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 [Closed] I'm crazy.

[Closed] I'm crazy.

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[Closed] I'm crazy. Noelle12
Noelle Faye Benson

[Closed] I'm crazy.

Noelle Faye Benson | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Fri Jan 09, 2015 1:12 am

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Alley | Cold & Dry Overcast | 1:01 A.M.

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This thread can be open to 1 person if anyone is interested. However if not, then it's perfectly fine as a closed post. :)

He was tall. His skin was frosty white, contrasting the dark circles from his deep set eyes. His blonde hair almost appeared to be a muted mustard compared to the paleness of his skin. His eyes so pale they nearly looked dead, ironically. He had broad shoulders and from the way he carried himself you'd think his clothes weighed a hundred pounds. He wasn't conventionally attractive, in fact I would say he was the opposite. His forehead was too big and that over bite was seriously intense. He even had wrinkles, I mean not really but when he smiled you could see the signs of aging around his eyes. A vampire with wrinkles! I so wanted that thought to disgust me. There was no way I could spend an eternity looking at his aged face. It wouldn't get any older but it wouldn't get any younger either. And his hands were too big, they were way too big and don't even get me started on his feet.

He was absolutely repulsive, in every single way. It wasn't just his appearance either, I wasn't that shallow. He did this annoying long drawn out ''yeah'' thing whenever he wanted to change the subject, accompanied with a removal of eye contact. I mean it was just rude. His laugh sounded forced, his expressions were snarky and his ego was more than enough to cover the male population of this town. He was too competitive too. Who the hell was I trying to convince anyway?

I had gone from a lounge in Seattle to an empty alley in Index' least desirable neighborhood so fast it'd make your head spin. I had no clue why I was hiding or how long I would be hiding for. I didn't even like admitting that I was hiding. A slightly intoxicated, over dressed vampire standing in a dirty alley for no apparent reason and completely over indulged on human cocktails... As well as non-human cocktails... This was stupid. This was really stupid. Then why was I smiling? Oh my fucking... I was laughing. This was so unbelievably insane.

I wasn't thinking clearly. So why was I pulling out my phone? Why was I already typing out a message to someone I had listed in my phone as ''ego''. I didn't even know his name, I knew his phone number before his name this was insane! And nobody was here to tell me just how insane it was. I hit the send button without a second thought, or a second look.

Im too drinkto care. find me and Imyours.

I leaned up against the brick wall behind me, not even caring that it was most likely covered in gum. In fact if I was sober gum would be the least of my worries in this district, who knows what kind of bodily fluids I was currently pushing my ass into, letting it soak into my new dress... Gross. I smiled again, which lead to another laugh. I'M CRAZY! I yelled at the top of my lungs and let my shoulders slump and arms dangle loosely at my sides. I laughed yet again, No Noelle, you're just drunk. Talking to myself? Yeah, I really was crazy.


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Benjamin Reese

Re: [Closed] I'm crazy.

Benjamin Reese | Vampire; Infant

Posted on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:35 pm


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