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 [Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 6

[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch

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Erika Richards
Quote Begin Well hey, that's fucking amazing. You're telling me you haven't taken them round to the vampire hangouts and found out a name yet?Quote End I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh, but couldn't help the build up of excitement at the thought of this adventure. Off the record cases were always so much more fun than the stupid shitty little things the AOG handed down to you.

My sudden laughter boomed around the graveyard, but I couldn't help it. I laughed so hard that tears sneaked out of the corners of my eyes, but I still couldn't stop. All it had taken was Ren just pulling out his wallet like that. Every time I took a breath and tried to compose myself, he was still there with his stupid wallet. I'd only been taunting him to see what he'd do, mostly, and I'd never expected him to just lie back and take it. What a fucking pussy. Quote Begin Are you actually considering paying me to give you your driving licence back? Fucking hell-Quote End I broke off, stuttering out another surprised cackle when my vision focused enough to actually notice his wallet. It was as cheap as cheap came. Quote Begin Oh my god, is that Velcro? Are you shitting me? What even are you?!Quote End I said, leaning on a gravestone and holding my side, my ribs hurting from laughing at Ren so much. I probably looked ridiculous, dying with laughter over some poor asshole's grave, but I couldn't give a shit if I tried. Quote Begin A fucking Velcro wallet... Quote End I repeated, cackling to myself like a witch, my chest jiggling about inside my shirt with each peal of laughter.

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Ren Davenport
Well, you know how welcoming vampires are to hunters crashing their parties. I said with just a tinge of sarcasm. A couple of decent pictures were useful, but they could only go so far. I wasn't a total idiot - I'd been out trying to gain contacts in the vampire world, hoping for a real lead from an informant, but it was a dangerous game. It was possible that I already knew every vampire I came across and just had no memory of it. Every time I stepped into a room with one I took a serious risk. The oddest part was sometimes I really thought that I saw a flash of recognition in their eyes - the ones that might've recognized me were usually the ones who gave the least information though.

I put my wallet back in my pocket as I watched in confusion as Rik practically rolled on the ground laughing. When she talked about an "incentive" for getting it back I had assumed she had something in mind other than money. After you stole the last one I figured it wasn't worth it to spend a lot of money to get a nice new one. I said, only slightly embarrassed that the thing was so ugly. It did its job fine. As for the driver's license, I'd figured Rik would make suggestion about what she wanted me to do in exchange for getting it back and I would decide whether it was worth it to do whatever that thing was. The alternative was driving to Canada and lying about where I'd been living for the past year. I just want my license back I said, raising my hands defensively.

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Erika Richards
I smiled, a wide, sly smile. Quote Begin There are ways to get around that.Quote End I said through my smirk.

As much as hanging around and mocking Ren was entertaining, the useful information seemed to be drying up and I had better things to do. I sighed, looked between him and his licence - what a crappy picture - and then shoved the licence back down my top. I walked over to collect the spent bullets from the can. Never knew where those babies might turn up to bite you in the ass. I didn't trust criminals and I didn't trust cops either when it came to forensics.

Quote Begin Well, sometimes you don't get what you want, Warren. Other times you have to work for them. Maybe if you're a good boy you'll get a surprise reward one day, get your licence back if you're extra good.Quote End I blew him a mocking kiss and then with one last laugh, turned my back and started quickly striding away. Too much longer and some annoying do-gooder would call the cops about what we'd been doing in the graveyard.

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Ren Davenport
I snorted at Rik's comment, Yeah, your ass. I said sarcastically. She thought she was so bad but it wasn't like she got by purely on skill. Any straight man and probably the gay ones too would notice her other assets, and she knew it. Come to think of it, that was probably why she thought she was so bad. She probably thought she was some kind of sexy warrior.

It was some kind of miracle that she was able to store all that shit in her bra. The license virtually disappeared when she shoved it down in there. Did she keep other things in there too? What was the max volume of her tits? I had to keep all that stuff in a wallet, but she could keep it in her boobs, and it's pretty damn hard to steal some bitch's tits, y'know?

Maybe I'll just get a new one. I said, shaking my head. Knowing Rik, the hoops she would want me to jump through to get it back would be infinitely more painful than driving back to Canada and dealing with government bureaucracy and the loads of other shit I would have to get a new one when I wasn't even living in Canada.

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