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 [Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch

[Private] I Would Really Appreciate it if You Would Kindly Return My Wallet... Bitch

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Ren Davenport
Thread Details

Overcast | AOG Meeting

Another day another AOG meeting. I really had nothing against the organization, incompetency was to be expected when it was so young. Still, I grew more and more frustrated the longer I remained in Index. My search had been fruitless - I was no closer to recovering my memory than I was the day I woke up in the hospital. I got a splitting headache whenever I tried to remember anything associated with my identity and yet I had no problem doing my job. Health facts? No prob but I couldn't tell you my favorite movie or a single food I ate as a child. The AOG meetings were monotonous things. The information they shared didn't affect me - and frankly, I didn't care. Perhaps I was apathetic or whatever, but it was really hard to grow attached to an organization that had been nothing but useless to me.

As the meeting drew to a close I happened to notice that bitch that stole my wallet - Rik. The very person who had ransacked the leader's office and smoked his cigars (I hadn't even known he was a smoker) - not to mention the fact that she knocked me out. And then later she led me on and stole my wallet. She wasn't getting me a third time though. My problem was that I kept letting my guard down, but never again. I refused to allow her insanely nice ass and tits to distract me. In fact, I was going to march up to her and demand that she return my wallet. What a hassel that whole ordeal had been, I had to cancel my credit cards when I got home from the bar as well as take a trip up into Canada to get another ID. Border crossing is a pain in the ass.

As soon as the AOG meeting adjourned I made good on my mental promise and walked right up to Rik. Excuse me, but I think you stole my wallet.

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Erika Richards
OOC Message
Outfit, jacket.

The AOG meetings had started to get interesting with the addition of ‘Father William’ – for me at least, as the man with the deceivingly unassuming appearance had been involved in sending me to Index. It was still being kept hush-hush, I suppose to keep me as another ace up their sleeve for whatever business they thought was going on in Index – or wasn’t going on as was the case with the naught boy Metrofanes. I didn’t really care as long as they kept the pay packet coming my way, and Father Williams was good at his job.

It made listening to his talks amusing in the very least, because the other baby members clearly didn’t know how ruthless Father Williams could be when needed and he was playing a slow game, not letting on as he took in what the participants were like for himself. I’d seen him angry before and he was one of the few people I wouldn’t enjoy crossing. I’d yet to find any worthwhile dirt on him either in case I needed it – the guy was clean as a whistle. People always had something though, a skeleton tucked away in the back of their closets. Priests were usually easier than most, which just made the lack of anything frustrating, and pretty suspicious.

Regardless of what William had done, I still had to go to the meetings now I was an official member of the AOG. I liked to sit there with a smile on my face and enjoy the thought of one of the thick as shit members crossing him, half-listening to the meetings and making personal bets on who it’d be. He’d have to make a show of someone eventually, teach someone a lesson to let the other douchebags know their slowness and disrespect wasn’t going to cut it, he made a big deal out of respect. It’d happen eventually and I just hoped I’d get to be around to witness it.

I was still smiling at the thought when the meeting was over, standing from my seat and chuckling at how Williams cleverly avoided my gaze. I was about to go travel to Seattle in search of a poker game when I heard a familiar voice. I folded my arms and snorted, looking him up and down.  Quote Begin Hmmm, did I? Quote End  I said, putting on a show of pressing a finger to my lips and pretending to think. Damn, this man was so stupid. Who even went up to someone who’d stolen your stuff and said that? What an asswipe. I shrugged and grinned feraly at him.  Quote Begin Well what you gonna do about it, Warren? Quote End  I dropped any pretence of me not knowing and just stood there smirking at him, stance wide and arms folded across my chest. I wanted to see what he’d try when there were still other people milling around, not that I thought he’d try much if we’d been on our own.

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Ren Davenport
OOC Message

I was feeling pretty good about myself when I originally made the accusation. I'd noticed that I had a confrontational side and it was making an appearance at this meeting with Rik. The exhilaration that came with instigating that confrontation wore off pretty quickly, in fact it was gone before the end of her response. The adrenaline rush lasted about 30 seconds - it seemed she was cutting a lot of things short for me lately. That was even my biggest problem. I had no response. I didn't know what I was going to do about it. I couldn't kick her ass, despite her previous insurrections. The AOG wouldn't likely believe me if I told them about the ransacking.

I, uh... well, shit. I gaped for a second, feeling my face flush slightly in embarrassment. I'm not sure yet... but you will regret what you did. I hissed after a momentary pause.

Against vampires I could be lethal, but with Rik I was a lame-ass sniveling little bitch. One day I was going to kick her ass, but this was not that day unfortunately and now I looked like a fool. I crossed my arms and started to turn away but the man who had been speaking - Father Williams - appeared at my side. He was an unassuming man, but in his talk he came off as fairly competent, which was more than could be said for the rest of the AOG.

Hello, Father. I said in greeting. My arms were still folded but my anger had mostly dissipated. Civility was the key during these meetings, and it hadn't been smart to confront Rik like that.

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Erika Richards
Oh man, he was actually blushing. He actually had no response at all! I grinned widely and then cracked up, letting out a low snigger as I watched Ren become flustered.  Quote Begin Oh yeah? Sure, I’ll just turn round one day and be all oh Ren, I’m so sorry, wah wah here’s a friendship bracelet I made you, let’s be best buddies forever. Quote End  I mocked, shaking my head.

I was just about to continue ripping into the guy when Father Williams stepped up. Shit, it was like he had sonar or super-hearing that was tuned into me the whole time.  Quote Begin Yeah, hey Father. Quote End  I parroted after Ren, flashing Williams with my biggest, winning smile. I moved next to Ren and clapped an arm round his shoulder.  Quote Begin Me and Ren here were just talking about how great friends we are. Quote End  I said, toning down my smile a notch and wondering if Williams would drop it or I’d be in for a warning later. I didn’t give a fuck if Ren snivelled to him that I’d stolen his wallet or anything else, but I’d had one too many warnings from Father Williams already about how I had to fit in with the fellow Army of God members and not victimise anyone. Apparently I had to play nice, or at least look like I was playing nice. I patted Ren’s back heavily and grinned.  

Quote Begin Then you’ve made my job easier. I’m was going to be assigning partners to train and eventually run missions together, but as you get along so well you can consider yourselves paired up. Quote End  Father Williams said, his hands clasped behind his back. He smiled cheerfully at us, the perfect, unassuming picture. Stupid old man. I fought not to have my own smile fall off my face and was sure I looked like I was sucking a lemon – it felt like I was at least. I didn't bother arguing, knowing better, but I was already stewing inside. Now I was going to be stuck with this moron and the worst thing was that I knew this was a punishment from Williams, but not yet which one of my slip-ups he was punishing me for. There was no way he was going to tell me anytime soon either. Damn sadist.

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Ren Davenport
I don't want your friendship, I growled, rolling my eyes. Everything she did grated on my nerves! I didn't know it was possible for a person to bother me so much, but somehow everything she did pissed me off. My face heated further under her mockery.

When the Father appeared I was prepared for some kind of formal cordial exchange, but Rik put her arm around my should like... like we were friends or something! I opened my mouth to object but Father Williams cut me off to announce that we would be working as partners. Wait... what? I did not like the sound of that. Training and running missions with a partner I couldn't trust? No, thank you. I worked alone.

After the father left I pushed Rik's arm off my shoulder and stepped away from her. I can't believe you just fucking got us into this. I glared at her. Now I seriously needed to kick her ass. Why did she have to pretend to be all buddy-buddy with me anyway? It's not like it mattered that we weren't the best of friends as long as it didn't get in the way of AOG activities. I didn't have time for training and working with a partner. I had a mission of my own that I needed to be focusing on, and somehow the AOG had moved from helping to hindering because of this bitch. Who, come to think of it, wasn't even a loyal member.

Why are you even here? It didn't seem fit for her to be ransacking the AOG office just a short time before becoming a member of the organization.

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