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 [Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 4

[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch

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Erika Richards
My eyebrows shot up of their own accord for a second when Ren's bullet hit it's mark. It went straight through the can, if a bit off center, the can falling on it's side and then rolling of the top of the gravestone. He was better than I'd expected. I wasn't disappointed at the loss of teasing fuel though, because there were countless other things to mock him about, but it did surprise me. Maybe having to team up with him wouldn't be so bad after all. Maybe Ren might even be.. useful... if I could get him to stop talking out of his ass.

Quote Begin Not bad. Safe to say the vampire didn't wipe your muscle memory or eye. Quote End I'd seen twisted outcomes from vampire's glamouring before, and some of it would be impressive if it wasn't so sick, or if they weren't on an opposing side and could make you the next victim. Never make eye contact with vampires - I could hear my old mentor's gruff voice in my ear even now.

I ambled forward, hips rolling as I lazily moved my legs into place before the gravestone and the remaining can. Out came my gun from my pocket, and I quickly switched rounds, pocketing the custom one I had it pre-loaded with. I wasn't going to waste any silver on a can. With a smirk I raised my gun, took a second to aim and pulled the trigger, quickly firing off two rounds. The first missed the can entirely but the second bullet shot straight through the center of it, the can exploding off the gravestone and rocketing off into the darkness behind it. My smirk stretched and I turned back to Ren. Guns were something I knew. I'd practically grown up using them, out on the streets where you didn't have time to accurately line up or get the perfect stance, because do that and you'd be dead. I liked to think I did amazingly considering I had no formal training to speak of. Shit, I was still alive, wasn't I?

I started replacing the silver bullet back - you never knew when you'd need one of those, and walked back over to Ren.

Quote Begin So, Quote End I began, trying to sound as conversational as possible. Quote Begin Why'd the vampire mess with your head?Quote End My gaze pierced Ren and I cocked my head at him. I nudged at my chest too for good measure, crossing my arms so my boobs almost seemed to expand, creating probably a very attractive view. Whether it would be a distraction or an incentive to Ren, there weren't many men I knew who it didn't work on. More importantly though, I needed to know hwy the vampire had chosen to meddle with Ren's brain rather than just plain kill him. It wasn't something typical, and it hinted at something shady going on. And if that was the case, I wanted in...

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Ren Davenport
I crossed my arms and leaned against a tombstone. It was probably disrespectful or something, but hey, the guy was dead. If he wanted to rise up from the grave and take it up with me, then I'd hear him out. Until then it would make a nice place to watch Rik's performance.

The proud smirk remained on my face even with Rik's snarky comment. I was trained. I wasn't the best, but I was usually able to hit what I was trying to shoot with an okay margin of error and that was what counted.

Rik moved into place to shoot (was it possible her ass had gotten better? Having her as my partner definitely had its perks). She took her stance and fired two consecutive rounds. I'd managed to hit the can on the first shot, but her second shot was more accurate than mine and had gone straight through the middle of the can. She wasn't bad, and might even be useful to my hunt. It wasn't exactly like she could hinder my progress anyway. Not bad. I said, with a small look of approval (a very small one. This didn't change anything about our relationship.)

I imagine the point of the vampire taking my memories is so that I wouldn't have the memory of the reason why he took my memory. The thing had taken my identity and my brother's life - I had a million theories about what had happened and none of them were any good. What had I witnessed that required my memories being wiped? Why didn't the thing just kill me? Why had he chosen to torture me this way instead? He needed to pay for what he did to me, and, more importantly, what he did to Brody.

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Erika Richards
I rolled my eyes, resorting back to my typical posture at Ren's plain damn uselessness. I folded my arms anyway, without the intention of drawing attention anywhere, and perched on the edge of a gravestone.

Quote Begin Oh ha, fucking ha. Don't you think I fucking worked that out already, douchebag? I meant anything from before the memory loss, because we both know that you must've been in some pretty deep shit for it to happen. I doubt it was some overnight deal, it was probably going on for a while.Quote End There was no point in fishing if Ren wasn't going to help, and the last thing I wanted was him to turn into a whiney bitch at me reminding him about his poor little lost memories. So traumatic... get me the world's tiniest damn violin and I'd hit him over the head with it, it couldn't make him any worse. Quote Begin So what can you remember? What did you do before it was poor little Ren on a quest to get his memories back?Quote End If he was good, maybe I'd give him his crappy wallet back - sans the contents of it, obviously.

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Ren Davenport
I laughed at her response, reveling in the fact that I had gotten to her, at least somewhat, but it was time to be serious. I needed to hunt down this vampire if I wanted to get my memories, and, as much as I hated to admit it, I could use Rik's help. I didn't know how far I could push her before she decided it wasn't worth the trouble, even if we did have a deal.

I don't really have any memories. Just what I was told. I worked as a personal trainer, same as now, and I hunted vampires in Vancouver after one killed my brother. Those were basics. It was frustrating how little I knew about myself, and the Warriors hadn't been much of a help. They'd been hesitant to give me any real details, if they actually had any. From what I could tell, both the WAN and the AOG were useless to me and, frankly, they were annoying. They forced me to follow their rules and work under their authority, which slowed me down. And look, it had even gotten me partnered up with a person I had come to despise. Even a great ass couldn't make up for that.

You were right when you said he didn't take my muscle memory. He took my personal memories, but for some reason he left me with factual knowledge. I'm not a vegetable or anything. That was the weirdest part. I remembered facts. I knew anatomy and I could still shoot a gun (as I had just proven), but if I tried to remember how I had learned these things? Instant headache.

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Erika Richards
Quote Begin None at all?Quote End I raised my eyebrows, Quote Begin Geez, that's overkill - but that's fangers for you. I thought you'd only forgotten whatever got you mixed up with those bloodsuckers instead, not everything. Not even your name, huh?Quote End Shit, this was really good. It must mean that Rennykins had been in deep shit for a vampire to be that drastic. Or the fanger was a sadistic fuck, which was just as plausible. I grinned. Quote Begin Sometimes I wonder if a vegetable has more brains than you do.Quote End Even if he might be my ticket into vampire business. With the years some of the creeps had racked up behind them they could have some very interesting and profitable stashes of all kinds of shit.

I sighed, and put my brain to work in fathoming out this mystery of Ren's. Quote Begin So if you worked for some AOG branch before this, have they got a list of the things you were looking into before this happened? Any cases you did for them. If you were in this business before it could easily be payback.Quote End On the other hand, maybe he just opened his whiny mouth and the vampire did us all a favour. Or had meant to, because I'd bet that Ren's pissyness was mostly because he'd had his memories taken away, so perhaps it wasn't such a favour at all.

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