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 [Private] Funds and Feuds - Page 3

[Private] Funds and Feuds

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[Private] Funds and Feuds - Page 3 Defaul10
Peyton Marx

Re: [Private] Funds and Feuds

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Fri May 01, 2015 9:24 pm

Never said I couldn't take it, fucking hell. I muttered, knowing that I probably sounded childish as I said but not really caring at that point. He made it sound like I was some kinda let down and I was of the opposite opinion. I knew I wasn't perfect but I wasn't a total fucking mess either. I had a reasonable amount of my shit together, though yeah, probably not as much as other twenty-six year old's. Oh just stuff your 'one wish' crap. You said there'd be a payment to helping you and hell, you could've set a limit on it if you'd wanted to. I'm not totally awful y'know, I wasn't out to drain you for every last drop I could. But it's irrelevant now, I get that. But don't you dare come away from this thinking that knowing all that stuff would've made me want something else. Rank would've been my choice just the same. Obviously I had some weird kind of brain damage because finding out all that actually made me want it more. I wasn't a fucking pussy and I'd've thought he of all people would've figured that out by now. Just because something was gonna be a little harder than expected didn't mean I'd wimp out.

You know technically that's not true- nevermind. I couldn't believe I'd actually been about to fucking point out that the sky changed color. Shit, I hadn't even been trying to think up some stupid metaphor or anything like that. Was I still angry enough at him to want to contradict him just for the sake of it. Probably. I was ashamed to admit it but hell, I had every right to act pissy if he could. Y'know, I can't even think of anything to say. It really doesn't matter and fuck it but that kinda sucks. I shrugged, trying not to dwell on something when there were no immediate answers to it. The packs actions weren't something that had a magically fix or even something you could brainstorm out a fucking solution for.

Whatever. I shot back, annoyed at his shrug and expression when I knew for a fact that I made a valid point.But if he wanted to keep all his shit on his own shoulders then I wasn't about to waste my breath trying to convince him otherwise. I laughed humorlessly at his comment, knowing that there were plenty of factors that would make him say something like that but I wasn't particularly bothered which one of those was influencing his words now. No, that's true. But fuck it, maybe non-traditional is a good thing? Tradition sure as hell doesn't seem to have done much good. I went quite as he spoke again, having nothing to say in response. He was right, it wasn't like I could just walk away. But I didn't want to either.

Obviously the shit I was saying was agitating him but I wanted to know why. Wasn't it a fucking good thing? That maybe he  wasn't actually some weird psycho maniac that enjoyed a spot of heart ripping every now and then. But seriously, I wouldn't even be hear if I really thought that it was him at his core who'd wanted to kill me. He hadn't seen it from the outside, how obviously not himself he'd been. The whole black eyes thing was just the tip of it and there were a tonne of other indicators I could've pointed out to him. But I didn't. I watched him lean against the wall, his eyes closed and probably trying to shut out what I was saying. I kept watched as he walked back over towards me, heart beating faster as he nudged the coffee table aside. And it was that feeling of panic mixed with... something else, something that I definitely should not be feeling after everything that had happened. I tensed when he touched my legs, jumped a little when I felt his head against my stomach but I didn't pull away. Not when he started speaking and I realized that maybe with all the crazy shit he had to deal that the idea of having no control was just too much. Even if that meant thinking the worst of yourself. But it was the apology that completely threw me. My eyes widened and I looked down at his head, struggling to find something to say. Nothing happened. I sighed and let one of my hands rest on top of his head. You got that, Vin? Nothing happened, we're cool. I just want to forget the whole thing. I couldn't put myself in his shoes, and honestly I didn't want to either but that didn't mean I couldn't... make it easier. If he felt anything like I did then maybe he'd want to wipe that night from his memory just as much as I did.

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[Private] Funds and Feuds - Page 3 Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Private] Funds and Feuds

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sat May 02, 2015 4:13 pm

Fuck there it was a-fucking-gain. That thing she did to me, that, just, way she was that made me want to break shit. There was always something to say, it didn't matter if I had just given her the meaning of fucking life she'd still find some fucking way to throw it back in my face. Some way to make her point magically more valid. I was so fucking tired of being silenced, or out gunned. So tired of it that it almost made me want to welcome that uncontrollable rage, maybe then I could learn to control it, maybe then I could make a change. And no one, not even her could fucking silence me anymore. It wasn't fucking easy, and I fuck I was willing to admit I wanted it to be. I wanted all of this to be fucking easy because my life was passing me by and with each fucking day I grew more and more just fucking sick of it all. This wasn't what I fucking wanted for myself. Of course it would have been. I didn't know what I meant by that, but I said it anyway. Maybe I just meant... All wolves wanted rank, and I'd be a fool to say I didn't have a feeling that's what she'd ask for when it came time for her to claim her payment. And you got it, so what's the fucking problem?

It was too bad I felt like such fucking shit in that moment, because her admitting she had nothing to say was something I'd waited for since I'd fucking met her. Ironically though, if she didn't have anything to say, then why did she feel so fucking compelled to say it. It was just proof that even when she was silenced she had something to fucking say about it, which was a little fucking irritating. Clearly shutting up wasn't something she knew how to do. We need new traditions... If I had one wish, it would be simple. All I'd ask for is understanding. I didn't need loyalty, or faith, just understanding. It wasn't that our wolves didn't want to train because they were lazy, even if that was the excuse I gave people. I knew the truth, they didn't want to train because I asked them to. They blamed me for the death of their pack master, and they always would. I knew there was only one way out of it too, it would give them the freedom to train without sacrificing their beliefs, but it would also cost me so much fucking more than I was willing to give up. For now anyway, one man against an army has a pretty definite fucking outcome, no matter how long he stands, he'll always fall.

I could feel the tension in her body, she was practically recoiling away from me like everyone else now and there was no way I could ever fix that. She had said what I wanted to hear, and just as I had expected it didn't make anything better, or easier, but it was a lesser of two evils. Right now I was in no position to even ask for anything better. I just stayed quiet for a moment, and even when I opened my mouth to speak, my mind had moved onto something else. Thank you. I spun around and pulled myself onto the couch, this time keeping my distance away from her. That would be the last time I'd ever get that close to her again. It was nothing she had done, it was just... I think... We need to end... things... I didn't want to, I didn't want to say it and I didn't want to do it but I had to. No more private meetups, no more... sex, we can't be friends. We can't be more. We have to be just... I sighed, Business partners. No calling eachother to bail eachother out of a shit situation unless it involves our business, that being rank and our wolves.

We're done.

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[Private] Funds and Feuds - Page 3 Defaul10
Peyton Marx

Re: [Private] Funds and Feuds

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Sat May 02, 2015 5:39 pm

Fuck. If I'd been surprised by the apology then that was damn near nothing compared to hearing the next two words that came out of his mouth. Gratitude was the last thing I expected from him given everything that had happened. I mean shit, maybe I didn't agree with the in's and out's of his argument but technically I hadn't helped him. I'd tried yeah, but it hadn't done any fucking good. I was guessing the only reason he hadn't taken back the title was because changing his mind now could look like a sign of weakness to the pack. Leaders could make mistakes but admitting them or making them obvious, even in shit like politics you could see that they never did that. They'd fucking... allude to what they'd done but never just take all the blame. Maybe I was way off but I couldn't think of another reason I was still warlord if I was only warlord in the first place because of a deal that had pretty much fallen through.

I didn't say 'you're welcome' or anything, honestly that didn't seem necessary and there was enough shit already going on in my head to try and figure out what it was that I should say. Maybe any sort of reply was just... unnecessary. Ugh, they were just two fucking words anyway so why was I even thinking on it that much. Plus... just because he'd apologized didn't mean I was okay with it. Yeah I wanted to forget it but that was for myself, for my own peace of mind.

My eyes tracked him as he moved away, glad for the space he put between us. I was determined to be stronger than my own mind, to not see him as a walking reminder of that night. Again, that was for my own sake. Fear was something to be conquered, not fucking accommodated. Then he was speaking and my eyes widened just the slightest in surprise. Responses were rapid firing into my head and each one died out just as quickly. I waited 'til he finished, until a few beats of silence had passed before I cleared my throat. I thought we already were. I said, lifting my chin slightly. What had happened, the last few weeks with the avoiding, the fact that I was okay with him doing it, what other conclusion would someone come to? I guess making it clear is... yeah. I didn't know what to say so I just nodded my head, agreeing. I didn't have to like it to know it was the smart move. Shit was already confusing enough for me, an attraction laced with panic, you didn't have to be genius to know that that wasn't healthy. 

I refused to acknowledge the parts of me that rebelled against the idea and stood up, shoved my hands into the pockets of my hoodie again and turned to leave. I didn't know what else there was to add. 'It was fun, see ya?' Fuck, I mentally cringed just thinking about it. I nearly walked by the desk before something in my memory flared up and  looked down, remembering the 'complaints' I'd knocked out on to the floor. I crouched down and pulled my hands free again, quickly gathering up the papers and stuffing them back in the container. I straightened, my back still to him but my head turned slightly so that I was almost but not quite looking over my shoulder. Sorry about that. I said, voice oddly formal. But that was a good thing, because it was better than sounding like any of this got to me.

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Re: [Private] Funds and Feuds

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