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 [Private] Bait

[Private] Bait

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Benjamin Reese

[Private] Bait

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:15 pm

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Behind the liqueur store | 69F | 1am

OOC Message
Part One of Three. Comments ON.

I always remembered how they tasted, the night Noelle and I broke into the house at Owl Heights before our "dinner" with Gayle. They tasted clean, rich, and I could have sworn my hunger was sated for much longer. It made me question the reason behind all of this. Why did we exist? How did we exist? I'm trained to try to think of things as being a survival mechanism. Vampirism should be a mutation to humans that just so happened to help survival, right? But that made no sense, none at all. We could change an existing human to one of us, but we couldn't procreate. Sunlight was instantaneously fatal to us. As a man of science, I was extremely reluctant to the notion, but it was becoming more clear that there was something beyond science, beyond reason. It was something I didn't know and understand, and that really pissed me off.

Maybe I could have accepted it more if I was supposed to be some instrument of karma, justice. It would make my bottom-feeding at least make sense, but then why did the pure taste so much better? I wanted to resolve to eating what... whoever the fuck I wanted, and I kept saying to myself, next time. I've said before, and I'll say it again. There's no morality to my food choice. Honestly, yes, I've always looked down on the drug-addicted filth. Obviously, I am doing the world a favor by killing these fuckers off before they have a chance to procreate; at least any more than they already have. I've always been about self-preservation. Did I plow through med school because I thought I could help people? No, you learn you really can't help people the first time you see the patient you admitted for DKA with soda, skittles and pizza hut on their bedside table. And what few morals I had as a human were left at the bottom of the river.

I saw others like me, they'd even tried making small talk about their feeding regimen. They were even younger than me, but I didn't care. I didn't speak to them. To an extend, it reminded me of other aspects of my life that had changed, that I wasn't ready to face yet. What happened when I couldn't be Dr. Reese anymore? How the fuck was I even pulling it off now? It had to be suspicious. I had been about to join the surgery team when I almost drowned in the river. Now I had to conveniently be MIA when a hefty trauma came in. I hadn't even broken even, the years I'd put into preparing for this career, versus what I'd gotten out of it. I didn't want to share feeding tips with babies. And I didn't want advice from anyone, but I sure as fuck needed it.

Walking up to the liqueur store, I'd almost went inside, first. I had to thank whoever had created us, whatever god or demon. At least they had the insight to know we'd need some form of self-medication. At least they'd let us have the alcohol to drown out whatever vampire emo shit we were going through at the time. The fact that I could tolerate it, unlike food, just as well as blood, reinforced the idea to me that it was almost just as important. But tonight I was too hungry for that. I needed to feed.

I rested my back on the painted cinderblock of the building, my clothes intentionally dirty. They hadn't been washed in a week. Somehow, I'd even been able to make them reek of cheap cigarette smoke. There was a woman, peroxide blonde, bony, who looked to be about fifty but I knew I'd seen her in the ER. She was only thirty five. She was passed out, and I knew if I lifted her arm I would find a needle. In fact, her arm was turning blue from the broken rubber band she'd forgotten to untie. I smelled another human, sensed him walking out of the store, but not toward the parking lot. He was heading around the side of the building. Skinny, but muscular. Old faded tattoos, tribal shit. Dingy facial hair. Red tank top, generic Oakleys on his head. Jackpot.

Hey, man, you got an extra cig? Cunt of a girlfriend took my pack with her.
"Aw, shit, I know how that is, man. I might have one to spare, but I ain't no money tree. I gotta keep up my own, know wha-am sayin?"
As he started to hand it to me, I grabbed his arm, but something else was happening. It was a mist, and if you would have seen it, it would have looked like he'd used pepper spray on me. But it didn't smell or taste like pepper. It was.. metallic?

I thought I was on fire. Like a thousand hot, searing knives were digging their way in, searching for my heart. It wasn't long after that it felt like they had found it. I fell to my knees. What the fuck was happening?

#Closed #Solo

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Benjamin Reese

Re: [Private] Bait

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:37 pm

OOC Message
Part two. Takes place in the basement of a house somewhere in Cedar Grove.

"No, Sheila, just wait until Ross gets here." I couldn't open my eyes. The lids felt too heavy, and I wasn't even sure if the voices I was hearing was part of my dream or real. Either way, I felt myself coming to, but I didn't open my eyes just yet. I decided to play possum for just a little bit longer.
"But Stan, you wouldn't believe how much Tammy said she made offa that one fanger. Bought herself a new car, she said. You know, you been promising me a real ring."
"Tell me you're kidding. That's sick, honestly. That's blood money, literally. Makes you just as bad as them. Like I said, just wait until Ross gets here.”

I waited, nothing. Probably that silent treatment shit. God, was I glad I never let myself get into a relationship.

”How you come off thinking we can handle him by ourselves anyway? He might look kinda sickly but trust me, you ain’t ever seen one in action, have ya?”
”Fine, fine.” Then the chime of a text message.
”That’s him, Sheila. Go get the door.”

A pause, and when I heard the man’s footsteps leave the room, the woman’s came closer.
”Wakey, wakey, little guy. Boy, if you weren’t so… pale, you’d be kinda cute. Could git you a little sun and then… oh wait. That wouldn’t work. Can you fellas go to the tanning bed? Or does that kill you’uns too?”

I opened my eyes, because I couldn’t hold my death glare any longer. I opened my mouth, and almost instinctively snarled.

How cute am I now? I asked, making sure my fangs were in clear view. She backed up, and looked incredibly relieved when the door opened and the two men stepped back in. One was the guy from the liquor store, but the tribal tattoos had been washed off. Marker? Fuck, how had I let that get past me. The other was much more clean cut. Grey slacks, black button up dress shirt, un tucked. Frameless glasses, which he pushed up his nose as he began to examine me.

”Good catch, Stan, he’s one of ‘em, alright. Probably a young thing, but I can’t be certain.”
”Yeah, got him back behind the liquor store. You was right, they think it’s a damn buffet or somethin’.”

The clean, gray haired man walked closer to me, and he would have fooled any human. He put on a good front, but I could hear his heart. I smirked, couldn’t help it, he’d be easy to put off his game. I was already halfway there.

”You think you’re doing us a favor, don’t you? Think you’ll make yourself righteous and clean up the streets at the same time?” White trash Bonnie and Clyde stood back and let the leader do the talking.
”These pour souls you kill are young, they’ve made mistakes, we all have. Doesn’t give you the right. Your life isn’t more important than theirs, and all you’re doing is robbing them of the chance to redeem themselves.”

I shrugged. I don’t care whether or not I’m doing you any favors. I’m hungry. I’m still hungry.

They were all afraid of me. The rope, there was nothing special about it - but each hand was handcuffed separately to the chair. And the cuffs themselves? They burned, and I found myself playing a twisted game of operation trying to find a position where my wrists touched the rings as little as possible. I was gritting my teeth at the situation, and in truth, I wasn’t sure how to get out of it.

”You’ll never be righteous, creature, it doesn’t matter how dirty the blood is you drink, it doesn’t matter how good you try to be, you’re a monster. You’re a demon. You need to be slain.”

And you think you know how to do that? You think you know what you’ve let into your home? Just wait until I get free. I was stronger than them, right? I’d messed around with that idea, I’d seen it, mostly accidentally. But I’d never put it to the test. I’d never seen just how much stronger I was. Never thought I’d need it. I pulled with my right arm, hoping to either break the links of the small chain between the two rings of the cuffs, or hoping that I’d break the cheap wood of the chair. Something was happening, but I couldn’t last. Hot metal seared my wrist. The gray haired man smiled.

”I told Stan that wouldn’t be enough, but I guess I was wrong. You’re just a baby one, aren’t you. If you weren’t a killer, I’d throw you back in the lake, like the ugly carp you are.”

I didn’t want to show any reaction, but I couldn’t help the snarl that came. Sheila must have seen my teeth, for I saw her flinch.

Never seen one of us in real life before? I asked her, looking over the leader. I winked.

”I think I’m gonna go home, Stan,” she said.
”No, Sheila, I want you to see this. I want you to watch. Ross thinks he’s just a baby, but he’s still strong. See jist why that shit they sellin’ is so expensive. And how you wouldn’t be alive for me to give you that ring if you tried anything stupit.”

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[Private] Bait 7JMWZTw
Gayle Shaffer

Re: [Private] Bait

Gayle Shaffer | Vampire; Ancient

Posted on Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:21 pm

OOC Message
Part Three

Being a moron and being adorable seem to go hand in hand. At least that’s the trend lately. Take for instance this “safe” house for an adorable little group of Army of God rejects. There is a guard at the door, and who is this guard? She’s probably no older than twenty two. She wasn’t fat, but there wasn’t much strength to her either. A smoker, so even running from another human would be a bad idea. But yeah, sure, her high waisted shorts and crop top were cute. So was her little can of silver spray. I’d almost be willing to bet there was more silver in the construction of the can than what was inside of it.

I’m here to see Ross, I said, once I’d made my way down the sidewalk. It had been a long time since I’d had a reason to care whether or not I looked human, so I was proud of myself for remembering to breathe, remembering to scratch an eyelid as I waited on her response.

”Oh, um, what’s the password?” She lowered her cigarette from her lips. My eyes widened and a huge smile spread across my face. I tried to stop the fangs, but it had just been second nature to me. I wasn’t even sure why they’d been retracted to begin with. I was always too fast for it to matter.

A password? Goddess, that’s adorable. I twisted her head, and rolled my eyes when I realized there was still a strip of skin connecting it to the rest of her body. I jerked it away from the body as it fell to the ground then held onto the head by the ponytail, swinging it around as I pulled the door open from the deadbolt. They hadn’t heard me yet, at least the humans. I doubted Benjamin had either, so I stopped to listen to him running his trap.

”I could get out of this any time I wanted to, but I always loved a good white trash reality show, so I’m in no hurry. Are all of you born again Christians? You hate fags too?” The undeserved arrogance oozed from his voice.

What do you think, country spice? Should we rescue him yet? I asked the head I was now holding up to meet mine, blood and spinal fluid dripping on the floor. I noticed that Ben had stopped mid sentence. Aaww, bless, he was hungry, wasn’t he? I shrugged, and opened the next door, hair of the severed head in the grip of my right hand. Everyone froze solid, including myself. Only their expressions were plagued with horror. Mine in overwhelming amusement.

Oh, for fucks’ sake this is… this is golden. I dropped the head on the floor, which had effortlessly served its purpose as my statement and pulled my phone out of my pocket.
Noelle has just GOT to see this. I tapped the camera button and held up the phone, making sure to capture Benjamin’s priceless expression. I think you’d compare it to a teenager when mommy got out the baby pictures.

I so told you it was too early for you to have a kid. Look, you've already missed his first kidnapping! Attachment

”What the hell?!”
Oh, right, fine fine. Sorry, baby boy, you hungry? I looked at the terrified trio. Sorry, didn’t mean to let this one out yet. Not mature enough n’ all. I’ll get him back in the play pen, but first…

I easily untied the ropes, no need for any more theatrics than I’d already given them, and pulled apart the flimsy silver cuffs. It stung a little, but shit, you’d have thought the lad was on fire.

Baby boy needs his dinner.

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[Private] Bait Noelle12
Noelle Faye Benson

Re: [Private] Bait

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:26 pm

Gayle Shaffer
One thing you've taught me, it's better to learn through experience. Sorry I missed the fun, but watching over him is like chasing a ghost.

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Re: [Private] Bait

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