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 [Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 5

[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch

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Ren Davenport
My first memory is waking up in a hospital and being told by some guy that I was a vampire hunter... pretty messed up shit, huh? I'd already spent loads of time learning the details of my own life, but even my own file couldn't really tell me the whole story. It pissed me off when Rik suggested that I might've been a crossdresser or some shit, but it wasn't like I really knew. And Brody... what could he have been like to make me pursue this vampire so intently that he took my memories?

Oh fuck off I said, with a twinge of annoyance. I was trying to explain to her the shitty story of my life and she was making jokes about it.

Uh... well, yeah. The fact that she was legitimately thinking this out and reaching logical conclusions told me she could be an asset to my hunt and not just the bitch that I'd thought she was. I actually kept a record of the vamp. According to the organization's files he killed my brother, and I was hunting him when I went missing and woke up here. Telling her this was weird. Shouldn't I have had a more emotional response when I was talking about the asshole that killed my brother and took my life? Mostly I was mad that I had to go through all this shit just to get my life back.

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Erika Richards
Quote Begin Yeah, that is pretty messed up,Quote End I said, and while it had probably been traumatic for poor old Rennykins it was far from the most disturbing thing I'd witnessed, Quote Begin Stuff like that can fuck people up... finally your shitty personality explained, it's all making sense to me now.Quote End I mocked, unable to help myself. The guy just made it so easy, it would be insulting not to take the opportunities.

I had to try and be a little serious though, because there was no way I'd get in on anything if every comment I made just put Ren's panties in a twist. I couldn't help roll my eyes though - maybe he just needed to hear it straight. Quote Begin Sorry to try and inject some humour into your sad, pitiful existence. Do you want me to help you and actually solve this shit, or do you want me to buy you the world's tiniest violin while you fuck around being a whiney-ass bitch and feeling sorry for you messed up shit of a life? Because that's been working so well for you so far with finding this vampire.Quote End I commented, sarcasm dripping off my lips.

Shaking my head, I sighed and continued, unable to hide my surprise that Ren had managed to do something right by the sounds of it. Quote Begin Well it looks like you managed to do something right, you still got these records? I imagine a name would be too much to hope for, huh? There's ways of tracking fangers down though, they're all so fucking interconnected and with the creepy humans and their Twilight fetishes there's usually loose ends, or someone who knows something.Quote End A vampires reliance on humans for survival made them easier to find in my experience of tracking down supers, much easier than any of the others. Occasionally you'd get a really intelligent one who'd kill their victims, but the lure of places like Poison that offered up apparently valued blood and whatever other gross services seemed to be very strong for vampires and it was rare to find one that hadn't visited a place like that at least once.

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Ren Davenport
I realized that I was growing used to Rik's constant mocking -- it had moved from a major irritation to a mild annoyance. I barely noticed her newest little joke and all I did was give a slight sigh in response. She could laugh all she wanted, but it was my life and I wasn't about to just laugh it off like it was nothing.

If I could play the tiny violin I would happily have you buy it for me, since you stole my wallet and all, but I can't so I guess we'll have to go with the alternative. I said, ignoring her sarcastic tone. I preferred to get my humor from people who were actually y'know, funny. And who weren't laughing off the problems that I was actively working to solve.

I have the files, yes. No name though, I guess you don't really have time for introductions when you're hunting someone down. I actually didn't know what had or hadn't gone down when I was hunting the vamp, having lost my memory and all, but I hadn't quite moved to the point where I could completely ignore every little bitchy comment that came out of her mouth. I somewhat already knew what she was suggesting, but I could tell she was suggesting something different from what I'd already been trying.

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Erika Richards
Oh hell, this dweeb wasn't going to stop going on about his wallet, was he? I rolled my eyes and stood up squarely. Quote Begin Okay, shit, I get that hunting vampires isn't always on an introductory basis. But you've got a picture? Getting a name can be where we start next.Quote End

After getting that out of the way, I stepped up towards Ren and waited before him, one hip jutting out. Then I pulled my top down just enough to reach into my bra, fishing out all the goodies I had in there. I might have had pockets practically all the way up and down each leg, but the safest place to keep what was precious was still the closest to you...

Quote Begin Here.Quote End I pulled out a twenty dollar bill from the folded stash and held it out to Ren. Quote Begin If that'll shut you up with your shitty whining - buy yourself a new crappy wallet with it. It's not like the old one was worth any more.Quote End I went back to flicking through the wad of assorted things I was yet to pass on or sell, peering at a few driver's licences I'd managed to collect. I found Ren's, my fingers pinching at it because I didn't exactly want to give it up. Quote Begin This could be worth a hundred bucks, y'know that? Quote End I told him, holding it near my chest as I tucked my stash back inside my bra and pulled my shirt back up. Quote Begin So, what incentive have you got for me to give it back? Besides no longer being a whiney shitface? Quote End I said, smiling meanly.

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Ren Davenport
Yeah I've got some pictures. The file had an odd concoction of photos I assumed I took myself at some point and frames taken from grainy surveillance cameras in gas stations and the like. The surveillance photos weren't the highest quality, but the others were taken by a better camera and would probably be more useful for us to use. It explained why I had found a DSLR camera among my possessions when I got out of the hospital.

At first I wasn't sure what was happening when Rik started reaching down her shirt. I was kind of surprised when she pulled out a wad of cash, I mean I'd heard about women keeping shit in their bras, but I'd never seen it first hand.

I think the events that followed all kind of happened in a rush. Like she just handed me 20 bucks and pulled out my drivers license and was using it to extort money or something from me. I might have been momentarily dazed by her sudden decision to give me money, and to be honest I was a little confused about the license. I didn't see why it was of any real value to anyone but me. What do you want? I sighed, pulling out the wallet I'd bought at Walmart to replace the one she'd stolen and slipping the bill into it. I didn't really just have $100 cash just laying around, and I really wasn't sure what she was getting at anyway.

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