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[Private] Wildlife.

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Valla Satura

Re: [Private] Wildlife.

Valla Satura |

Posted on Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:00 pm

The fear that welled up deep inside my guts was primal and tied knots in my organs and in my veins. No sane mage would hesitate to kill a wolf that came onto their property... His words echoed in my head as if he'd shouted into it after removing the contents and it only further made me feel sickly hollow. If what he said was true, how could I have missed it? How could my family have never told me about this? How was it that I had grown up with magic users and never once felt this fear before? This wasn't just some turf war. This wasn't a family feud like the McCoys and Hatfields, this was deeper than that, deeper than politics or someone's hurt feelings. This was blood. The innate desire for him to rip me apart was eternal, so was my desire to keep him from doing so. Never in my life had I ever felt so compelled to cause personal injury; I had never even tried and some how in those moments that passed by in fractions of seconds, I too, could feel the link to this preternatural sense of destruction.

It multiplied in a second the moment his fist enclosed around my throat. Unable to breathe, unable to swallow, unable to speak... all I could do was focus on the strength that passed from his body and was forced onto mine. A strength I couldn't have comprehended before that split second. Perhaps it gave me a new appreciation... or a new found reason to be fearful of these neighbors of mine. This is why we are enemies! His eyes and claws made more of an impact on me than his words this time. Mine own widened as I sought out some method to anchor myself, to keep myself from flailing ... from wriggling like a worm on a hook and then he gave it to me. He dropped me and my feet were once more on the earth.

That would prove to be a mistake if he tried to attack me again. The earth was where I drew my magic from and connecting me with it was like handing me a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card in Monopoly. I coughed, uncontrollably for a moment when I sucked in that first breath after having been denied one for so long. I fell to my knees in much the same way he had, but while he struggled to control himself, I found my will to retaliate. I dug my fingers deep into the thin crust of dirt that covered the area surrounding my garden and from it I drew power that began to curl and writhe up my forearms with a green, ethereal glow. The ground began to turn green as well; instantly sprouting every seed that lay dormant anywhere around me. Vegetation came to life and the plants in the garden he stood inside multiplied and blossomed. Their stems and trunks became thicker, their vines became longer and they began to wrap themselves around his legs, entangling him in braids and woven knots made of tomato, pepper, and pumpkin plants. I hoped this mother fucker liked his veggies.

Slowly I stood up, feeling invigorated and energized by the power I had drawn from the very dirt I now stood on. My bare feet being connected with the earth still, I was able to continue to make the variety surrounding him proliferate and became a web of vegetation that someone was going to need a machete to break through. You have the nerve to come to my home and ask me for a favor... and then you threaten to paint your face with my blood? I'm afraid that's not how it works... I shook my head slowly as I spoke. I sounded calm, I might have even looked calm, but I was ready to run in any turn of his head. If I was wearing pants, I might have pissed them. I still have what you came here for and it would only take me a moment to destroy it. If your relationship with local magic users is what you say it is... I'm going to assume there is no amount of luck in the world that will get you another serum so you better think twice about your next move because right now your karma isn't looking too good.

I bent down, keeping my eyes on him, and I pulled from the ground at my feet a plant that had thorns growing out of its stalk. I wrapped my palm around it and for a moment I concentrated and soon I had thorns growing out of my hands and my forearms. I loved that little trick. Thank you for letting me borrow these, Mother Nature. My terms have changed. If you want that serum... I need something in return and your 'protection' isn't going to be enough. I want to know what you know. I will give you the serum if you let me pick your brain... not literally... I wrinkled up my nose a bit at the thought. You can teach me what I need to know to protect myself. You owe me that much and frankly, I'm not taking no for an answer.

I had about three ideas of what would happen if he actually decided to say no. One, he would say fuck it, throw his hands in the air and leave... two, he'd shift and fail to get out of those vines and I'd have to find a way to kill him. Or three, he'd get out of those vines and kill me. I just hoped I'd luck out and he'd accept.

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[Private] Wildlife. - Page 5 Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Private] Wildlife.

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:00 pm

I should have known it was coming. Me, I knew I was going to snap if I had to play buddy, buddy with Poison Ivy for too long. I knew it was coming, and no matter how much I tried to push it down it kept growing inside of me until there was no room left to shove it down any lower. I snapped, I knew I did, the pile of vomit in front of me and the wretched feeling in my head and gut made that perfectly clear. I'd never reversed a turn like that before, and never would again. It was like my blood was mixed with the wolfs, and my human body was rejecting it. Fuck I felt like curling up into a ball, letting her shove an apply in my mouth, and serve me up on a plate decorated with lettuce. For a split second, I didn't even care if that happened.

Like I said, I should have known it was coming. I thought back to that fae, the one I'd met, the one I'd lied about. He didn't die, I didn't kill him. I'd killed several in my time, but he got away. His manipulation of the forest at the time was almost comic. I was sloppy then, maybe I was sloppy now, but I had gain some control since then. That was pretty damned obvious since she was still alive. He had been the cause of the scar on my face because I'd underestimated his abilities. I couldn't take them seriously, they were beyond fucking ridiculous, he was like a goddamned cartoon character. Even now, the only fear I felt was that of the wolf. I was strung up in greenery like a goddamned fly in a web. Her power didn't intimidate me, it didn't fucking frighten me. Not much did, to be fair. I even laughed a short laugh before feeling like all of the blood was being drained out of my head. Fuck, maybe I should have been scared. I didn't have the energy after that bullshit to even hold my eyes open and right now I was at her goddamned mercy because of it.

It wasn't a fucking threat, mage. It was a fucking promise. I didn't fucking hate her, not one bit. Therefore I had no reason to fucking threaten her. I hungered for her. It was something she would never understand, her kind always got the two so fucking mixed up. She'd never know, because she'd never be wolf. It's interesting, you only get the balls to trap me in this bullshit when I'm too weak to fight out of it. There's no honor in kicking a man when he's down. Maybe I should fucking hate you, maybe I should hate your kind. If I hadn't just used every goddamned ounce of strength I had to reverse my turn I'd shred through this shit and detach your fucking head from your body. Time was fucking ticking away, my body was regenerating from that bullshit and I was getting pissed. Pissed only lead to one thing...

You're quite the fucking ventriloquist, I'll give you that. Unfortunately, I'm not your fucking puppet, and I came here with the offer, one that did you a goddamned favor. What makes you think I'll swap roles? I don't like fucking owing shit, I don't like even fucking asking a mage for shit, and I really don't fucking like this bullshit! I wiggled around, my impatience getting the better of me. Had I just waited for my strength to return, I could have kept my earlier promise. My eyes flared up, and with no intention of keeping my word, I said what the slut wanted to fucking hear. Fine.

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