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 [Closed] Pound of Flesh

[Closed] Pound of Flesh

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[Closed] Pound of Flesh 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

[Closed] Pound of Flesh

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:22 am

Thread Details
59er Diner | Snowing | 4pm

-DAY 4 Without an Alpha-

Blood slipped down my throat. A wave of satin that just made me feel a shit load better. Pity it didn’t make me look the way I felt. Discount brand Fanger juice gave me the hit I needed but it didn’t have that same, slurping from the fabled fountain of youth effect the ancient blood did. Even though I felt rejuvenated I was now very aware of the fact that I was not in tip top shape. Staring at myself in a mirror in the restroom of the 59er Diner I knew that some of what I was seeing was due to not having slept or showered in four days. I’d removed my makeup before leaving the house only to reveal that my eyes didn’t necessarily need the smokey black eyeshadow. They had that on their own. Light grey framed my tired looking slightly bloodshot eyes. Pupils large from just throwing back a vial of toxin. My skin had lost some of its lustre. Cheeks pale and hair hanging thick with the absence of bathing. Fuck it. I’d wash after training tonight. No point in doing it before then when I was just going to get bloody. Throwing some water over my face, I walked back out into the late afternoon tea rush, dabbing my face with a paper towel.

“Coffee’s ‘ere” Slumping into a booth opposite Scarlet I gave her a small strained smile before wrapping my hands around the warm cup. She had been pleasantly surprised when I’d invited her out. Likewise she had been stunned when she’d seen me actually mingling with the Wolves in One Shot the night before. Smiling, chatting, being fucking friendly. All the while getting as many names as possible for what was to be the first combat training session of the week. I intended to hold one every single night for the foreseeable future. Until of course Onyx returned. If he returned. Just as I was about to take a sip of my drink and then start getting into the real reason why I had asked her to pre-dinner, my food arrived. “One rare steak.” “That’s me.” Grinning from ear to ear I grabbed my knife and fork with relish and eyed the dish hungrily. Eating was not normally something I found myself wanting to do often when on the corpse blood but fuck, when it hit me, it hit me. I’d eaten so much barely cooked meat today I should have just gone out into the forest and cleared it of its wildlife and cut out the middle man.

“Not eating?” Questioning around a mouthful of flesh I cocked an eyebrow at the empty space in front of Scarlet. “Nah, gotta wotch ma figa, deres some hawt doods in dat nu pack.” She was either talking about the Sequoia or Eco. Both were actually fairly similar in the respect that they were at least in some part nomadic. Probably a big part of the reason why they had arrived with far more wolves than any other. “Lik dat Apollo, he be yum.” My jaw seized. No. Don’t say a fucking word Luxx. Just don’t do it. “Sure, whatever you say Scarlet. They might not all be pretty after a few nights with me.” Slicing without mercy into my bleeding meal I waved a chunk of meat in her face. “I’m not going to be teaching tiddlywinks, you’re all going to be leaving with injuries.” Medics from four packs had been notified that their services would be needed between the hours of 1am and 3am every evening. Since I would have to keep changing the location of my battle classes I couldn’t use just yet the arena I had originally set up for Onyx’s own training.

“Dat’s sumtin I wanna arsk u bout.” I murmured while continuing to shove meat in my mouth, the plate getting emptier by the passing second. “Yah sed dat da trainin’ is wot u did fa ya old pak.” Murmuring again in agreement I couldn’t even stop for a second. Ordering my steak rare wasn’t unheard of, I was a wolf, but normally I preferred it somewhat cooked. Always reserved my raw intake of flesh to be in wolf form where it didn’t seem weird. Today though, today was a different story. Maybe it was the blood. Was so fucking addicted to the stuff that I was devouring it in all forms with little restraint. “Wot pak do yah cum frum Luxx?” Now that was a question that stopped me barrelling food into my jaws. Pausing for a moment, I slowly chewed the mouthful I had going. Be Open. This prophecy always had me thinking about how to answer questions like this touchy shit. I’d bounced back and forth like a bloody yo-yo, deciding it referred to everyone, then making excuses that it was only meant to be Onyx. Was now pretty fucking damn clear that it was a general statement.

“The Dominion.” I tried to make it seem like no big deal, shaving what was one of the last pieces of my steak into smaller more ladylike slices. Didn’t look up into her face, I could tell from the recoil in her body language that her expression was not one I really wanted to see. Toying with the meat on my plate I finally couldn’t stop myself from lifting a fork back to my lips. “Arh…arh ya seris?” Nodding curtly I finally lifted my eyes to her face. Scarlet had this confused, worried and surprised expression, one that didn’t at all look right with her devilishly vibrant rocket red hair. “Technically I’ve been a Lone longer than I was in the pack.” This time it was she who nodded. I expected she was now making excuses for me in her head. That I wasn’t a hate monger. That I didn’t eat other wolves. That I wasn’t as ruthless and brutal. Normally I would have countered those unspoken arguments to lay the seeds of doubt. Make her think it was entirely possible that I was all those things and more. This time I didn’t. I just stayed silent. Let her re-paint me in her head from something of an Angel of Mercy, to one who was Fallen, but not quite the Demon I was.

“I wanna arsk u too, da trainin’ be finishin’ at free.” Scarlet said the number three just like a two-year-old. Had to stifle the mocking grin that threatened to hit my face like automatic, with a fork stuffed with the last of my meal. “Do yah wanna…I mean…Ollara frum da Pacific, her an’ me, we wanna take out sum of da gurls frum Eco. Mebbe Apollo will b out.” I choked on my last mouthful. Actually choked. “Ar yah okay, shiit Luxx. Yah dun hav’ ta cum.” Coughing and spluttering everywhere a dribble of crimson-tinged saliva actually dripped back down onto my plate. Holy fuck. The idea of going out drinking with the girls wasn’t a terrible idea in itself. Sure we would only get a couple of hours in before everywhere closed but I was so not going to go on a Warlord hunt. Fuck no. Hell to the no. “Sure.” Gasping out my acceptance I prayed to the Ancestors that Apollo was on one of his whack job fasting periods.

“Seeing as you’re a party girl I have a job for you.” Scarlet brightened immediately. Both her and her brother Boom were always so overjoyed when they were given jobs to do. I suspected it was because of the bizarre pack they came from. Their whole damn family had sounded like outcasts. All of them a little crazy. Not in the way my own pack had been, not the way Kidd’s pack had been either but in a played with explosives and drank moonshine that rotted what little brain cells they had kind of way. They loved the idea of being needed by other wolves, so much so they took any shitty job assigned to them. Doormats that smelt like gunpowder and singed hair. Crossing my knife and fork over my plate as if I was giving it a utensil gravestone, I shoved it off to the side and rummaged in Onyx’s leather jacket, which I was wearing, pulling out a stack of crumpled papers. “Here” Tossing the pile in front of her I turned my attentions to the luke warm coffee.

I watched her read over my scrawled notes. Since I hadn’t been sleeping and not filling that void with constant drinking and dancing, I’d had time to come up with plans a plenty. “Dis…dis is reely lurvely Luxx…” I knew what she was thinking already. Scarlet had her head stuck so far up the arse of her own romantic novel that it was difficult to make her wake up and smell the reality of the world. That there was no star-crossed lovers shit in concerns to Onyx and myself. “It’s not like that Scarlet.” Growling I downed the coffee in one go. “Woteva u sae Luxx, yah put alota time inta dis.” I had but it wasn’t to try and…win his heart or whatever fucking bullshit she was thinking. “Fuck off. Just say you’ll help me organize this party…thing, and keep it a secret. Mouth shut Scarlet.” That was going to be a leap for her. The only other wolf I knew that liked gossip more than she did, was Ozra. At least I didn’t have to worry about her blabbing my plans to Onyx. He’d actually had to be here in order for that to happen. In fact, the party itself wasn’t ever going to happen if he never came back…

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