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 [Closed] Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 1/2

[Closed] Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 1/2

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[Closed] Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 1/2 Defaul10
Erika Richards

[Closed] Desperate Times, Desperate Measures 1/2

Erika Richards | Army of God; Hunter

Posted on Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:50 am

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Abandoned Industrial Unit | Dark | 00:30

Quote Begin I can't drink a book.Quote End The vampire split it's teeth into a grin at me, licking at its fangs and causing droplets of blood to drop from its tongue and down it's chin. It gleamed bright under the swinging lamp overhead in the abandoned warehouse.

I grimaced at the showy grossness and rolled my eyes, swinging my arm forward to point Neo at the vampire. Quote Begin Wrong answer.Quote End I said, and fired off the first shot. Shells fell around my feet and as I kept pumping, a grin slowly stretched across my face. The first silver bullet only seemed to produce an audible hiss from the vampire and served as a surprise, but watching his evolving reaction as the next half a dozen hit him was tantalizing, the progression from slight pain to overwhelming agony beautifully displayed in front of me. At the fourth bullet, he'd staggered forward onto his knees. By the time I'd walked over to the vampire it was practically convulsing on the floor. Every piece of silver within him must be searing with pain as his body attempted to heal itself around it, only furthering the damage. It wouldn't kill a vampire, but it was extremely debilitating.. and amusing to watch. The liquid silver within the specially customized bullets was an added bonus, a personal favorite for killing vampires and an extra precaution to make it even more difficult for them to heal. He likely didn't even know what hit him. The confusion in his eyes was perhaps the most amusing part of all.

I chewed my gum loudly, standing over the vampire to watch as his body went though spasms on he ground, no doubt attempting to rid itself of the silver. I craned my neck, eyebrows rising in interest when he started spitting up blood. I'd thought he'd been choking due to the pain earlier but maybe it wasn't just that. I hadn't concentrated on where the bullets hit, besides in the vampire. I wondered what would happen if you made them drink liquid silver, how good a method of gaining information that could be.. depending on whether they had a throat left afterwards. I wasn't well versed in the detail of vampire anatomy. I just knew that silver burned, weakened, and stakes or beheading killed. It was all I needed to know.

In a few swift movements I plucked a wooden stake from a pouch on my belt, leaned down and placed it over the vampire's chest, tapping at it in a teasing fashion. Quote Begin You should've just handed over the money. Now I've got to replace some damn ammo, and you...Quote End I looked down at the vampire and quickly ducked out of reach when he flailed at me. Even when shot full of silver bullets, there was only bad to come from underestimating a vampire. I grunted in annoyance at his little display and rolled my eyes.

I held the stake in place and stood back, raising my foot and stamping it down through the vampire's chest. In an instant the body beneath me imploded, rather than exploded, my boot hitting solid ground underneath the stake and amid the bloody mess. I always preferred when they seemed to explode in a contained way - blood was such a shit to get off of everything. With a disappointed click of my tongue I started gathering up the fired silver bullets from within the mess, and then the shell casings. No point in wasting decent silver. I shoved them in another pouch on my belt, zipped Neo back into the holdall and walked away. I left the mess - no-one would miss it - and I'd wasted enough of my time already. And bullets. Those babies didn't come cheap.

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