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 [Closed] Storytime

[Closed] Storytime

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[Closed] Storytime 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

[Closed] Storytime

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Mar 22, 2017 11:07 pm

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The Den | Cold and Cloudy | 8pm

-DAY 21 Without an Alpha- Part 1 of 2

“Aren’t you a bit old for storytime Kidd?” I cheekily jabbed him in the shoulder as the various children from a variety of packs gathered around a small campfire I had set up. Of course no-one would legitimately trust the Lone with their offspring but it was Scarlets designated night to look after the pups. She had become a good…friend. It was difficult to use that word. That was fucked wasn’t it? To find it hard to actually call someone else a friend. Most of my life had been spent trying not to make those bonds and it extended far beyond all this Lone business. The thought of having a connection that strong was something I desired more than anything and yet…Didn’t want to admit I was scared of it but I was. Every single time I had found something significant. Had something important. It had been taken away from me.

“Since I know what pack you’re from I don’t think you’re going to tell a story about a Prince meeting a Princess….are you?” He looked horrified for a second and I snorted with laughter and ruffled his hair. “Take a seat, get comfy and you’ll find out.” My own Mother had never told me bed time stories as a kid. She’d been too busy shooting up and fucking my hopeless excuse of a Father. Both me and my brother had been after thoughts. Toys they paraded out in front of the few shitbox friends they had. Small people who could bring them beer while they sat their fat asses on the couch. Objects to wail on when the toaster broke, or the television aerial wasn’t working properly. It wasn’t until I had been given the task of looking after the pups of The Dominion that I had heard and told my first story to children.

Surprisingly quite a few children had survived the attack. The youngest being Leafa from Eco who was only two years old. For some reason holding her made me feel, better. As days had dragged on the chaos I lived in had started to feel sickly normal. I was used to the hallucinations now. Even after slaughtering countless Fighter ranked wolves at that training session. I was on a steady timeline with my blood intake even though the idea of getting off the stuff had little meaning now. All the pups settled down under blankets as it was still quite cold out. The snow had subsided but that bitter cold still hung in the air. The Den was deserted. All other wolves down at One Shot celebrating an important announcement. One that they expected the Alpha to attend. Was going to have to come up with a pretty good reason why Onyx hadn’t been there for Flint, the Warlord from Eco, choosing his first. While it might not have been a big deal under different circumstances this was a big event. Since the female he had fallen in love with, was from the Sequoia.

“Once Upon a Time.” I sniggered seeing the despairing look on Kidds face. This was a story that Sona had told and this was the first time I’d repeated it. For some reason it felt right. Maybe it was because of what the lesson to the story was. “Once upon a time two wolves were born. They were twins. A boy and a girl. They shared the same destiny but they didn’t know it yet. The Ancestors had seen how strong they both were and had decided that they could carry the heaviest of loads. The brother and sister would fight like we all do with our siblings but they had more to be angry about than we do. Their fights weren’t about not sharing toys or stealing each other’s dessert but because one was going to become an Alpha and the other was not.” There was a commotion down in the thicket of pups as one little boy whispered to another one. “Hey, telling a story here.” “Sowwy” I grinned and then tilted my head at them. “What were you talking about?” “We was just sayin that girls can’t be Alphas.” I grit my teeth. “Why not?” Bala turned on the two of them her head of braids flicking about her face. “’Cause boys are stronger.” Replied one of the older pups. Oh no. This same argument had erupted the time Sona had told the story but because they had been Dominion it had been squashed in a way that I refused to follow. “Who said?” All of their large eyes turned towards me, some mouths dropping open. “That might be true sometimes, but in this story they are just as strong as each other.” Bala poked her tongue out at the pair of boys and I flashed my eyes in warning.

“The little girl began to hate her brother and he likewise hated her. She would pounce on him when he was trying to sleep. When he played with other wolves she would try to come up with better games so they would want to play with her more. She would call him names and make up stories about him so that the other pups thought he was weird. The more she did this the more he hated her.” My story was once again interrupted by whispers which I did catch given that children didn’t really have a gauge on what was classed as a whisper and what was not. Even though I heard the sentence. ‘See she’s too mean to be an Alpha anyway’ I continued. “One day it had gotten so bad that he decided he was going to teach her a lesson. They were taken on a trek as part of their coming of age. This took them into the deepest part of the forest where they had never been before. It was a mystical place that had an energy about it so strong, that the Ancestors were said to walk there. The Spiritual Leader of their pack had seen how terrible the little girl was to her brother so she hoped that the great spirits would help bring them back together again. As it was important that they remember that they were better together than they were apart.” A hand shot up in the air which made me cock an eyebrow. What was I meant to do with this? I decided to pause in my story and lightly nod in the direction of the child who was waving their arm about, holding onto the elbow like it was an effort to keep it raised. “Can we go to this place? Can we? Is it near here?” I giggled and then flung my arm out towards the massive expanse of the Snoqualmie National Forest. “Of course it is. I’ll take you all there some day and you can all talk to the Ancestors.” A sea of grins some of them partly toothless greeted me.

“In the evening when all the pups were getting ready to sleep, the little boy called to his sister. Come sneak into the forest with me, unless you’re scared.” The fact I tried to put on a deeper voice to indicate the little boy speaking made a ripple of laughter rise up from the group and I pretended to scowl at them, for taking the piss. “The little girl wasn’t going to look weak in front of her brother so she accepted not knowing that he did not have the best intentions. They traveled quite a distance. Through babbling brooks of crystal clear water. Amongst trees that had trunks as wide as buildings. Around lakes that seemed bottomless. The little boy knew where he was going, as he left himself a trail to follow back. However, the little girl only had him as a compass. When he was sure he had led her far enough, he hid from her. Brother?! Where are you?! Calling out loudly into the forest, every little wolf looked around searching just like I was. As if they too were searching for the little boy from the story.

“She called out to him but he was filled with so much bitterness that he ignored her. Leaving her alone in the cold. He followed the signposts he had left for himself but became lost too. The Ancestors watched them from the shadows of the forest and were sad. As much as they needed to be together, they couldn’t make them stay together. It was the middle of the winter, and it was very cold out. Snow began to fall heavily and both wolves were lost in a blizzard.” I tried my best to make the conditions the twins found themselves in sound utterly terrible, lowering my voice and flicking my golden eyes on ominously. It must have worked for the younger ones as they huddled closer together. “In the morning the Spiritual Leader sent out a search party to find the twins, everyone feared they were dead. It had been a terrible storm and everything was covered in a thick layer of snow. When they found them they were huddled together in a cave. Wrapped up in each other’s limbs.” “They weren’t dead were they?” Looking down I saw one little girls eyes had filled with tears, another one holding her hand stroking it to offer some comfort. Shit, if either of the twins in the story had died I wouldn’t be telling this particular tale to these kids. They’d seen enough of that to last a lifetime I imagined. “They had found one another even in the midst of chaos and had kept one another alive.” The upset pup smiled and her little friend gave her a hug. Fuck sake why were kids so damned cute?

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[Closed] Storytime 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

Re: [Closed] Storytime

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:11 am

-DAY 21 Without An Alpha- Part 2 of 2

“What the fuck? Why didn’t they die? They should die, especially the little girl she's horrid” A slap in the face from a ten-year-old speaking with a fury that I would have expected from an adult but not from a child. My eyebrows shot up on my face as I realized every single one of the pups were looking at me like I had just shit in their cornflakes. “That was a stupid story.” I blinked. Seriously? Even the pups in this fucking Un-pack hated me? When the fuck had that happened? I stood there stunned, completely deflated and it got worse, much worse. The older wolves began to shift into their forms. Small bodies of fur began advancing towards me. Fearfully flicking my eyes back and forth more and more of them began morphing into canines, small jaws opened with a devastating hunger. There was no way I was going to stop them with the usual force that had manifested. I knew this had to be one of my many hallucinations but it was a seriously fucked one.

One of the older girls who had been holding Leafa got up and instead of shifting like the others she snatched the doll that always came with the youngest member of the Un-pack and threw it at me. Like it was a bone, or a stick and they were being told to go fetch, every single one of the pint-sized wolves leaped on me. In my desperation I used my ability, pausing for the briefest moment in the slip stream. Didn’t want to meet that woman, the dark side of me, again but I also didn’t want to be eaten alive by pups. Didn’t give a fuck if it wasn’t real. That was just horrific. As I fell back out of the in-between the kids were all seated again staring up at me with wide open eyes.

“And…?” I breathed a sigh of relief. Shakily trying to end the story I tried to calm the freaked out expression I knew was on my face. Hell didn’t need them going home to Mommy and Daddy ad telling them how the Lone had told them a bedtime story and at the end had lost her shit. “The Ancestors had brought them together to save them. Hoping that they would see that their destiny was more important than whatever petty squabbles they had. Prophecy is important pups. Sometimes it's hard to see the wisdom in the words but trust me you can’t change fate, terrible things happen when you try to.” I sunk heavily back into the little foldable chair I had brought with me and wearily looked up into the sky. “It’s getting late, Scarlet should have your hot drinks ready now, so head on in okay?” A disgruntled rumble of growls lifted from the group but I closed my eyes. Fuck I was super crazy. Couldn’t even tell a bedtime story without it turning into a scene from a horror movie.

“Hey, Kaara, I have Leafa’s doll.” Calling out to the girl holding the two-year-old I held up the toy I had grasped in my hand. Couldn’t even remember taking it from her. Usually, only select people were allowed to hold it, give it a kiss on its head before returning it to LEafa before she started crying. “Leafa’s got her doll Luxx.” The girls eyes fell onto the identical toy I had extended towards her. Face crumpling in confusion. 


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