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[Private] The Way of God

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[Private] The Way of God - Page 3 BsEGMjD
Helios Tallon

Re: [Private] The Way of God

Helios Tallon | Army of God; Chief

Posted on Wed Oct 07, 2015 7:34 pm

The battle between my emotions and my expression was not easy. I wanted to frown, but I did not allow myself. Her reason could not be more different than my own. We all had different experiences that lead to us joining the organization, but we all typically had one thing in common, we wanted to eliminate them before they could get to us. Or at least I thought all of us had that in common. What you think you know goes on behind closed doors is only part of the truth. It was all I could say. I was not going to deny my perversions, if that was what they even were. To me, they were not, but to others, I could see why they would think they are. But that did not mean I wanted everyone to know. To think less of me because of it. It was all I had known since I joined the organization. I would not expect her to understand that, and I could not expect her to understand that. But the truth was, she clearly knew about it, she clearly knew more than I wanted her to know, and denying it at this point would only send me right back to that house for punishment. She was preying on my moments of weakness, and unfortunately, humans were the only ones capable of succeeding at that.

When she stepped closer, I did not blink. I did not flinch. I stared right at her as she did me. Her intimidation was not going to work on me. I did not fear humans, I did not fear anyone. The only thing I did fear was myself, especially now, in this moment. In fact, I did not even open my mouth in fear I would say something I would regret. Fine. It was all I could manage to say before stepping back to put some distance between us. She had angered me, yes, but not enough for me to bluntly show it. And now, the anger was fading, and I was just beginning to feel sorry for her. This career had clearly done something to her, greed was consuming her, she was blinded by it. There was no such thing as karma, there was only God, and he had a way of making things right when they went wrong.

I took in a deep breath and looked towards the church. I will call, once arrangements have been made. I finally looked back at her, clearly unhappy with the situation, but I still flashed a genuine smile before speaking one last time. And if you ever want to talk. You know where to find me. I looked to the church again, hoping she would remember my offer. This woman was lost, and needed guidance. Maybe I could not give her the guidance she needed, but I was willing to try.

The smile I had flashed was the only positive reaction I could muster. Now I was in a situation where I needed to find that kind of money. The higher ups would not take kindly to a man on probation withdrawing such a large amount. Especially since the threat of losing all of my resources was very real right now.

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[Private] The Way of God - Page 3 Defaul10
Erika Richards

Re: [Private] The Way of God

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:06 pm

I scoffed at the priest, no longer too interested in wasting my time when I'd gotten what I wanted - even if watching him squirm seemed an entertaining way to spend an evening. And what do you think you know about me, or what I know? A big fat nothing or none of this would've happened, would it?

He wouldn't know it, but he'd done me a favor as well as the payment. The wolf notebook was dangerous goods. I'd been right when I said others would be interested in procuring it, not least of all the wolves, and some of those people wouldn't have gotten it through such moral means. It had become more hassle than it was worth keeping it after some failed sales. More people knew about its existence than I thought they should.

Make sure you do. I buttoned my jacket up and glanced around, lazily eyeing him again and following the priest's gaze to the church. I rolled my eyes, not even bothering to go into that one. Did he think a little confession or two would turn my heart around? Oh, I know where to find you. Was all I said and I smirked darkly over my shoulder when I turned to walk away from him. Money talks. That's all the talking we'll ever need to do, Father Talon. and with that parting remark I strode away, smirking to myself after another big catch. The small town wasn't ending up as small time as I thought.

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