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 [Private] The Poor Filthy Thing - Page 5

[Private] The Poor Filthy Thing

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[Private] The Poor Filthy Thing - Page 5 R7YTK7I
Ursula Darwin

Re: [Private] The Poor Filthy Thing

Ursula Darwin |

Posted on Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:27 pm

As Ben went on and on, I gave him mental points. I was no fool, I knew the difference between respect and selfishness; Obtained desires through the buttering up of the more powerful. I myself had been there once. It was not something to despise, it was endearing, it showed initiative and dedication. He wanted to go somewhere, and he recognized that I could take him there. Interesting, Ben. I tend to agree, if you're referencing human deities of course. However I have to ask, what makes you so sure God is a ''he''? It was a question I let hang in the air, the wind that separated us as I sped up long enough to read the message that had arrived on my cellular phone. Which of course was just a confirmation that our mess of a meal had been cleaned up properly, and any witnesses compelled.

I slowed pace again, tucking my cellular phone away as I pulled my gloves on tighter and waited for Ben to catch up. Appearances can be deceiving. I smiled, elegantly gripping the edges of my hat and pulling it snug over my head, all of course with a nod and a smirk. However his choice of words reminded me how far off track the conversation had gone just as another buzzing distraction vibrated under my arm. Class, something he was supposed to be in, and I was supposed to be playing teacher.

Ben, darling. I find you refreshing. I stopped to look at him, nodding my head and clasping my hands together in front of me. I can tell that you're driven, and maybe... I looked at him closely this time, his bloody appearance and the hunger in his eyes after feeding flashing through my mind. A little overwhelmed by your vampirism? Which of course is to be expected, if only you know what a rarity you truly are. Most young vampires don't strive for anything beyond the next warm body to feed on, you however are a driven man... My voice trailed off, as if another thought was overcoming me mid sentence, and it was. I would like to take you somewhere. I blurted out confidently. It's not something we normally do, but there are some things I think you'd really like to see. I of course am going out on a limb here, but I feel like I can and will eventually come to trust you wholly. And of course, I don't expect you to go anywhere with me now, arrangements need to be made, but if you agree, I will begin getting my ducks in line to make it happen.

I looked to him, hopefully, and of course began moving again as I glanced at my phone. The message clearly urgent, but I still had a little bit of time. We are. I said as surely as the grass was green, and tucked my phone back away. Would you believe me if I told you that what you feel as a vampire is only a fraction of what we are truly capable of? My eyes stared intently at his, a smile, one I could not fight had I even wanted to spread wide across my face. I do not presume to know a thing about you, Ben. But just as you have developed some perceptions of me on your own, I have developed some of you. All good, I assure you. And I believe you are a man of logic. The truth, Ben, is we may be superior, that is true, but we were not the first to roam the earth. Our evolution is not... Well, not. It simply does not exist. It is tied to our creator, the one that made vampire possible. This being, and only this being can allow us to evolve. They were not beliefs, they were truths, despite what the anarchists chose to believe. I felt more passion for this than any being could fathom, the power it had over me was the power I gave it, and I gave my beliefs everything I had my many years of life. That is how I am going to change the world.

I had no intention of giving him much more than that, truth be told, he had plenty to think over. And my intentions were never to go inside of his home, not tonight anyway. And this of course was encouraged by the recent update about my little wolf friend. I had business, and Ben, he had homework. I will contact you. But I am not a cruel woman, I will give you a time and date. Next week, Saturday to be exact. If you can make sure to meet me right here at midnight, I will be here. But while you wait, feel free to do some research. The internet, it is probably the single most disgusting yet resourceful thing created in the last one hundred years. Ursula Darwin, I'm sure there is plenty on me, but don't believe the rumors darling, they're so much more fun when you can discover them in person.

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Benjamin Reese

Re: [Private] The Poor Filthy Thing

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sun Oct 30, 2016 6:54 pm

The immediate pathway for my thoughts to go was that she was a crazy feminist nut-job. The thought almost saddened me to think that she had seen all of history and still managed to think women were repressed? Did she not have the most horrible of circumstances to compare to? I know I didn’t live in those ages, but for fucks’ sake, if I loved for multiple centuries where I would be stoned for adultery and I finally lived in an age where I could fuck who I wanted, I wouldn’t complain too much about kitchen jokes. But I realized, this might have meant more than that. Maybe the god she was talking about was more, metaphorical, or maybe whoever was the leader of whatever this operation was. A queen or something. So, yeah, I calmed my tits and realized that the thoughts I had were probably way beneath anything she was even concerned about. But, since I still had no idea of her direction, all I had to go on was what I knew, which I hoped would change the more time I spent with her.

Well if we’re talking about the Christian deity, I can’t imagine him being anything but male; have you read the bible? A slight joke, but as usual with her I wanted to know more. But I have a feeling you’re on a completely different plane. My worldview is small, but I want that to change.

Refreshing, huh? I kept silent with the thought but I found it hard to believe I would be refreshing to someone who had existed for centuries or however long she had existed. I knew nothing of it, but even in my own short time the fact that I dealt with the public I saw patterns, personalities. I began to predict things. The tall, overweight girl coming in would be wearing camouflage on her hoodie somewhere. The skinny guy with the tattoos and the Duck Dynasty shirt wanted something for back pain, that one that starts with D. You know, “dilauduh”. The overweight middle aged woman with her family reunion wanted nothing more than attention and cooing from her family. People were just predictable in general. I never claimed to be immune from that fact. Her explanation made sense, but I assumed it was just the part of me that didn’t die when I was changed.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you had known me before. I wasn’t surprised, though. People were practically Mountain Dew chugging animals before even being turned. They were a mess. Why would it change? It simply confirmed the fact to me that I could never be truthfully modest. The expression of curiosity I had quickly changed to affirmation.

My eyes are open for anything you want to show me. Instant regret of course, because however much it sounded like brown-nosing bullshit, it was absolute truth. I wanted to know everything there was to know about my new world, everything thought to be unimportant details by Gayle. Noelle, I didn’t expect her to attempt to tell me. I wouldn’t let her teach me anything, a realization I was coming to regret about myself. I had been so preoccupied with what I wanted from her that I wouldn’t let her give me anything else. You understand why I am so eager - my family has left me with a lot to learn.

I almost enjoyed her phone interruptions, it almost balanced out the strange antiquated feel to her, rather than seeming even more strange as I thought it would. However, what spilled from her lips brought the strange back into play. Like the dogma of Christianity or Scientology it sounded like too much for my ears. Okay, so she’d seen a lot of shit, and she knew a lot more about the world than I did, but then again, she’d had a lot of time to be warped. But arguments for her came just as quickly as the arguments against. I mean for fucks’ sake I was a goddamn vampire. So the least I could do was go along for her ride. Evolution. It was all I could say. If I was going to go along with this, it simply brought more questions than answers, and judging by the way she looked at her phone, I wasn’t sure she had time time. I was reminded of a previous part of our conversation that basically insinuated that patience would get me far. I had to have patience. Whether I believed it or not, I was curious as to their dogma, how it made them tick and how it could work to my advantage.

We’d arrived at my doors, and it was clear she wasn’t coming in, which by this point I was almost relieved. By no means was my mind small, but I needed time to think, to plan. And I had until Saturday. I hardly find the internet credible. Credible? No, but it still had a lot to tell.

Miss Ursula Darwin, I said, my head nodding downward as if in a localized bow. It has been a pleasure. I will see you Saturday.

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