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 [Closed] Spit in the Cup

[Closed] Spit in the Cup

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[Closed] Spit in the Cup Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

[Closed] Spit in the Cup

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:55 am

Thread Details
Some old apartment building. | Rainy | Midday

Part 1 of 2 or 3.

My feet lead me through territory I'd traversed more than my own backyard. The ground was moist, and I could hear the mud squishing through the tread of my boots with each step. The air was getting colder as the seasons had begun changing. I could see my breath, and feel the wind rushing sharply against my ears as I neared my destination.

I stared at the brick building in front of me, my eyes examining the silhouette of an address on the outside where metal numbers once hung. The only number still held in place by a rusty nail, the number six, which had broke loose of one of its nails and now hung upside down as a number nine. There was some kind of torn plastic covering over the wooden sign directly above the entrance. I could see the layers of “for lease” advertisements hiding behind a tear in the plastic, and couldn’t seem to shake a scent of aged spray paint coming from somewhere nearby.

I pulled out my phone, glancing at the address one last time to make sure I was at the right place, and shoved it back into my pocket as I reached for the door knob. As the door opened, a little bell rang, followed by a long winded creak as the door’s weight stressed its hinges.

I stepped inside, feeling overwhelmed by the scent of… Everything. Old wood, dust, sweat, linen, a faint scent of old urine, both from human and dog. There was a dirty rug beneath my feet, and beneath that, groaning wood. I could feel it flexing beneath my weight.

A woman sat behind the counter, her skin worn and wrinkled, hair untamed, and cigarette loosely between the boney joints of her arthritis fingers. The straps of her peach tank top dented in her shoulders and braless breasts sat a good foot from where I could only assume they were when she was twenty.

I made eye contact with her, but she didn’t say anything. She just went on sucking on her cigarette until I closed the door. ”You lookin’ fer a room or a ren’al?” Her voice was haggard and deep. It physically hurt my chest and lungs to hear her speak. A person, or people, actually. Camille and Jonah… I uh, I don’t know their last name. ”Upstairs, room se’enteen.” I nodded and turned around. Looking at the narrow staircase that lead to the second floor, paranoid the old wood would snap beneath my weight and I’d find out the kind of shit this woman kept in her basement. Probably boxes of hideous quilts and Charley Pride cassette tapes.

I managed to make it to the second floor safely, and at the very end of the hall on the left was room seventeen. I knocked twice, hearing whispers and rustling around. Everything went quiet for a few seconds, and finally, the door opened, Camille’s face greeting me on the other side.

”Vincent, I’m so happy you found the place alright. Come inside.” She stepped aside and I entered, seeing Jonah in the corner talking with a red haired woman, probably mid fifties. He nodded in my direction, and I realized they weren’t actually talking, she was. Her eyes were milky white and she held his hand in hers. Color returned to her iris’ the second the door closed and she released his hand abruptly before turning her attention to me.

The room was small, and made smaller when the woman stood from her chair and got right in my face. I took a step back, and she took a step forward, reaching up to pluck a hair from my head. What the fuck?! I growled with glowing white eyes as Camille placed her hand on my chest to separate my fanged mouth from the witch. ''It's okay, she's just going to perform a little spell, it's the only way she can guarantee that you are indeed you.'' Her words didn't calm me at all. A little spell? Who the fuck is this witch? How am I supposed to know I can trust her, or you for that fucking matter? I don't want her casting any fucking spells until I get an explanation.

''Let him through Camille.'' The witches voice dominated the room as I watched her sit back down in her seat, and Jonah get up from his. He reached for my arm as Camille reached for my shoulder, directing me to my chair. I shook free, Stop fucking manhandling me I know how to sit down for fucks sake. ''Angry one, isn't he?'' The witch's eyes were on me, and I curled my nose up in disgust. And you're a condescending bitch. talking about me as if I wasn't fucking here. That shit pissed me off. ''Vincent!'' Camille pleaded, until the witch brought up her hand, palm facing the two rejects and fingers tightly together. Both of them immediately went quiet as she nudged a cup in front of me.

''Spit in the cup.'' the witch commanded, and I hesitated. Why? Her eyes shot open and her gaze pierced right into my fucking soul. ''Spit. In. The. Cup.'' Her tone was more demanding this time, and I hesitantly obeyed. After the deed was done, she pulled the cup back towards her, dropped the hair inside, and drank the whole fucking thing. Oh fucking hell you've got to be fucking kidding me?! The look of disgust on my face said it all as I tried to scoot my chair away from her, the wall behind me preventing me from going too far. ''Give her your hand.'' Jonahs voice rang in, and I did, still unable to wash the memory of her drinking my fucking spit from my head.

She gripped my hand with both of hers, and the icy cold feeling of her fingers was nearly enough to distract me from the disgusting shit I'd just witnessed. But if that wasn't enough to help me forget, the searing pain in my head that followed was.

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[Closed] Spit in the Cup Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Closed] Spit in the Cup

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:34 pm

Part 2 of 3

My eyes were on fire, the once dim white glow was now as bright as the sun, and it felt just as hot. I thought they were liquefying and melting out of my skull they were burning so badly. The muscles in my neck were tense, jaw unable to close, and hands shaking as I tried to pull away from the witches grasp. I could only assume this was what it felt like to be electrocuted, wanting desperately to let go and be rid of the pain but unable to control your muscles as the electricity coursed through your body. There was no concept of time, only pain that seemed to have no end.

I shot back, my hands releasing from hers as my body flung against the wall behind me, a result of every muscle in my body trying to pull away I could only assume. Once she had let go, all of that force transferred, and I growled with all of the pent up fury I was unable to release the moment she had grabbed my hand. FUCK! I yelled, kicking the chair to it's side as I stood up. ''Fuck indeed.'' the witch replied calmly, eyes darting from side to side as if she was speed reading text on the wall behind me. Is she... I started, waving my hand in front of her face to try and get a reaction. ''Yes, she's seeing.'' Camille answered quickly. Seeing what exactly? I asked, turning my head to look at the two idiots standing side by side like good little soldiers awaiting a command from their master witch. My tone implied I knew the answer, but for their sake, was hoping for a different one.

''Everything'' Jonah's voice was followed by silence as my eyes widened and I straightened out my posture. Everything! It was a harsh whisper, cutting through the silence as I took a step towards them. ''Yes, but your secrets will remain kept.'' The witch chimed in this time, standing up herself as color and focus returned to her eyes. I didn't acknowledge her, I was too busy giving Camille and Jonah a look of contempt. Every secret I've guarded with my life, every secret I've done horrible things to protect is now in the head of a witch because of you two. If you're trying to inspire trust, I can promise you that both of you are fucking idiots if you think this was the way to do it.

''You can trust us.'' Camille chimed in with those pleading eyes that were growing old real fucking fast. ''It was her trust that you needed to earn this time. Not everything is owed to you, Onyx. We told you from the moment we met you that while you may hold a vital playing card in the events to come, this wasn't just about you. This affects all of us, everyone. This isn't the Onyx show and we're all just revolving planets waiting for you to go super nova-'' Jonahs voice dominated the room this time, and I could sense his frustration, but the witch cut him off. ''That isn't explicitly true. The last part anyway. He is a ticking time bomb, and he does have an expiration date.'' Fuck you! Fuck all of you. I'm not a bomb and I sure as hell aint a carton of milk. I want fucking answers, now!

''Calm down, sit down, and listen if you desire answers. Camille and Jonah will wait outside while we talk.'' They didn't even question the witch, just obeyed. Like I said, good little soldiers following their masters orders. It was fucking disgusting. And my face showed that disgust quite fucking clearly as I picked up my chair and sat down. Talk. ''I can help you.'' I laughed, That's a big fucking promise. ''It wasn't a promise, and it won't be a gift. I will require payment.'' And if I say no? ''Then we are all in trouble.'' Typical, a witch that wants something in return for... What? Saving the lives of many? Saving the world? Frankly I call bullshit. If we were all in trouble you wouldn't ask for shit in return. You'd do it to save your own ass. ''And if I gave away magic like halloween candy to every helpless wolf that I crossed paths with, I would be quite the homeless hero. I will require payment, and you will pay.'' And what makes you so fucking sure of that?

''Because I've seen into the darkest crevices of your mind, and as much as you like to pretend otherwise, you are a helpless wolf, desperate for freedom, desperate for a home, a family of fellow wolves. You are a simple minded man, and your desires bore me, but they are strong.'' I frowned, genuinely feeling, well, fucking cheated. The truth was, I didn't want any of that as badly as she made it seem. I didn't know if she was taking a shot in the dark and hoping to hit home, or if she really believed the shit she was spouting, but it wasn't fucking true. I wanted those things, yeah, but there were plenty of things I wanted more, that if she had promised me she could help me obtain, I would have paid a fortune to acquire. Okay, so what are we talkin' here? Three zeroes on a paycheck? More? What exactly? I'd play along, for now.

''I don't want money, not for this particular task... I want the blood of an ancient. Not much, just enough to...'' She reached into her pocket and pulled out a little bottle, placed it on the table, and nudged it in my direction. ''...fill that. If you can get me that, then I will help you.''

Oh, and is that all? I leaned back as I crossed my arms over my chest. She made it sound so fucking easy, like heading down to the local gas station to get a case of beer. ''I know you can. Your contact with the ancient may have ceased for some time, but Noelle, she can help, and she will.'' You don't know that, you don't know her. ''That is true. But that is my price. Take it, or leave it, it is of little consequence to me either way.'' I'll leave it. I'm not interested in bargaining with witches, so I'll take my chances. Fuck you very much. ''You know where to find me if you change your mind.''

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[Closed] Spit in the Cup Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Closed] Spit in the Cup

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Thu Sep 08, 2016 2:11 pm


Stepping foot outside after that meeting somehow left me feeling deeper in the hole, not closer to the top. Knowing another out there, a witch no less, knew my deepest darkest secrets from every corner of my mind didn't exactly encourage comfort. On the plus side, my distrust in the wolf siblings was encouraged, and at least now I knew they were fucking traitors. Had they have told me what the fuck that witch was going to do I might have actually gone along with it, but being blindsided by witchy business was scandalous shit that I wanted nothing to do with.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and of course, it was Camille the sympathetic betrayer. I slid my finger over the ignore button and opened up my messages, seeing a message from the one fucking person on this planet that hadn't wronged me, ever. The fact that she was human had nothing to do with it, but I would be stupid to ignore that little detail.

Enigmatic. You? Ready for a drink with your old buddy yet or are you still disoriented and shitting feathers from last time? Ha

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[Closed] Spit in the Cup Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Closed] Spit in the Cup

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:32 pm

div class="ooc">Part 3.

All I could hear was the sound of feet hitting the pavement behind me, and when I turned, it was of course Camille, rushing after me with the phone against her ear as my pocket started to vibrate. I kept walking, making sure she saw me see her before turning back to keep moving on my path. The vibrating stopped and I could hear her calling for me. ''Please! Stop!'' I felt her hand on my shoulder and I spun around, shaking her had away as I towered over her. Why should I? ''I know you don't have any trust in witches, I wouldn't expect you to. And I know how she is, but she knows more than she lets on.'' She didn't know shit, only what you let her pull from my head. ''That's not true, Onyx. She knew about Lilith before you even did, she was how we found out about you.''

I stared at her, desperately searching her face for any indication of a lie. She didn't convince me of anything but her greed. If this is as big as you say, then why the fuck should I trust someone like that with my life? ''I'm not asking you to trust her with your life, I'm asking you to trust me. I know it's a big ask, I know, I really do, but if you don't trust me then please just trust my fear. I know you've seen it. I know you've felt it.'' It was true, I had sensed her fear since the moment I met her and her brother. Both of them stunk of it. But just because they were scared of their own shadow didn't mean I needed to bet my fucking life on it. Stop hiding shit from me. I'm so fucking tired of people hiding shit from me and expecting me to put my trust in them with no fucking effort on their part. Give me a reason to trust you and maybe I'll fucking surprise you.

She swallowed, her eyes darting across my face as her hand came up to nervously scratch behind her elbow. ''The journal...'' What about it? ''We told you we didn't expect you to show it to us, but it's the key, Onyx. Or at least... Part of it...'' It's a part of a key? What? ''The Supremacy, they want it don't they? That and a ring, a ring with a red gem.'' I didn't say a word. ''I'm right, aren't I? And how would I know that? It was her, Onyx. She told us about it all. The journal holds a spell, the ring is imbued with magic to change ones form, not like we do, not like wolves, but from human to human, even from human form to any animal.'' The memory of Michelle flashed through my mind. How she had transformed... It made sense... It made so much sense. ''And there's a talisman.'' My eyes locked on hers trying to hide my interest, but failing. I didn't know there was another piece to this puzzle. ''It's imbued with fae magic, Lilith's magic from before she became... The evil thing she became. Fae possessed the ability to seek out hosts upon their death. To seek out a newborn child to extend their lives here on earth, a vessel to hold their soul.'' Okay... ''The talisman, Onyx. It can do the same. Don't you see?''

Why is that even necessary? She's already inside of me Camille. ''Yes, she is Vincent, but that's not where she wants to stay forever...'' Wh-What? She did, I mean... She didn't? If what she was saying was true then I was just... A middle man? The car driving her to her destination? Did that mean she would leave me? Fuck... Did that mean she wasn't going to take over my life forever? It was amazing how much hope the thought process had given me, and how quickly that was shattered when I realized how little I trusted Camille. ''Onyx... She wants to be reborn.'' I know, in me. ''You're not thinking literal enough, Onyx. She is going to take the body of a child, your child. She, wants, to, be, reborn.''

Fuck I wanted it to be true. I wanted to be free of this, it was all I'd wanted since the beginning. You mean... I can be free? She looked at me and nodded, but immediately shook her head from side to side with a frown. ''No! Not like that. You can't-'' Why the fuck can't I? It's easy, I take the journal, I take the ring, and I offer myself up to The Supremacy and get this over with. Why the hell shouldn't I? ''Because once she is reborn she cannot be destroyed Onyx! If you do that you doom us all. This needs to be handled differently.'' She'll be a fucking baby! I think I can kill a baby for fucks sake. ''Your own child? Don't be so sure, Onyx. And it does't work like that. I mean she literally cannot be destroyed. Once you let her into our world, infant or not, our world becomes hers.'' So what? You gonna hire bewitched to exercise the bitch out of me? I don't fucking get it. ''We need the journal, the spell to resurrect Lilith can also banish her. The ring and talisman can be melted down to coat a blade that can destroy her. You have two out of three, all we need to do is find the talisman and we can get rid of her forever.'' Oh is that all? I glared. A talisman that we have no idea what it looks like or where to find it. Sounds easy enough. ''Well we have two out of three, I consider that progress...''

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Re: [Closed] Spit in the Cup

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