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 [Private] Lead Me From Temptation - Page 2

[Private] Lead Me From Temptation

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[Private] Lead Me From Temptation - Page 2 BsEGMjD
Helios Tallon

Re: [Private] Lead Me From Temptation

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:26 am

I was trying to the best of my ability to understand. I could make my own comparisons, of course. The words out of her mouth provoked infinite comparisons to my own life. When you were without details, comparisons were the only way to provide any advice at all. But there was a saying, about being between a rock and a hard place, and that was not advice. There was no advice I could give, no wisdom, no encouraging portions for her to consume. Because when you entered the realm of God, it was best to leave the life decisions up to him. I cannot say. In your particular situation, what I can say is, no matter the choice you make, it will be the wrong one, and the right one. It will stick with you forever. So maybe it is not your choice to make. Maybe it is those in question that need to decide. If you put too much of yourself into matters of God, or God's, or in your case, Ancestors, you run the risk of taking on the blame, guilt, and consequences of actions that are not yours to take. In situations such as this, situations of life and death, you and the Ancestors you follow are responsible for one life, your own. So maybe the opinion of the ones you love, the ones involved, the ones with their lives on the line is more important than the decision itself.

I breathed, in, and out. Were those the words of Helios the priest, or Helios the hunter? Even I could sense the unnatural feeling that followed after hearing so much of my own voice. Even I could see that I was talking about her, but also talking about Lenny. The experience was so fresh in my mind, it was hard not to think of the blatant similarities. And in the end, Lenny's life was on my hands. Not the vampire, not God, but mine. My hands were stained red because I meddled where I did not belong. I would not wish that feeling on anyone.

Maybe he requires a different approach. Some lock their pain away, and others seeing that pain is not the problem, but rather facing that pain themselves being the hardest part. May that be fear of the pain itself, fear of weakness, or fear of the force of an unstoppable and unforgiving truth. - Transparency without Trust is a tall order, however. It is often hard to achieve one without the other. I added, pausing long enough for her to confirm clearly that she was what I suspected her to be. The information she shared of course being information I was certain I'd obtained long ago, but forgotten. As much as I believed her and her kind were the enemy, my vendetta was against her enemy, vampire.

That is incredibly important. I said, finally realizing where this mission of hers was meant to end. I could understand the weight of the situation. Many spent their entire lives hoping for a peaceful afterlife, striving for one, working towards one... I myself had accepted that no matter where I ended up, I would be fine as long as my life's mission was met, but I could definitely understand the importance of her goal as well. And what do your Ancestors ask of you before you can be accepted into their kingdom? I asked, mostly out of curiosity  for her beliefs. I found the entire concept... Familiar. And of course, knowing more would provide me with a better opportunity to say something that would provide her with hope.

It is a very complicated situation you face. And with trust and transparency unachievable, it only complicates your good intentions and goals further. However many believe the soul and spirit to be one, and providing moments of good spirit to those surrounded by darkness can work as a guide, slowly but surely leading them into the light. Without trust, her hopes to keep her fellow wolfs head above water were significantly more difficult to accomplish. Well... Let me ask you this. If your car was broke down, and two individuals offered to repair it for you for the same price. One with thirty years of experience, and one with no arms and no experience. Which would you choose? In the end, protecting the body, mind, and soul of another is a difficult endeavor if your own body, mind, and soul are not cared for. To make someone whole again, you too need to be whole. A simple concept, one that is lost on people the older they become. If your hands are bound and you cannot feed yourself, you also cannot feed others. The idea translates and molds to discussions of mental and spiritual health as well.

The conversation came to a halt when she spoke again, and I felt myself uncomfortably shifting in my seat, all the while attempting to focus on the point not the details. Does this mean you are ready to accept my help?

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[Private] Lead Me From Temptation - Page 2 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

Re: [Private] Lead Me From Temptation

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:27 am

“I’m built for taking blame, suffering the consequences of things I didn’t do as well as things I did. Call me a walking punching bag, but I can take it.” Someone should bottle this mans voice. Was this why I’d had to wait in a fucking line to get to see him? I’d never listened as intently in my whole life. Well, aside from the Ancestors themselves of course. “I’m afraid, if it was possible to ask for their decision, they would choose death.” Onyx’s internal pit of despair. Sona’s….Sona’s collar. “Two people want me to stay close to Vincent, the ancestors and someone else. The someone else does not have good intentions for him. I know it in my bones. If I go against them, then I sacrifice….the most important person…the only person who I know loves me and I love back.” Tears rolled down my cheeks and I was thankful for the fact no-one could see. “I destroy myself either way.” Huskily sighing the realization I almost felt lighter. Either way I was fucked. Betray Onyx and the Ancestors would never accept me. Disobey X and a part of me dies. It almost made it easier knowing whatever I did I would regret it for the rest of my life.

“A different approach” Fuck. Now I was going to have to consider alternatives, none of which were probably going to work either. “Fuck. It’s like they gave me an impossible task. I’ve spent all my time making sure every wolf knows I’m a nasty, untrustworthy, piece of shit and now while that premise is actively accepted, now I have to…..” Locked pain away. I did that too. Obviously not as effectively as Onyx. Or maybe that was only because he really was in denial. Didn’t think about his shit at all. So it had begun to rot his insides. “How do I show him that I trust him?” This was all always coming back to Sona. I knew it was. It was like being asked to give up your heart in every way possible. Completely lay myself at Onyx’s mercy and for what? To hope that he might give a fucking shit and help me save her? Even knowing that I…. “That I..fucking…I don’t know…believe in him? Would it even matter?” He didn’t understand how dedicated I was to standing in his corner. This was also all very cruel when I looked at it from another angle. Trying to make him see how important he was in my eyes and then betraying him later. “It’s the only light I think I have to offer.”

“He’s seen the future too, he knows how this is going to fucking end.” Finally rubbing the drying tears from my cheeks as they had stopped flowing from my eyes I sighed and slumped down in the seat. “The only way to answer that question is to tell you my prophecy, then that would make you the only other person aside from them and me who know it.” Plus Sona herself. I would have to think about that. “He can’t even know that I have good intentions, argh, this is fucking impossible.” Putting my head in my hands I tried to really consider the idea of Body, Mind and Soul in concerns to myself.

“Talking to Vincent about what I know, what the Ancestors showed me, the scars on his body I know are real. That might ease my mind because I can't even tell whats real anymore. Choosing to save my eternal soul tears it apart, but death approaches, so I won’t be in agony long. Getting off the blood…would be for my body.” I wasn’t ready to give Sona up just yet. It’s not like X had asked me to do something horrible. Well he had, but the alternative wasn’t terrible. I just had to get close to Onyx. I could be a coward a little longer before I had to face the music. “I might be more inclined to formally request your help if I could see your face.” It might actually make me more comfortable about telling him my prophecy too. So I knew exactly what he looked like. So if he told a single other person. I could spray his church with his fucking blood.

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