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 [Closed] Safety and Freedom

[Closed] Safety and Freedom

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[Closed] Safety and Freedom Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

[Closed] Safety and Freedom

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Thu Jun 04, 2015 2:26 am

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Streets/Empty Lot | Clear | After Dark, not too late

I was heading towards One Shot, and this time, it wasn't for a drink. I had some things I needed to talk over with Ozra. Some apologies to give... Some advice to receive... It was dark, but not exactly late. The streets were empty, as they usually were on a Wednesday night, and the skies were clear. The weird thing was the temperature drop. We were heading into Summer, and I could see my fucking breath.

I turned onto the main street in this district, Cedar Drive. My feet had carried me past the street sign, and I was nearing the next street light when men appeared. It only took a second for me to sense they were wolf, and only a second longer to realize who they were. It was the one, the first face I'd seen when I came back to Index. The wolf that I had banished and let back in, Flex. There were others, but he stuck out to me more than the rest. It was the smirk on his face. It was that smirk that made me walk up to him. I broke off of the side walk and entered the empty lot, stopping by the small group of trees they were sitting around. ''Good to see you back.'' One of them said sarcastically, but my eyes weren't on him, they were on the other.

You settling back in alright? I asked, remembering the last time I had actually seen him. It... For some reason didn't strike me as odd that the last time I had seen him was when I was coming back into town. The last thing we had even done was hug. Now that I was thinking about it, I was beginning to wonder where he had been, and why he was still hanging around the proclaimed pack ''anarchists''.

He still hadn't answered me, but he was definitely looking at me. In fact he hadn't torn his eyes away once, which made me feel like I couldn't either. Where you been? I asked, suspicion finally leaking into my tone. ''Shouldn't I be asking you that? A week, and all we got was a pen pal letter. No explanation, nothing. The boys filled me in when you so graciously let me back into the ''family''. I gotta say, this has got to be your lowest pull yet Onyx. Letting a woman run the pack while you go on holiday? I mean...'' He shook his head, and I was beginning to realize that the last time I saw him, nothing about it was sincere. At least not from his side. ''I gotta say, I thought it was a joke at first. No, I told them, No way Onyx would stoop that low. I mean he's a shit leader, but he wouldn't do that to his own kind. He wouldn't help them descend even deeper into the pile of shit.

His eyes were glowing, all of their eyes were. ''But what can we expect from a man that killed his own alpha, all because he wanted to taste the power without putting in the work, right?'' He was stepping closer into my space and I, fuck I was floored. It was stupid of me to be so fucking surprised that he'd do this, but I was. I really fucking believed him the last time I'd seen him. I really fucking did and I was stupid to do it.

Odin wasn't who you think he was Flex. I didn't fucking kill him, but his death wasn't exactly bad for us either. I admitted, trying so hard to practice that truth bullshit our new wolf had so graciously instilled into my head. Clearly it had an affect, because he shoved me back and bared his fangs. ''FUCKING LIES! What the fuck is your problem Onyx? Are you so fucking jacked up that you believe your own fucking lies? All for what? Power? Control? What the fuck is it? What the fuck is it that possesses you to tear down the only fucking man that provided us with safety and freedom? Or is it that you can't do that, you can't fucking run this pack the way he did and you feel inferior because you fucking are inferior?''

You're fucking drunk Flex. Go home, take your muppets with you, and sleep it off, you're not thinking clearly. I stepped forward, refusing to back down. My voice was firm and eye contact unbreakable. I could smell the alcohol on his breath, but he wasn't nearly drunk enough to warrant this shit. I knew he wasn't. But I was willing to fucking pretend that he was for his own fucking sake.

He shoved me again and I growled. I'm not going to fucking fight you dude. ''I'm not trying to fight you Onyx. See, we all think its time you get a taste of your own medicine. We haven't forgotten what happened to Oz. The second that lone skank Luxx left town. Don't fucking act like you don't remember. Beaten senseless ring a bell? Beaten to the point of near death by some sick twisted fanger, and then fed off of like he was nothing but meat and bones. He wasn't nothing Onyx, he was a part of this ''family'' you talk about so fucking much. But you didn't bat an eye did you? Just like you didn't when Odin was murdered. Because you don't really fucking care about us like he did. You're a fucking snake. You're a fucking snake and you fucking know it!''

It was planned. I knew it from the minute he planted his fist into my face and I ended up with three idiots on each arm preventing me from defending myself. I couldn't turn, it wasn't safe here. They knew it, they fucking planned this shit. I was their fucking alpha, physically I could have prevented this, and I didn't know if it was their strength overpowering mine, I didn't even know if they were, or if it was my unwillingness to fall back into old habits. I wasn't going to hurt another wolf, not again, not after...


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