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 [Private] I believe this is yours

[Private] I believe this is yours

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[Private] I believe this is yours XnBFP7L
Michelle Hawke

[Private] I believe this is yours

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sun Nov 30, 2014 2:18 pm

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Auto Repair | Cold AF, Light snow flurries | 2pm

OOC Message
Outfit  Also, this takes place mid November

I was sure it was long past time to bring Joe his coat.  It was cold as hell (and yes I mean that, to me if Hell exists, then it's not flames, it's gonna be just... ice.)  I had been hesitant, since um.. well I'm not going to lie, I watched too many movies.  Maybe I was an expendable human who wasn't supposed to see what she'd seen.  Would he do that?  I wanted to like the guy, but I didn't fucking know him.  Not that well, anyway.  Maybe he gave me a jacket and shit but... shit I don't know.  I'd probably curse myself if he really didn't have any ill will toward me.  Because fuck, honestly, how cool would it be to know fucking wolves, right?  Not like I'd go around bragging about it.  In fact, now that I knew Gio wasn't dead... I kind of wanted to see that shit again.  Didn't mean I wanted to go through it myself, though.  

I parked my car this time as far away from the other cars at the repair shop, no more accidents, m'kay?  I reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed the leather jacket, which still reaked heavily of cig smoke, and left the car, closing the door by bumping my butt against it.  I stepped inside to see that same guy that I'd talked to before, not Joe, but the other dude.... I couldn't remember names for shit, including Joe's real name.  

"Can I help you miss?"  His smile was big, and it didn't look like a very busy day.  
I um... I was looking for the guy that had fixed my car here before.
"Oh, I hope something isn't wrong with it, I can assure you we-"
No, no, I just had a question for him, uh... I knew that if this guy was his manager or whatever, he probably wouldn't like social calls, even on a slow day like this.  I could see his face twist in annoyance already.
He was telling me something about rotating tires.  Can I um.. can I just talk to him?

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[Private] I believe this is yours Vinban11
Vincent Sawyer Byrne

Re: [Private] I believe this is yours

Vincent Sawyer Byrne | Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha

Posted on Sun Nov 30, 2014 6:22 pm

''Fuck aren't you cold dude?'' I slid out from under the car and started wiping my hands off on my cloth. Nah, I run hot. I said simply, without adding anything else. It was weird at first, I mean my first winter as a wolf. The way my body adapted differently than humans. Here I was with the garage door open, in nothing but a plain tee and my jumpsuit strapped around my waist. Hell, even that was making me feel too hot. I wouldn't say that was the only thing causing me to feel warmer than usual. I still had use for winter clothes, but something inside of me was changing, I couldn't explain it.

My head turned to the door leading into the office as it swung open, ''Vin! There's some broad here for you, think she wants to get her tires rotated. Make it quick I'm not payin' you to chat up the clients. I'm payin' you to pay me.'' I finished wiping off my hands and chucked the cloth to the side before pulling myself to my feet. I didn't rush. It was probably fucking Ophiuchus here to ask me for money. I was in no rush to open my wallet for her out of obligation. I never was.

Before I had the door open even a centimeter I had the scent, the scent of my jacket. Before I even had it open a couple inches her hair color was in sight. Was it fucked up that I was relieved? Excited even? Hell seeing Satan himself instead of that whiny teenage bride would be cause enough for a cele-fucking-bration. It took a minute for me to realize that she had been there when... Even knowing that I was still fucking happy.

I looked around her to make sure she wasn't accompanied by men in blue uniforms before opening it completely. I take it you're not here to get your tires rotated. It was an icebreaker, probably not a funny one considering what she had seen. Hell maybe I'd luck out and she'd think she was drugged? What a funny fucking thought. Me? Luck? Fuck no. Gio's not here, he's uh... at boot camp. Not here...

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[Private] I believe this is yours XnBFP7L
Michelle Hawke

Re: [Private] I believe this is yours

Michelle Hawke | Human; Citizen

Posted on Sat Dec 06, 2014 5:37 pm

I eavesdropped, not even going to lie about that. First, I finally got his name, sorta. Vin… What the hell was that short for? In the current context the term “vin number” was all I could come up with. But the last part of what he said stuck with me - paying you to pay me? What in the holy fuck? I guess he owed the guy, but he didn’t have to be such a cockface about it. I wondered, at that moment, if maybe Joe… Vin? wasn’t the only wolf working here. Fuck, being a wolf, you’d think all he’d need to do was change or some shit, freak the guy out and all debts would be fucking settled right there.

I arched an eyebrow as he came closer, shit, I mean I wasn’t complaining about the way he looked but fuck, it wasn’t July. Shit made me cold looking at him. I shook my head to his sorta-greeting, with a slight grin.

Nah, I know he’s out of town. I have your coat.

”What’s she want, Vin? You got a lot of shit already, you know Jake can take care of her tires.” The dude had opened the door to peek through, giving us both a suspicious eye.

Goddammit, I said under my breath. Obviously, I had wanted to do some chatting, there was a lot of shit I wanted to know, and with this slave driver around, I wasn’t gonna get shit.

I uh… I’d rather it be Vin. He’s the only one I trust, thanks, I said, and stepped back toward the door, closing it myself. God, does that guy know how to fuck off? Listen. We need to chat. Can you uh… maybe ride along while I show you the noise my car makes or some shit like that?

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Re: [Private] I believe this is yours

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