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 [Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings - Page 2

[Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings

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[Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings  - Page 2 XNKWTQn
Shane Mathis

Re: [Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:17 pm

The NPC dialogue at the end is not heard by anyone else.

I think even before my trial of confidence, even when I was a doormat,I would have been inclined to make fun of this person, at least in my head. Not for the gender issues but the very obvious need for attention. I felt a little sorry for Beth, knowing full and well this prick wasn't taking this meeting seriously. I could very easily do the rest of the world a favor if I found any takers. That was a transaction I could feel morally sound about, giving that body to someone who would actually take care of it.

But as I sat, I kept in mind that I did want my clientele happy, as much as I could, and my "innocent curious and nervous gaze around the room" gave me a peek at the options. A few of them looked obviously homeless, scabs here and there, tracks on the arms. One lady looked in her forties, short, straight brown hair and glasses. Early grandma type, complete with kitten sweatshirt. If I hadn't seen her here, I wouldn't have guessed that she was an alcoholic or whatever her vice was. The thing about most of these people, I could see the potential. It wouldn't take long after my clients had cleaned them up for them to stop looking like fucking ghouls and look like actual normal people. Of course, that always took explaining. If you're hoping for some kind of vast enlightenment in death, I'm sorry to tell you, it's not going to happen.

What was the saying? Fight fire with fire? I wondered if we used up all this guy's energy, if we fed him with the attention he craved, if he would calm down. Would it make life easier for the rest of us?

We're all adults here, James, I said, smiling, first looking at him then Beth, who was at least appearing to be way more patient than myself, but at least I was a good actor. I'm sure the rest of us can agree we've been in low places, not much we haven't heard, right? A few mumbles of agreement, but young grandma sat unamused. I was already getting a holier than thou vibe from her, even in a place like this. That was rich, and I sure hoped one of my clients would be interested in her. I'd put her spirit in a fucking fish and let her live her days swimming upstream just to get eaten by a bear.

She's pretty, but we'd have to do something about that face tattoo. The voice almost caused me to jump, and it was a voice I hadn't heard since...
Lauren, I said under my breath.

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[Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings  - Page 2 Bethy
Bethany Alessandra Koiv
To say that James was an amusement was an understatement. I was beginning to feel more relaxed with the ambience of the room, sure the place looked like pure and utter shit but the souls in this place were truly special. I felt it. 
“Shit, me too!” A tall dark girl with dreads agreed with James while she protruded her lips out a bit in a ‘mhmm’ kind of way. I smiled happily when James took a seat near me although he did it in a very “extra” manner. I was extremely thrilled with everyone’s participation, after all this was my first time sponsoring a meeting.
I nodded in agreeance with what Shane said, my heart started racing when he made eye contact with me and I rapidly shifted my eyes to James. I hated that I got so nervous around anyone I perceived as…what was it? Cool? I don’t know, but I was very much a nervous wreck around men I found myself attracted to. I wasn’t like my younger sister Saige in the sense that she is terrified of being intimate with men in general, but I was pretty shy around them.
“Well, I’ll tell you what James, when I went to my first meeting I didn’t leave out any juicy details and yeah…I was scared at first,” I paused placing some strands of hair behind a lobe. “But I found that we’re all more alike than we actually think…”
Maybe half these people didn’t care or didn’t really want to get better. Maybe they were only here because they got a court order obligating them to or maybe their families were pushing them to go. All I knew was that I did care and that I wanted to be a light for those who were once like me, sitting at the edge of rock bottom with a needle in my arm.
Pretty much everyone wore a face of approval in James sharing his story, all but the lady with the kitten sweater. She seemed a little homophobic and unwelcoming about James. I looked to Shane and saw movement coming from his lips but it was nothing I could hear. "Come on, James! Remember it's all confidential and there's no judging in here." Well maybe from that one older lady, but who's counting!

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[Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings  - Page 2 Banner2b
James “Kool-Aid” Suzuki
Miss Dreadlocks turned her mouth into an anus—the sisterhood anus I like to call it. I pursed my lips together too and snapped my fingers at that shit me too. Y’all know this place couldn’t get more busted if ISIS bombed the shit out it. My heavy-lidded eyes rolled over to Miss Shane seated in his little corner—actually girl a circle of chairs doesn’t really have a damn corner, does it? Or does it have infinite corners? Is every chair its own corner? Whatever—more like, over on his own island miles away from mine, over there trying to goad me into this trap. Na uh. I wasn’t trying to get kicked out this damn meeting. My eyes swung over to Miss Bethany trying to rope me into this. Hell everyone had their eyes on me like I was Big Bird on Sesame Street. I shouldn’t have said shit. Well if the girls want a show guess I have no choice but to throw on my chef hat and serve.

“One thing I’d like to mention.” I clasped a hand around my crossed kneecaps and my other hand flopped down before my chest like my wrist was held up by a string, “My last AA meeting got our asses thrown off the bus—yas honey, we were meeting on a Goddamn bus, that’s how trifling they asses were. They couldn’t find a place to rent and decided to have us pay our way into public transportation. I have to hand it to Miss Bethany, even if we did meet on the doorstep to hell at least we didn’t have to pay a two-dollar ticket to get in here.” I shifted my reclining figure towards our host as my hands clapped together like I was at a tennis match, a few members joined in the applause, much to my surprise.

My lips puckered into the sisterhood anus as my narrowed eyes swept over the entire circle of faces in one swoop, “My life fell off Mount Everest about three months ago. I had me a cute little orange jumpsuit, a little ankle bracelet that beeped every time I walked through a metal detector, some bruise-colored makeup courtesy of the animals down at the Washington State Penitentiary. Yas honey, I was in jail. They sent my jail-bait looking ass to a maximum-security prison for ho’ing.” I stared down at my ebony nails sitting on the denim of my jeans and cocked a brow onto my forehead as I shook my head, “Girl they had me in there pretending to be some convicted sex offender’s wife. He made me walk around the cell in my ‘Victoria secret underwear’ which was a freakin cut up pillow case and a pair of bathroom slippers his mom sent him. They threw his ass into solitary confinement after he broke a prosthetic arm off in my ass. Fucking redneck piece of shit.”

“But giiiirrrll let me tell you,” My hands rose beside my face like your girl was ready to get down on her knees after a powerful sermon, “The Lord finally answered my prayers. One day my cell door opened and in walked this beautiful chocolate man with a dick so big it penetrated my soul. Girl I ate him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I was on my knees so much it left permanent scuff marks in the linoleum. Being deepthroated by Cock Jesus was unbelievable – until I found out how he ended up in prison.” My face scrunched up with disgust and a dismissive hand waved before my face, “That motherfucker told me he was on some hardcore criminal shit but the goddamn prison guard told me he was in here for stealing diapers. They said he stole two hundred diapers from the local Walmart, and some damn Legos. I was like hell no, what he doing with those damn diapers? Legos too? Do he have kids? Screaming babies at home? I know from personal experience not to fuck around with no married men.” I shook my head and sucked my lips at that whole married man fuckery, “I swear he went from hot to Jerry Springer in about 5 seconds.”

I clapped my hands in rhythm, “Now Let. Me. Tell. You. About. The. Food. Chil’ the food smelled like the rat that started the Bubonic Plague. Sure did.” I furrowed my brows and my mouth twisted in that diva pout that made me look like I needed to take a shit, “Looked like a gang of chimps used a poop stick to stir trash from the streets and some roadkill into a clump of frozen shit. Girl I almost died of starvation just looking at it, no joke, I couldn’t keep that mess down. I was living off of semen for two months. They had to feed your girl through an IV drip. I asked those motherfuckers why the food so damn bad and apparently they use it as a punishment. Well punishment my ass, someone was trying to straight up kill me.”

I dragged a hand along a fringe draped across my face, brows crinkled, “I said ain’t no way in Hell I’m ending up back in here. I need to get my shit together or somebody else will be shitting on me. Perhaps literally next time.” I tucked my hair behind my ears and blew a deep breath through my nose. Girl I didn’t even feel relieved afterward, just stirred up so many bad emotions inside me. It wasn’t even the whole damn story I only fed them the prologue. And shit, now I have to listen to 10 or 12 other depressing stories to put me in an even worse mood. I folded my arms over my chest and furrowed my brows at this 40-year-old bitch staring me down. The hell was her problem. Well I decided that was enough stories from me. I wasn’t in the mood for a catfight with this chick. Who the fuck was she?

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[Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings  - Page 2 XNKWTQn
Shane Mathis

Re: [Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings

Shane Mathis | Warlock; Necromancer

Posted on Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:34 am

Sorry this is so long. Lots of unseen drama too lol.

You've really manned up, Shane. I like this new you.
My heart was racing, and I did what I could to keep her ghost away from my view. I didn't want it to be like this, to be here. I wasn't ready for her. I shook my head. Maybe I could "take a piss" and not come back.
Don't leave on my account, Captain. She stepped in front of me, knowing fully I had to look at her now, the goddess in the room that no one else could see. Captain. It was a word that from her lips sent shivers up my spine in a bittersweet way. It was always intoxicating and of course, in typically bedroom situations when she used that name. One of those things that would sound downright laughable to anyone else, but it was our own little world and we didn't give a fuck about anyone else. But it also brought back memories and the realization that she was, at least for now, gone. My eyes darted to hers, then quickly away before I could become fully enamored. Just wait for me, I thought wishing she could hear. Instead, I tried to pick up on the story that was being told, the story that had everyone looking in the direction of Miss Wild Thang, who was here for a fix of not alcohol, or heroin, or crack, but attention. Of course, Lauren was the only creature in this world that could have stolen my attention from a story like he was apparently telling. I had to react, or else people would know something was up.

I guess it's a good thing I managed to avoid prison then, right? I grinned. We were being honest here, right? I'm not kidding, Shane, I like her. Cozy up to her. She looked to the bright haired girl leading the group, and then just as quickly as she'd arrived, she was gone. I exhaled. I did the best to sound like I'd heard the story, even though all I'd really heard were words like dick, cock, jesus, deep-throat. It didn't take much more than that to paint the picture. Sounds like you made the most of it.

Of course, before I even realized it, I was obeying Lauren's wishes, and my gaze shifted from drama mama to Bethany. I pulled the corner of my lips up in a warm smile, almost hoping to drop the hint that I was playing warm, fuzzy and welcoming for her sake. Looking at her, I saw something in her but I was truly surprised that she would be Lauren's choice. Maybe looking at the bones rather than the... permanent decoration. Maybe she knew that I found her attractive, which made me feel... strange. Would she, and should she feel jealous? Sofia had been different. Sofia had been very close, not one hundred percent, but close. To me, bringing Lauren back into a body that looked like her own, well, wouldn't that just make sense? I had a feeling I'd get to ask her very soon. But for now, I could at least begin work on our project. One that had been put on hold when Sofia disappeared.

I almost went to prison. It's, kind of a long story, but I'll just say I was involved with a bad group of people. People who stole from sunken grave sites. I helped navigate the waters. Best way I could word it without sounding like a fucking nut case. Which brings me to why I'm here. I'm sure I'm saying too much, but I testified against them, and... have been running away ever since. They used to find me. For whatever reason they haven't in a long time. I've stopped running. Because I killed them all, I reminded myself, and instead of feeling guilt I smiled internally at the relief I felt. I paused, with my story, you know, dramatic plausibility or something I don't know. I think the running was what got me down, the lack of connections with people. I found it in chemicals.

Unlike that nephew of mine. He's just a fuck-up without an excuse. Mother. Fuck. This had happened before, I could be quite popular, and my clientele list was growing with word of mouth. I sighed, hoping I wouldn't miss any responses to my story (I had work to do) and waited for him to tell me just why he was here. I've heard what you do, Mr. Mathis. I don't like it, but I think in this case, it's all I know to do.

My eyes darted to him in acknowledgment. A man, about my size pertaining to his build. Middle aged, and in some kind of uniform. Ah, a driver. Fun. Would you want that in your family? Of course you wouldn't. Maybe you could help me... change him. Well, this was new. Most of my clients just didn't want to be dead anymore. Sick of "being stuck in the middle" or feeling the need to do good to justify their misdeeds, or even the fact that they'd spent their life trying too hard to be good to have any fun. They wanted another attempt at life. This man was actually targeting the donor body.

So, if I understand correctly, James gets a new soul? I mean, not just anyone. It could be me, could be anyone who is already dead. And James? What happens to him? I shot him a look of annoyance. He knew I couldn't answer, so why the fuck was he asking questions? After. I grumbled, as lowly as possible. Oh, right, right. The man bowed then exited "stage right". God, I needed a fucking secretary.

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[Open] What in Tarnation Goes Down at AA meetings  - Page 2 Bethy
Bethany Alessandra Koiv
I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t enjoying the hell out of this right now. The room was filled was gasps and laughter from James’s story. “Well, talk about an ice breaker!” I giggled, smiling warmly at him. Honestly, this might have been incredibly boring without him and he was making me less nervous about everything, for that I was grateful.
“I think everyone can agree that meeting on a freaking bus is a lot worse than this place. Am I right guys?” I glanced around the room to find some of them nodding, others completely in their own worlds. “Hmmm, I don’t know It does have a nice ambience to it.” I added, realizing just how dark my tainted soul must be. Nobody ever stuck around long enough anyways. I’ve always been so self-deprecating, and I admired the bravery and confidence that James bestowed.
I couldn’t help but notice from the corner of my eye that Shane smiled at me. No seriously, what the fuck. Was that a “I’m hating this can I go home smile?” or was it a “I think you’re cute smile?” Holy shit, I don’t even have time to care about men right now. My last relationship was so messed up. Eli and I were never exactly official; I mean he couldn’t possibly love a meth addict unconditionally? I had let myself go…so I don’t blame him for letting me go. That was a long time ago anyways…
Sadness engulfed me, even while listening to James speak about jail food, which was always a curiosity of mine. Thinking about Eli brought back so many hurtful memories to mind and you could see it in my face. I was never good at hiding my emotions, I just wish it wasn’t happening right here right now.
“Thank you, James. That was one hell of a story. Not going to lie, I wouldn’t have pegged you as a chocolate fan.” I winked at him playfully, trying to play off my distress a bit but probably failing miserably. I turned my attention to Shane who was now sharing something of his own. “I’m glad that you’re here, Shane. I’m happy you aren’t running anymore.” I spoke softly, smiling sweetly towards him. I wasn’t too sure what his story was about, it was obvious he was a really private person. Maybe it was better off we didn’t know. In my experience curiosity did always kill the cat. Luckily I’ve had nine lives.
The older lady was now fidgeting in her seat, probably some Trump loving homophobic lady. I flashed her a smile as well, but did not get one in return. “What was that?” I asked Shane, I thought I heard a mumble coming from his end.
“Anyways guys, we are going to take a break. We have some snacks in the hall and I strongly encourage you all to get to know each other and exchange numbers. We are all battling the same demons. Let’s help one another.”

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