by her cup of coffee on the surface of the table. What is it? I asked, and she looked up at me, every bit of her frozen except her eyes. Camille, come on... What is it? She sighed before leaning back in her own seat, twirling her spoon around the cup of coffee that she'd kept her gaze on so intently since the conversation had fallen silent.

Her jaw opened slightly as if she wanted to say something, but couldn't get the words out. Camille... She sighed again, looked at me, and flashed a smile before leaning forward again, smile completely gone in an instant. I've been... Having a similar experience... Jonah too... I glared in confusion, a chill running up my arms, of which I had no idea whether it came from the door to the diner being swung open, or the words that had just come out of Camille's mouth. They're reoccurring dreams, they started... Like you said... Shortly after you came back for both of us. And they're all similar in that we feel connected, like a pack, but a pack without a Spiritual Leader or a Warlord... A pack with just the three of us, three pack masters... Though, the scene is different for each of us. In Jonah's... A line of fire separates us... Not a river. And on the other side... A coven... But he describes them like no coven I've ever heard of. He describes them as pale, every one with light hair, like a family of witches and warlocks. But they... They have powers unlike any witch or warlock. They aren't necromancers, or true types, or elementalists... They're... Something else... And there is definitely no feeling of an alliance, not like in yours. But... He also mentioned a spiritual feeling, but he described it as a blessing. Like our union was... Blessed by the ancestors. And you? I asked, every inch of me hanging on every word that came out of her mouth. What happens in yours?

She paused again, I could see the hesitancy written all over her face. Mine... Is like yours... And like Jonahs... Another pause came, and I felt like I was waiting to find out whether the protagonist in the tv show lived or died. There is no fire, no river... But... It's raining, and in the earth below our feet are scorch marks, in the shape of... I leaned in even closer. In the shape of what? She pulled the paper from her pocket, and unfolded it, the triangle I had drawn staring up at me. You, Jonah, myself, we stand at one point... At another point, a mix of every type of supernatural being, but I don't feel threatened by them I feel... I feel like they are allied together, and not allied against us... They just... Are. Neither friend nor foe. But at the last point... Something else. I don't know if it's one being, or two, or three, or a dozen, or a hundred. But I sense darkness from that point. Something grim, and threatening, and in the dream I feel like I have control, like I know I'm dreaming... Lucid dreaming? Very similar, yes. But despite having some level of understanding and control, I still can't figure out who is standing at the last point... Just that we should... Fear them...

I leaned back, my mind running a million miles an hour over everything she'd just said. I almost didn't believe it, but I had to believe it. How the fuck couldn't I believe it? After everything I'd been through, everything I'd seen, this was hardly unbelievable. I too sense a blessing. I sense the ancestors are there with us. But... To me, that means this... Whatever it is, it means something. Whether it's a premonition, or a nudge from above guiding us towards whatever this is... I don't think we should ignore it, Onyx. It would be wrong to ignore it. I don't intend on ignoring it, but I also don't intend on leaving my pack to make one with you and Jonah, not now, not while wolves are looking to me for help. I don't expect, or want that from you. They need you more right now... But Onyx... In my experience... Challenging the will of the ancestors... What they show us, will come to pass... They have a reason, a plan for every one of us, and no matter how hard we fight, how hard we try to take a different path, the destination will be the same...

Camille... I started, sighing as I tried to sort through the thoughts in my head, wanting so desperately for her to not unintentionally quote Luxx. Nothing would make me happier than leaving my wolves in more capable hands. In the hands of a wolf that is honorable and selfless... Someone that isn't like me, someone that isn't me. And joining you and Jonah wouldn't be the worst outcome of that arrangement. If I'm honest, I feel like I belong with you two more than I've ever belonged in my own pack. But I don't believe in fate. Maybe these dreams do mean something, maybe it does mean we'll end up forming a pack of our own, a pack with three alpha's, and we'll find out who is standing at the third point in the scorched triangle, and we'll fight as allies with Reprisal against the coven on the other side of the flames, and the heavens will open up and shit out confetti... I don't fucking know. But I also refuse to accept or believe that we have no control over our lives. I refuse to let the Ancestors map out every single moment. I won't let it, I don't believe it, and I just can't accept that. So whatever comes of us, whether I leave my pack in more capable hands and reform with you and Jonah, or... Whether I don't... It will because I chose my own path. Not the ancestors.

She smiled again, I understand. And just like that, any similarities between her and Luxx were completely gone. Nothing made me happier than seeing someone not challenge my beliefs, but accept that they were mine without telling me how wrong I was. This was exactly why I felt I belonged with Camille and Jonah. While different, we were on the same level where it mattered. For the record, I do find you honorable and selfless, and I too feel like you belong with us. But I understand, and I wouldn't let you leave your pack now anyway. They need you, Onyx, and you need to get healthy. Get rid of that spirit which ails you. Priories Pack Master, priories. Her tone grew quiet as she brought her cup up for a sip. And I mirrored the action. Where is Jonah, anyway? Being a recluse, as usual... Is he really? I saw him a lot when you two first arrived, and definitely didn't get that impression. She laughed as she set her mug down. He has his moments... He tends to get absorbed in tasks completely. He'll resurface again, just give him time to get bored with whatever has occupied his mind lately. Even I don't know what that is...

How are the potions by the way? Any side effects? I feel... I mean... I'm still having episodes. Black outs, hallucinations, the nightmares are gone but after our conversation today I'm even more certain that has nothing to do with the potions. Then again, I was already certain about that before our conversation. Other than feeling a fraction more... Powerful, like I'm growing stronger, but it's so gradual and small it's nothing serious, I don't think... Other than that I feel more or less the same. Why? Should I be feeling something? Sounds about right, honestly. It's good your body isn't rejecting it, she did say that could be a potential problem. Just keep me updated... If you start... Well, vomiting a black substance, seeing it come out of your nose or ears... You need to call me right away. A black substance? What the fuck... It's not terribly serious, it just means one of the ingredients is adhering... Too well... Adhering? To what? Hell I don't know Onyx, I'm just relaying the message.

Our breakfast had arrived, and I stared down at a plate full of eggs, bacon, ham, and sausage that filled so much of the plate, my hash browns and toast had to come on two separate plates. Thanks. I said as I shoved in a mouthful. As if I'd had a stomach full of words before we'd arrived at the diner, and now... My stomach was empty... Not entirely, but I wasn't about to bring up the really fucked up shit, not today. Conversations about randomly wierd urges towards Luxx were better saved for my fucking shrink.

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