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 [Private] The Demented Undead - Page 3

[Private] The Demented Undead

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[Private] The Demented Undead - Page 3 BsEGMjD
Helios Tallon

Re: [Private] The Demented Undead

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:57 am

Promises made by others? Or your own? I asked, my voice quieter this time. Coincidences were signs. When faced with a wolf of all beings, discussing faith, and feeling somehow smaller for breaking promises I had not only made to God, but to my family, my leaders, my charges... Darkness truly had claimed my heart in some ways. I was a man, a hunter, and yet, I still could not figure out how to defeat my own demons. I fought them every day, and now I would continue to fight them, while aiding one in the flesh. Maybe those demons had already won... Maybe I just refused to believe it.

Maybe... I laughed, but it was quiet and short lived. It is of course better to be confident than arrogant. Both words likely applied to me, I was not exempt from bad traits. Most of them had just become masters at hiding from others and myself. I will, indeed... Rock... Your world? It was not very assuring. I failed to understand the relevance of saying, and how it applied to the topic in which we were discussing. I can do that for you. One reinforced with silver was undoubtedly required. Lucky for her... She had come to the right place for such a request.

All souls are. It is the soulless and damned that need to fear losing touch. I did not know her at all, but in many ways that was not true. However I did feel I had one good quality that was not dwarfed by the bad. Intuition. Wolf or no wolf, her heart was pure... But even dark and evil hearts could be pure for all of the wrong reasons and in all of the wrong ways. Which category she fell into I could not know... Not until her desire to consume death, the blood of evil was removed.

I cannot say... This topic was one that I knew nothing of. I could answer her questions to the best of my ability, with the best of my knowledge, but that did not change the fact that until I understood the situation better, I would not be able to provide her any answers worth hearing. Seeing the symbol myself, however, would be a good start. ...In my experience, people hide what they are ashamed of, not what they are proud of. Again, it was the best I could provide her. My desire to help her further made no difference. However... Dark and sinister reasons also exist. Fear, a desire to protect... My voice died down, and I thought of how deeply those reasons were connected to myself.

Agreed... I nodded, though she could not see it, pulled myself to my feet... And exited confessional.

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[Private] The Demented Undead - Page 3 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

Re: [Private] The Demented Undead

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Jun 06, 2017 2:42 am

Already knew the shitty answer I had to give to that question but it had me thinking about promises others had made to me. Whether at any point they had been broken. Not one. Not a single damn one. I’d lied, cheated and found loopholes around my own but others had never returned the favor. “My own. Only my own. Never trust a Lone Wolf. I lived by that code so viciously that I almost went out of my way to make a promise knowing that I wasn’t going to keep it.” I hadn’t been lying when I’d said I didn’t deserve redemption because this all pointed to that very fact. I had been aware that I was an untrustworthy asshole and had relished in the fact. “I’ve kept some. Some I shouldn’t have. I promised those I loved that I would always love them and they are dead now because of it. Really it’s just a sign that I shouldn’t make promises any more. Knowing that I can’t and won’t keep them.” Cease and desist. Wouldn’t have to feel bad about any of it if I just stopped doing it. No more sorry’s, apologies that fell on deaf ears. No more corpses piling up because Luxx couldn’t keep her heart in check.

“Whats the difference? Isn’t arrogance just the whiny babies way of trying to turn confidence into a negative trait to make themselves feel better about their lack thereof?”
I didn’t really see the issue in over confidence. That lead to lessons that could be learned or likewise opened doors to miracles. Revealing things about oneself through pushing the limits of what should be doable and acceptable. I’d been told often that I was arrogant but if I could back up what I was saying how did anyone have any feet to stand on in that argument? There were a few things that I would rightly shove down people's throats when given the chance and it was primarily because I knew I had the chops to follow up. Though really a time had come now to stop talking about how great I was at X and X and just show these fuckers. Not that I was going to have much of a chance now. The skyrocketing battle readiness of the pack, however, would at least show that I wasn’t a complete blowhard when it came to the fact I knew I was a great Warlord.

The soulless and the damned. Fuck. Well, I knew I had a soul. There's no way I could connect to the Ancestors without one. The damned part. Debatable. I’d heavily considered it when holding Vega’s head in my lap. It was yet another excuse though. Another little set of quotations I was trying to sew onto my name. Even if I was, then it would be my own doing. A punishment in the line of many, for the times I hadn’t done what I was meant to do. Didn’t matter if it was true. I was in control of how I acted knowing certain facts. I could take the selfish route or climb up to the high road. It was my choice. I made the decisions. No-one was pulling my strings. Wasn’t going to say a word to Father Tallon about whether or not I was or wasn’t serving time for past indiscretions. I didn’t want to give him a single reason to go back on his word and not feel quilty about it. Having a Wolf that had multiple curses leveled down on her head was probably not one his Lord on high would give any fucks about. Therefore releasing him from any promises he’d made using his name or whatever the fuck religious types like my Priest did.

Ashamed of. That was fucking Onyx in a nutshell. He seemed to be at odds with goddamn everything. Fuck. Reminded me of me. Was that why I liked his company? Urgh. Don’t think about that Luxx. Can of fucking worms. To get rid of any torrents of unanswered questions. Pieces that didn’t fit. Didn’t make sense, I pulled out my notebook and began effortlessly drawing the symbol. I was no artist but damn you’d think I designed it myself in some graphic studio. Didn’t even need to see the paper, or the pen really. Everything about it was now part of me. Just as I was finishing the scribble I heard him shift in the confessional. Oooo. I was a tad excited about this. Others physical appearances never really had the impact I expected they were meant to. I was more Wolf than human so smell, taste, sound had far more leverage. I could appreciate, of course, I wasn’t blind. Just banked more on sensations that others didn’t pay attention to. Wasn’t going to be a pleasant experience for him, but I was going to enjoy every second.

Waiting till footsteps sounded out around the corner of the box I rose from my seat, shoving the notebook back into my cloak and slowly pulled back the door. Standing in front of him. A frail broken blackbird. With all the dramatics of a Wolf I had once been, now a shadow of, I lifted my downcast head. Reaching up with knarled skinny fingers to my hood. Hands blanched as white as the bone that shifted beneath the paper thin skin marred with scratches and wounds. Nails were bitten so far back that scar tissue had begun to form on the tips. They were bad enough and I wasn’t going to be able to hide them when I stood in front of Onyx soon. At least none would get to see my face. Raising my gaze to Father Tallon as I peeled back the hood, I smiled. Knowing it was a nightmare to behold. His own face was warm and all the colors of the scents that drifted off his person. If I imagined him, this would have been what I would have seen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t return the favor.

My gums had begun to retract away from my teeth, giving my appearance a very clear comparison to a rotting corpse. Eyes larger than life settled in the oubliettes that were now my sockets. The galaxy of colors that existed in the iris were gone, almost completely eclipsed by cataracts that effected my vision. No amount of carrots were going to return my night sight to me. Lips cracked and bleeding from speaking far too much. All tone and luster vacant from my skin. Reduced to just a featherlight covering over what lay beneath. A filigree of bloodvessels spiraled out from my temples, down my neck. The hollow of my cheeks harsh and unapologetic. My hair had begun to fall out. A noticeable bald spot in the front. The blonde tresses lifeless and as colorless as everything else. “You look as handsome as you smell. Don’t bother to try and say something nice about what you see Priest. I know I look like hell and believe me, I feel like it too.”

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[Private] The Demented Undead - Page 3 BsEGMjD
Helios Tallon

Re: [Private] The Demented Undead

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:17 am

But I trust you. I replied simply, calmly, and without whisper. It was not a complete lie, there were already many parts of this creature that I trusted based on brief conversations, and the heart she had, but seemed so desperate to prove she did not. I found little purpose in coming to confession only to lie. What impact would that have on her life? To meet my presence with fictitious admissions? What could she possibly gain from the experience? To her I was likely nothing but a man bound to a holy sense of morality, living my life under the thumb of kindness and openness out of obligation. There was no reason for her to lie to me, and for that reason, I did not believe she had.

There are promises you can keep. I am sure of it. Is it not a promise you made to yourself to seek help for your addiction? Are not here now, keeping that promise? There is no shame in starting a journey to honesty inward, in fact, it is the best and only place to start. I knew all too well about loving and losing. In fact, I had written a line of my own vows for that very purpose. Losing so many that I loved due to what I did... Lenny was a cold reminder of why I had made a vow to always be close, but never too close. How devastating and unfair it was that he had to die to teach me a lesson I had already learned...

Maybe it is. It was all I could say, because for the first time in a long time, I had been stumped. I could not even think of a situation in which I could compare the two words. While I would not have worded it so harshly, I did see her point...

When stepping foot out of confession, I tried my best to leave my worries inside that confined space. For a time, that was possible. I could breathe. But as I got older, the harder it became to just tuck everything into that box. That confined space was so full now, I could not help but carry my worries right out with me. They were with me now, as I stood, gently gripping my fist with my hand, staring at the toe of my shoes. Not a soul would have guessed how plagued I was with those worries, but that could not be said about her, now could it? Her worries had escaped her mind, and begun gnawing on her skin, eating away at what I had imagined were once full and lively features, shrinking her skin down to bone and rotting her from the inside out. I did not judge her for her appearance, I grieved for her. Her pain had come through her words, whether she had intended for it to, or not. I could recognize pain in those that liked to shield it. But I had never imagined her suffering to be so apparent, so heartbreakingly obvious.

I did not say a word of it. I just greeted her with a warm smile, ignoring the strange feeling in my stomach when she mentioned my smell. That will all change soon. I promise. I reassured her, not tearing my eyes away from hers for a moment.

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Re: [Private] The Demented Undead

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