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 [Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 2

[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch

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[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 2 Defaul10
Erika Richards
Williams smiled once again at us before moving on, probably to passive aggressively piss other people off, and I fixed my glare onto Ren.

Quote Begin I got us into this? What the fuck are you complaining for anyway, huh? I’m the one that gets the bullshit deal here, not you. Quote End I folded my arms and sighed. This whole Army of God thing could get tedious enough at times, training, more training, tick this box here and that box there before you can get on with the good stuff, but it was going to be even worse with Ren tagging along.  Quote Begin And as apparently you’re too dumb to work it out, I’m here, at an Army of God meeting… because I belong to the Army of God. It’s not rocket science, bitch. Quote End  I snarked back at Ren and rolled my eyes. I could feel the beginnings of a headache when I thought about the fact I was going to have to listen to his stupid comments regularly from then on too.

My gaze slid back to him and I looked him up and down, remembering what I could from the time I’d read his file. At least Williams’ decision made sense from a weapons oriented standpoint, apart from the fact the moron opposite me was included in that decision. Quote Begin Can you even still shoot a gun with that broken brain of yours? Or will I have to get some liquid silver for you to use in a water pistol? Quote End I laughed. Quote Begin Maybe if you aren't too crap you can be upgraded to super soaker. Quote End

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[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 2 Defaul10
Ren Davenport
Rik fixed her angry gaze onto me and suddenly it was like we were in some kind of glare-off. Deep-down I felt this primal need to win at all costs. I tamped it down slightly, but I still wouldn't be disappointed if I did win. Even in my head.

Oh, give me a break. You're not as great as you seem to think you are. And yes this is your fucking fault. You didn't have to be so buddy-buddy. Fucking bitch thought she was God's gift to mankind or something. I just felt this overwhelming sense of exhaustion like I was physically tired of her bullshit. And now... what? I would have to work with her? Trust her? I met her when she was masquerading as some kind of secretary before she knocked me out and ransacked the AOG office. And after that incident at the Halloween party there was no way in hell that I was going to be trusting her.

She was a part of the AOG? I knew the Army of God was pathetic but I didn't know it was this bad. They must be pretty desperate to let you on. I sneered.

She must have had some kind of ulterior motive, after all why else would she ransack their office and then join them? She was getting into their files, too. Maybe she was some kind of mole? But who would want information on this sad little organization. They were holding ragtag meetings in a church basement after all. And useless when it came to hunting vampires in their own area. In fact the organization had pretty much become one massive headache for me.

Yes I can fucking shoot a gun. I said, affronted. She thought she knew everything because she read my file and yet couldn't even get it into her head that my brain wasn't even messed up, and only personal memories were stolen. Which was that stupid fucking vampire's mistake because I was going to use every last piece of information he left in my "broken" head to find him and kill him. After I got back my memories, of course.

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[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 2 Defaul10
Erika Richards
Ren was entertaining to wind up, but only to a point. I’d reached that point at the end of the AOG meeting and entertainment had bled into irritation. I could handle being judged, underestimated, underappreciated, because all of those things gave me an advantage. But if couldn’t stand morons thinking they knew who I was, assuming shit about me like they actually had an idea of who I was, especially if they’d seen evidence otherwise.

I let Ren rant on, folding my arms and fixing him with an unimpressed stare. After he was finished I rolled my eyes and snorted.  Quote Begin I think you need to enlighten me when you became the world’s leading expert on what the fuck I’m like, Warren, because I can’t remember you looking through my file like I did yours. Quote End Sarcasm dripped from my voice. No, he was blessedly in the dark about me, but he had a tendency to forget I knew a shitload more about him. I dropped my icy glare, smiling nicely instead. I shrugged and pretended to admire my purposefully short and unpainted nails.  Quote Begin And I’ll have to remember how desperate this organisation were to take me on next time you almost become dog food. Or maybe I should quit, you’re obviously so much better off without me. Quote End  It was difficult to keep a cool, sarcastic demeanour when I was again beginning to enjoy reminding Ren how it was me that’d saved his ass, and a hint of a smirk kept twitching at my lips. I sighed and made as if to turn around, giving the room around us a cautionary sweep.  Quote Begin With your incredible gun-toting skills, so incredible it would’ve been laughable to use them to defend yourself, we don’t even need this organisation at all – you could obviously pull it off by yourself. Oh, Quote End  I turned back to him, my smile both sweet and dangerous at the same time.  Quote Begin How’s it going looking for the vampire that pulled the plug on your memories? Quote End  And, jackpot. Why was this man so thrilling to wind up?

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[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 2 Defaul10
Ren Davenport
Give me a fucking break. She thought she knew about me because she read my file?! How much information did she think that thing contained. You'd think she'd gained the key to the fucking universe the way she acted like she knew so much about me just because of the file. That stupid fucking file. I wished that day had never happened. Even more I wished that Rik didn't fucking exist. She was The Ultimate Bitch. She was a petty thief and a waste of space and training. And now she was my partner? I couldn't fucking deal with this shit.

Oh like you've helped this organization so much. I said bitingly, while I gave her an icy stare. Bitch thought she was God's gift to supernatural hunters or something even though all I'd seen her do was ransack offices and pick pockets. Such great skills. Wow. The AOG was just begging to have shitty thieves to rob their already poorly managed offices. Please. You think you're so great but you're just a coward. You're nothing more than a common criminal.

I had made mistakes, I'll admit. But at least I didn't think I was perfect and shit. I had more training than some of these amateurs and I was using it to go after evil bloodsucking demon spawn. Maybe my search hadn't been entirely fruitful but that wasn't for lack of skill or character or motivation. Why the bitch who wasn't actually doing anything useful thought she could throw that in my face wasn't entirely clear. In fact, I wasn't even sure why I was still talking to her. She wasn't worth my time. I needed to be out there recovering myself and my brother. Killing the thing that caused me to be here in the first place. Not arguing with some petty bitch who thought she knew anything about me. I had nothing to prove.

I am so fucking done with you. I said. And with that I turned on my heel and left. The less time I spent with her, the better.

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[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 2 Defaul10
Erika Richards
Did he seriously just walk off? I glared after Ren, too angry to find the situation as funny as it could have been. I shook my head, glare still intact, and sneered.

I reached into my pocket, wondering if the jackass would still think I was a coward with a chunk of lead in his head. While shooting the moron dead was appealing, I obviously wasn't an idiot myself and had no desire to spend the rest of my life holed up in a shitty jail cell, but it didn't mean I couldn't scare him a bit. My fingers curled around my trusty Smith and Weston inside my pocket.

A hand clamped down on my arm. Quote Begin Don't.Quote End Came the stoic order over my shoulder, and I let go of the gun. I bristled in Father William's grip before yanking my arm back and spinning round to face him. Quote Begin What? I wasn't going to do anything permanent.Quote End I rolled my eyes at his stare, but the intensity of it still made me feel uncomfortable, however I tried to hide it.

Quote Begin Don't make me regret our arrangement.Quote End His voice was steely but low, heard only to me over the hum of the other members. Quote Begin There's no second chances with 'friendly' fire.Quote End Father Williams pointedly stared at me, making his threat clear, and then swiftly moved on.

I sighed and tried to collect myself, unclenching my fists by my side. Shit, the old man didn't play about. I glanced to the door Ren had exited through, glared, and then stomped after him.

Quote Begin Hey, jackass!Quote End I shouted when I was outside, jogging to catch the lone figure up. When I did, slightly out of breath, I snorted at him. Quote Begin What part of the 'working together' shit didn't you understand?I mocked, and then quickly held a hand up to signal I had more and hopefully stop him just stalking off again. Quote Begin I've got a deal for you, one you might actually be interested in, if the vampire left you any un-wiped sense.Quote Begin I took my gun from my pocket, carefully and pointing it at the ground instead of Ren, just in case he turned drama-queen or suspected I was going to shoot his grumpy ass. Quote Begin We're stuck with each other, pretty much, so we might as well use it to our advantage. You - you probably want to catch the bloodthirsty critter that highjacked your memories and despite what you think of me, I'd bet a case of silver bullets I know more about the fangers round here than you do. And I've got something I need an extra pair of hands for, so... whaddya say to a little friendly, low-stakes competition? You win, I have to help you out with your shit, I win, you help me with mine. Either way, at the end of the day there'll be less bloodsuckers around, and obviously we get to see who the better shooter is too.. if you're not chicken.Quote End I smirked at Ren, narrowing my eyes and tilting my chin up in a challenge, hoping he'd agree and not be even more difficult. Williams had better get off my dammned back after this.

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