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 [Closed] Stitched Up

[Closed] Stitched Up

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[Closed] Stitched Up Defaul10
Erika Richards

[Closed] Stitched Up

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:11 am

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St Paul's Church | Bright, slightly overcast | 8:30am

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It was early, well, early for some, late for me, considering that I hadn't slept. Early or not, I decided that it wasn't too early for a house - or church - call to a particular priest. Wouldn't they be up all night anyway, hearing confessions, helping weeping elderly departing ones and, more importantly, taking down supernatural creeps? Even if I woke Father Williams up I was beyond giving a shit. That wolf's journal was burning a hole in my pocket and it had to go.

The sun was twinkling down through branches of trees surrounding the church as I trudged up the path and it was still early enough for there to be a brisk sharpness to the air. I followed a smaller back path towards a back door. See? I was practically being considerate, not wanting to interrupt any sermons that might be taking place.

Picking the lock was a piece of cake and I continued down hallways unscathed. When I reached Father William's office I went to barge straight in, but then stopped and thought to myself. I was there to ask the guy a favour so a little bit of ass-kissing couldn't hurt too bad. I raised my hand to rap my knuckled on the door, already reciting what I wanted to say in my head.

But it all fell flat when instead of knocking, my knuckles only pushed open the door. It must have been ajar. It may have seemed like a little oddity to someone else, but I knew that Williams would never leave his office unlocked, never mind open for anyone to pry into. I pushed a little further, suspicious, and my mouth fell open as the scene unfolded before my eyes.

The place was trashed. And when I say trashed - I'd ransacked a few places in my time, but this mess screamed of desperation. There were papers everywhere. All the drawers, whether of filing cabinet, desk or bureau, were pulled out and the contents were what littered the floor, along with what had been in the trash can and any ornaments from any shelves. It was literally just all in a sea of mess on the floor. A pot of ink had been knocked over and the liquid had covered half the desk, creating an audible 'pat, pat' as it dripped off the side and onto a piece of paper.

Quote Begin Holy shit.Quote End I breathed out, trying to make sense of the scene. I was the only one who might want to do something like that! Who the fuck had done it?

A step sounded behind me and I jumped at the suddenness. I turned to see Father Williams himself and it was obvious from his thunderous expression that I have much bigger shit to worry about than the mess.

Quote Begin This is it. You've had all your chances.Quote End He glared at me.

Quote Begin Uh? What now? Fuck, seriously Williams, I know exactly how this looks but this wasn't me. C'mon, would I really be this obvious? We both know I'm better than this. For a start, I wouldn't be here if I'd planned this, I'd already have been outta' here.Quote End I leaned my hip against the door, trying to play it cool. But inside for the first time in a long time I was scared shitless. It was the look in William's eyes. A cold, hard, stern look that so obviously meant I was on rocky ground. He wasn't a mean old dude - he was nice. So when he did get mean, you knew you were in for it.

He stared at me a long time, a cold stare. I stared straight back, defiant, not willing to back down. I hadn't even done anything! For once I was honestly innocent and yet I was being tried anyway. Talk about discrimination. I'd bet it wouldn't be the same if I was some up-class rich white bitch.

Quote Begin I think you've outlived your usefulness.Quote End He finally said, sweeping past me into his mess of an office. He looked around at the mess with finalization in his eyes, then turned coldly to me again.

I went to follow him, but he only moved further away, putting the large, but messy desk between us.

Quote Begin We both know I'm useful. I'm giving you stuff on that Spanish guy, I'm just trying to be subtle.Quote End I tried to argue, hoping he wouldn't bring up exactly how little information I'd given Williams - especially when he'd been paying my keep just for that.

He whirled round to look at me again, and laughed. Actually laughed at me. Quote Begin Giving me information? You mean what I've been paying you to do all this time? And what information is this exactly? Because I don't recall you giving me anything of any substance. I've garnered more important details from the church help than you.Quote End

I stuttered, out of words and unable to quickly find a reason fast enough. Time was ticking with every pat of ink falling from the table. I felt at the material of the journal inside my jacket, debating bringing it out, using a last ace up my sleeve. Would it be worth it?

Quote Begin I want you out. I no longer require your services. From now you're on probation with the AOG and aren't to go on any missions, be involved with any other members or come onto AOG property until a formal disciplinary has been carried out. This is it, Erika. You've blown your last chance.Quote End

I tucked the journal further back into my jacket.

Quote Begin What? This wasn't me! C'mon-Quote End

Quote Begin OUT!Quote End William's shouted, thumping his fist so hard on the desk that I actually jumped. Williams was usually so kind.. warm, understanding. I'd never seen him so angry in all my time knowing him. He looked so angry and.. something more. Disappointed?

Quote Begin I've had enough of your lies, deceit, and playing into the hands of the very things we're trying to kill! I'm fed up with your lies. Now get out, before I call someone to get you out!Quote End

I backed up, seeing the seriousness in Williams' eyes. The old asshole actually thought I'd trashed his office! It was only an office too, which made me think that maybe, somehow, there was more to what had happened than was obvious. Why was he so hung up about it? What the hell had been in his office that he was so protective over?

More importantly, what douchebag had trashed his office and was now letting me take the blame for it? And what the hell did they do it for?

I took another step back, sneering in frustration. I felt backed into a corner. I didn't like it, not one tiny little crappy bit, but it was where I was at. I wasn't stupid enough to underestimate Williams either, he was a leader of AOG for a reason. I needed to back up, regroup and think over what had happened over elsewhere - and my next move.

Quote Begin Fine. Believe that. But this - this wasn't me.Quote End I took my keychain out of my pocket, angrily pulled a key off it and threw it at the Priest. Quote Begin There. Consider our deal off then.Quote End I spat poisonously, Quote Begin But you'll see. I don't give a shit owning up to what I've done, but I'm not going down for something I didn't do.Quote End

With that I turned on my heel and stormed out of the office before Williams' got the satisfaction of escorting me out.

Oh, he'd be sorry. And so would the low-life that had stitched me up.

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