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 [Private] Metamorphosis - Page 13

[Private] Metamorphosis

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[Private] Metamorphosis - Page 13 Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Private] Metamorphosis

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:44 pm

Yeah... My voice trailed off, wondering if my head was one of those heads she'd been in. I wasn't fucking paranoid about it or anything, I just had to wonder if she'd ever gotten past the static of the way my gift conflicted with hers unnoticed. I had to admit, there were still times when I felt like I needed to be mentally on guard. I knew her, but I didn't at the same time. Maybe she did dig in there from time to time, searching for things I didn't want anyone to know or... hearing things I didn't want anyone to hear... How many times had she heard what I really thought about her? The good, the bad, even the stuff I didn't admit to myself? Could she even access the stuff I didn't admit to myself? I had so many questions, the kind of questions I couldn't ask her without offending her, so I kept them to myself, hoping that one day I could lock them up with the stuff I couldn't admit to myself so she'd never know. Even if there was a chance she could.

I don't dance around peoples feelings. Hard truths are the only acceptable truths. I admitted, even if it was a partial lie. It had a bit of honesty attached to it though, hard truths really were the only acceptable truths. The other stuff was the stuff we lied to ourselves about. They will. Another partial lie. I didn't know if they would forgive her, but I couldn't imagine them going this long without seeing her and accepting her with anything but open arms. Fuck if I could see my parents again I wouldn't ask any questions, I'd accept them. So why wouldn't her family do the same for her? If I could get past the brutality of time, anyone could.

I was hoping my strict focus on the water would change the course my mind was currently running, and it did, even more when I heard her body moving behind me causing a smile to curl at the corners of my mouth. But then it went away when I couldn't hear anything anymore, not even a step or a breath. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath of the lake air. My eyes instinctively began to glow when I felt myself falling face forward into the water, I didn't even have a chance to register where her hands touched me or even what she said before I was completely under.

I surfaced and violently flung the water from my hair, causing a pain in my neck but it was worth it when I saw it splatter over her smug face. Who got who again? I stuck my tongue out as I laughed, causing it to sound cackley just as hers did when I emerged my head from the water. I quickly swam on my back, heading for the center of the lake. If she wanted revenge, she would have to come and get it...

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[Private] Metamorphosis - Page 13 Defaul10
Peyton Marx

Re: [Private] Metamorphosis

Peyton Marx | Wolf; Warlord/Battlelord

Posted on Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:43 am

My lips twitched slightly at what he said, wondering if he'd completely missed the fact that I was joking when I'd said that. Shit it wasn't like I treated people any better when it came to telling them what I thought. Brutal honesty was the best kind, I didn't give a damn that most people couldn't handle it. So I guess that means you'll tell me if something makes my ass look fat. Good to know. Jokes aside it was good to know he was the type of person to tell you straight. Being a warlord now only made me appreciate it all the more. With any job you'd want to know that the your boss was being fucking honest with you, wouldn't just watch you blindly make an ass of yourself and fuck up your tasks.

When he voiced his opinion on whether they'd forgive me or not I just shrugged. Neither of us were psychic, and I knew there was a chance that it might've been too long or that the damage might run too deep. Hell, who knew if they'd even believe it was me at first? If my 'kid' showed up after ten years with no excuses as to why they'd vanished then I'd be pretty fucking skeptical. Maybe think they were some fucking fraud looking for money of media attention. People did worse things in worse scenarios.

Gloating didn't even fucking cover what I was doing after I'd pushed him in. It was just the act itself but the fact that I'd managed to be quiet enough to actually sneak up and catch him off guard. At least, I was sure that had to be the case. Otherwise he would've tried to do something to stop me, right? 

The slap of water across my face completely caught me off guard, making me fall back on to my ass. His words had me eyes flashing as I scrambled back to my feet, growling playfully. You're fucking dead Vin, so dead. I called after him, taking a few steps back to get a running start, adding distance to my dive into the water. I surfaced, pushing my hair back from my face aand setting off after him.

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