Index was once a small and close-knit community, but the town located on the western side of Washington state has grown in recent years beyond anyone's expectations. It is the ideal place for those who work in Seattle but can't afford the city's high real estate prices, and for others the natural beauty attracts them to the town. And Index truly is a beautiful place - surrounded by thick evergreen trees, tall mountains and glistening rivers and lakes. While weather is typically rainy with overcast skies even this does nothing to take away from the beauty of the town, and it is only highlighted further when the heavy snow graces the town and caps the mountains in winter. To many, Index would seem like a paradise. And yet lurking beneath this visual beauty there is more to this town than anyone might ever imagine...

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 [Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch - Page 3

[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch

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Ren Davenport
I stormed out, fuming at Rik's words and determined to find a way to kick her ass or prove her wrong or something. I was incoherently planning my revenge when I heard the sound of her voice shouting something at me. I whirled around to see her jogging to catch up with me. Could she not take a hint? I didn't fucking want to talk to her. She was becoming a pest.

I crossed my arms and glared at her when she commented about my (once again, quite ignorantly) about my situation. Sure, we had been paired together, but we weren't currently on any mission and there was no reason to be talking to her for no reason. I was ready to leave again when she made a proposal that interested me. I tensed when she pulled out her gun, but relaxed again when she started to explain her idea.

I had the feeling that Rik way underestimated me. Having my personal memories wiped hadn't actually affected any of my skill or technical knowledge. It was why I was still able to hunt and work as a personal trainer in Index. I was a trained marksman - not the best, but I could hold my own against the other members of the WAN and certainly the amateurs of the AOG.

Alright, I said with a slight smile, You're on.

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Erika Richards
I smirked at Ren's response, putting my hands on my hips and appreciating that he still had a bit of bite in him. Then I got down to business. I scanned the sidewalk and the road, walking a few strides away before I spotted what I was after. I stepped forward to grab two un-crushed coke cans off the sidewalk, pleased that whatever loitering teenagers that had most likely left them there hadn't crushed them.

Quote Begin Right, c'mon then.Quote End I wedged one can under my arm near my chest, to free a hand so I could jump the small fence that separated the street from the graveyard. It was a fairly large graveyard, running alongside the wood at the furthest point. Quote Begin Don't want the suburban soccer moms getting their panties in a twist at the sound of gunshots.Quote End I wiped my hand down my cargoes and waited for Ren to join me, my boots making dents in the soft turf.

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Ren Davenport
I cocked an eyebrow, curious about what exactly Rik had in mind. I watched with amusement as she picked up some discarded cans of questionable origin and jumped the fence into the graveyard. Getting over the stout barrier wasn't challenging, fortunately it wasn't one of those tall wrought iron jobs with the spikes on top like in some of those Gothic graveyards that look like the sets of old horror movies. The church and the graveyard were both fairly large and old-looking, surrounded by woods and not located in a particularly populous neighborhood. It made a good place if you were looking to do something and didn't want anyone noticing.

Once I was over the fence I surveyed the graves. The headstone closest to me was one of those tall pointy ones that looked more like a mini-memorial for some guy I'd never heard of. The ground was no longer frozen, in fact it was wet and soft with the recently melted snow. The grass needed to be cut and probably hadn't been since it first snowed, and my feet matted down the wet grass forming footprints and marking the fact that we had been here. I chuckled at Rik's comment, They would probably think it's fireworks or something anyway.

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Erika Richards
I headed for the furthest point of the cemetery, striding along with a lazy determination, the cans in my hands. I could hear Ren's footfalls behind me and I smirked. Sucker, I knew he'd follow. Quote Begin Probably, cushy dumbfucks. Too busy holed up in their family homes, feeling comforted in their sheltered lives to even think about guns going off 'round here. Asking to get the shit robbed off them if you ask me.Quote End I commented, walking over to a headstone about my waist height and balancing the cans on top of it, putting a heavy rock on each of them to make sure they wouldn't get blown off by the wind.

Pleased with my work, I smirked at the setup and then paced a few feet off, joining Ren where he was standing. I raised my eyebrows at him, the challenge obvious, and took my gun out from the holster hidden under my baggy pants. Quote Begin Ladies first.Quote End I sniggered, gesturing for Ren to step up. Quote Begin If you can even shoot, that is.Quote End

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Ren Davenport
I followed a few meters behind Rik and gave her backside a funny look when she commented that suburban moms were "asking to get the shit robbed off them". Now I grew up just outside of Vancouver, where the city starts to turn to suburbs so it was a pretty safe place. You definitely didn't hear gunshots everyday, but it's not like that meant that its residents were somehow bad people. The suburbs and small towns may be small safe place where people who don't have a lot of experience with the real world like to dwell, but that doesn't mean that its occupants aren't perfectly nice hardworking people who are just ignorant to how the other half lives.

We reached what Rik must've deemed the appropriate grave (I was raised in the Catholic church and try to have some respect for the dead and their resting places, but I didn't have much of a choice in the scenario). I didn't react to her calling me a lady - to be honest I wasn't entirely sure what she meant by it. Was she, a woman, suggesting the women were lower life forms than men? I mean I guess it was somewhat offensive because she was saying that I wasn't manly, but really?

I took my gun out of its holster and loaded it. I took my stance, sighted the can, and took a deep breath. I couldn't help but think that a lot was riding on this. Slowly I squeezed the trigger and the hammer released.

I like my Beretta and have found it to be an accurate and reliable gun. I have been trained in shooting it and do head to the range every now and then to make sure I can still hit a target, but that didn't stop me from breathing a sigh of relief when I hit the can. I turned to Rik and smirked as if to say "how's that?"

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