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 [Closed] A present for my maker.

[Closed] A present for my maker.

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[Closed] A present for my maker. Noelle12
Noelle Faye Benson

[Closed] A present for my maker.

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sat Sep 17, 2016 12:10 am

''I need those pages child, and I need them now! I've grown bored of this game. Do what it takes to get me what I need, and do it now. It is not my impatience you need to fear anymore, it is Lilith's. Now go, the next time I see you, you better hold what I seek in your finely manicured hands, or I swear, you will feel the wrath of Lilith to the fullest.''

Ursula had shown me time and time again why her followers were paid off for their loyalty. She didn't have what it took to lead, not like my maker. I often wondered why Gayle didn't jump at the opportunity to strip that little girl of her titles. Surely Gayle would be a more worthy weapon in The Supremacy's arsenal, one that they wouldn't refuse. But of course my maker had her own agenda, and I could respect that, even if I couldn't understand it.

I fancied myself a neutral party. I liked to dip my toe in many waters, keeping myself in the good graces of many opposing forces. None of which was for myself, but for my entire family as a whole. Some might call me a fearful vampire for never truly picking a side I ''believed in'', but I considered myself quite wise at this game we all played a part in. If everyone kept an ear with the supremacy, a leash on a wolf, and a hand in the hand of a coven, then everyone would have a position on the winning team. But unfortunately, not many shared my views, so I kept my position quiet, slipping from organization, to den, to coven, and back again. Never expressing my loyalty, but never expressing opposition either.

And it was all of this that lead to my current state of indignation. I had never once offered myself to Ursula as an errand girl. I had never once even told Ursula whether I believed in her Goddess or not. In fact, I had not told Ursula much, other than what I wanted her to hear, and what she needed to hear. So my sudden change of plans couldn't be perceived as a betrayal at all, because I hadn't exactly expressed my loyalty in the first place. I will get you what you need, but... ''But, is not a word I care to hear, and not a word I acknowledge. So with that, I thank you for getting me what I need.'' The wolf may be immortal, BUT I am not. It seems vampirism is a rather weak state when compared with a true immortal. I can't very well get you what you need if my head has been detached from my rather fit body, now can I? ''No, I suppose you can't. So what are you proposing Ms. Benson?'' Christopher. I spoke lightly. ''Over my dead body.'' That can be arranged. ''You ungrateful little wench. I will send you two men, not one will be Christopher, but both will be enough to aid you in this ridiculously simple task.'' I am not ungrateful, my dear Ursula. I just value my unlife more than I value Lilith's. And I do want to help you, but I'm afraid Christopher possesses strengths that would be particularly useful for this ridiculously simple task. Is he not the one that helped you round up the wolves to begin with? Or am I mistaken? ''He is. But if I send you Christopher, I want you to keep one thing in mind child. I value his life over yours. So he will be protected, or I will personally throw you into the kennel and cut the leash off the dogs.'' Fabulous, I must be going now, I look forward to speaking with you again!

I giggled and ended the call prematurely. I had gotten what I wanted after all, an inside man, a souvenir for my maker to repay her for the souvenir's she had given me. And to think, all of this could have been avoided if Ursula hadn't treated me like pond scum. Pity, it truly was. Now I wasn't one to cut ties or burn bridges, I had a backup plan to save whatever position I held her organization, even if I was about to make an enemy of an ancient. I suppose it was safe to say that would be the least of her worries in the end. For now she was determined to resurrect her Goddess, and soon she would be out for blood, but it most definitely wouldn't be mine.

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