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 [Closed] Sometime when vampires roam.

[Closed] Sometime when vampires roam.

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[Closed] Sometime when vampires roam. Noelle12
Noelle Faye Benson

[Closed] Sometime when vampires roam.

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:22 am

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Warning folks: While there is no straight on SECKS, there are moments in this thread that aren't made for young eyes to see. Please be respectful of yourself, and don't read if you're uncomfortable with adultish content. It's not quite smut, and I tried to leave it all implied rather than bluntly stated, so I didn't use the hide tags but still, I felt a warning was important.


It was a twisted game fate liked to play with me. Bringing the moon when I wanted rain. Allowing strangers to voice a name that I'd long since forgotten. Showing me faces that I recognized, but would never recognize me. The list was endless, and when I walked past the blonde woman on the street, I almost considered letting my feet keep pushing onward. It may have been fates game, but I hadn't ever really done much to lose and break free of it. Maybe deep down I just liked the game...

Colette! The panic in my voice was far more dramatic than I'd intended it to be. And there was surprise in her eyes when she turned around. ''Yes?'' The confusion on her face said it all, I could have walked away without saying another word and I could live out the rest of eternity like that. Knowing that her expression had answered my question, knowing that I didn't need her to speak another word, because I already knew. ''Do I know you?'' And there it was, the words I didn't need spoken... Oh, I'm sorry, I was um... I overheard your friend use your name, it just reminds me of someone I once knew, that's all. I smiled, but that smile vanished the second I turned around to keep moving, my feet moving faster than before.

When I'd reached the end of the street, I quickly slid behind a nearby building, letting my back rest against the brick. I wasn't crying, but I could have, and maybe not even over sadness. No, I was not sad, a part of me might have been but I felt something stronger, something a single word couldn't begin to describe. Like I'd just witnessed the end of an era, like every bit of me that was human was slipping, slipping fast, and there was nothing I could or even wanted do but watch it fade away.

The sound of clapping was what forced my eyes open, and the man that emerged from the shadows sent a chill down my limbs. ''I was hoping for more dramatics from you, Isidora, but I'm still very content with the result of my masterpiece.'' That name... If only I could get my hands around fates neck and squeeze... You're supposed to be dead. There was no panic in my voice, there was no happiness, there was nothing. They were just words, true, but emotionless. ''As was she, I guess that makes us even?'', it was obvious the work on Colette had been at the hand of my kind, but I never in a million years expected him to be the culprit. ''I considered letting her leave town, to spare that heart of yours, that heart I once never dreamed of breaking, but I wanted to make sure you felt it.'' Felt what exactly? I feel nothing, not a single thing in her presence nor yours. I held my head tall, but inside I felt I was shrinking.

His eyes widened and his grin stretched from ear to ear, he looked mad, absolutely mad. ''To feel the loss Isidora. To gaze upon her face time and time again, as I have yours, and know she will never know who you really are. She will never know who she really is. I wanted you to know what it was like. Like I said, I never wanted to break your heart Isidora, but it is the only way you will hear me.'' Where was that humanity now? Only moments ago it was slipping, and now? Now it was...

I took a step forward and seconds instantly turned to hours, not literally of course, but it felt like the world had stopped. His gaze, as charming and alluring it was, and the power it possessed, to stop time... Was still just a gaze. They were just eyes, and while mine were locked onto them, my hand slid up his chest as I moved even closer, pressing my pelvis against his. My hand slid down between his legs, acting as the only barrier between him and I, and an unnecessary and rather loud exhale of air escaped him as he sunk into my grip. ''Isido-'' The only thing stopping his breathy tone from completing the word was his lips pressing against mine and his tongue absolutely invaded my mouth. In a blink of an eye he had me shoved against the brick, and his hands were ferociously clawing through the fabric of my dress to get to my breasts. I absolutely moaned as his shaky hands struggled to get through the fabric, and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I kissed him back, I showed him just as much passion as he showed me, even as my hand slid up from between his legs, back up to his chest, I didn't stop.

But he did.

A faint clicking sound came from his throat as both of our erratic movements fell still. His wide greens stared into my narrow blues. His jaw fell down and mine closed to grace him with a light smile. When I yanked my hand free, I showed him his heart, and took a bite from it before tossing it to the ground and crushed it beneath my heel. My name is Noelle. was the last thing I said before I removed my other hand from his jaw. His knees immediately buckled and his body fell at my feet. I didn't look down, not once, and just continued walking, wanting nothing more than to be with Gayle, to be with Benjamin, to be with my family. Not the family this night had reintroduced to me, but my real family.

But unfortunately, they didn't recognize me either.


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