Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

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 [Closed] Shady As Fuck

[Closed] Shady As Fuck

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[Closed] Shady As Fuck 2mq7w2c
Lilith Alysbury

[Closed] Shady As Fuck

Lilith Alysbury | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:48 am

Thread Details
Skatepark | Cloudy | 11am

Make Dinner Reservations
Buy New Clothes
Buy New Cell phone
Buy Map
Check in with X
Give Address to Dealer
Clean Onyx’s Shithole

As soon as the strip had opened its doors I had dove inside desperate for a distraction from my own fucked up head. I had of course gone to the trouble of covering my mutant arm with a black bandage wrap, as so not to scare the locals. It was bad enough I was trying to grab the attention of snooty upmarket dress store saleswomen clad in sweats and a t-shirt. I looked like a fucking homeless person. Getting anyone to take me seriously was a fucking uphill battle but eventually I had left with a new cell-phone, wearing a cute new outfit and carrying countless others in thick shiny plastic bags. Nothing like a little retail therapy to remind you that life was worth living.

Since all I was really craving was a big fat burger I decided not to make a big deal of eating dinner with Onyx and just left a note saying that food would be eaten at 7pm at the 59er Diner. Bit of a nostalgia trip. I’d even bought a map so I could mark off what regions I had searched for wolves, just like I said I was going to do. Fuck, all of this, following the leader shit was making a girl hungry. I had some pretty serious errands to run before I began trolling the food joints of Index though.

By the time I’d gotten to the skate park for yet another nostalgia trip I’d gotten two wolf whistles from passing motorists. I felt fucking fantastic. Was a shame what I was here for was going to ruin that mood immediately. Perching myself on the low end of a ramp I pulled out my new phone which the salesman had eagerly put together for me. My contacts were all intact, and I reluctantly began to message the first one.

I’m here. What exactly do you want me to do?

I almost shit myself when the reply came through only moments later. Staring at the screen for an extended period of time trying to comprehend the words I sighed and typed up a response.

Fine. Now it’s time to give me what you promised.

Another generic ding belted out of the little machine and tears welled up in my eyes. How the fuck was I going to keep it together? Sadness, Anger, Joy. Every emotion filtered through me like a sharp cold breeze. Was I really going to do whatever I was told just to get what I wanted? Flicking to a new fresh message screen I sent another text to a different recipient.

Running out. Sending address for shipment.

I tacked on Onyx’s house details feeling sick to my stomach as I did. Even though I knew it wasn’t going to arrive wrapped up in a parcel he could access, it still made me terribly nervous. This reply took longer to announce its arrival which made me fidget with the phone until it had. My eyebrows raised as I was given a post box number for the retrieval of an immediate package. Fuck me. Had to give props to these Fangers, they knew how to keep a customer hooked. Packing everything away I decided I might as well pick up my blood before getting a bite to eat. Didn’t want to get caught out without a hit when the next timer went off.

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